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  1. Finally got back to making some aircraft. I finished off my F-35 Lightning II, which will now be used in my Career save: I also tested it against an F-15 Eagle. The first Sidewinder shot a hole in the wing of the Eagle, which didn't impede flying too much, but after the next round of missiles dropped out the bay it was all over:
  2. Depends, how long were your cookies in the oven for? They bake quite fast. Where'd my choc-chips go?
  3. Add 2 eggs, milk and a dash of salt and bake in the oven for 45-50 minutes. Why is my cake runny?
  4. Loving the look! I'm pretty sure it's @Galileo's Stock Visual Enhancements, but I'm not 100% sure.
  5. Try reloading your bowl, and check the parent site you found the faulty one on and see if there is an alternative link to bring you to the same bowl of broth and vegetables. waiter, why is Matt Damon in my soup?
  6. In my Career save, I decided to take up some defence contracts. I started with my ship-board fighter, the F/A-18 Legacy Hornet: After having no luck with bombing, I decided I needed a new breed of Multi-role aircraft. Just as the USAF did, I tried out both the F-15E Strike Eagle and F-16XL. I scrapped the aesthetic side of the Strike Falcon, as the second I took off, wing panels sprung off the aircraft in every which way. I removed all of the useless bits and hooked it up with 6 Cluster bombs, 6 Snake Eye low altitude bombs and 6 unguided bombs, I was ready. After using ALL of my bombs, I'd only taken out one target . I like to think I'm pretty good at flying planes, and after 5 or 6 years of KSP I'd hope so, and yet I was having no luck with my bombing runs. And then, while trying to drop a Snake Eye low over the target, I was hit by an unguided missile, bringing Deedee and Bill crashing to the ground, injured but not dead. I figured stepping up my game would help bring an end to insanity, but my solution only made it worse. I rolled a workhorse of WWII out, a shell fit with new technology. My B-47 Stratojet was packed full of ordinance, ready to rain hell on that darn Mobile Missile Battery. After carpet-bombing the area, dropping six bombs at a time, I finally took down one target and moved on to the other two, about 10km away. I arrived quickly, and the second I was in-range the sky was bombarded by unguided missiles. I bombed consistently, and soon ducked down to under 1000m to do a low-altitude run. Val rolled out of the way of one missile only to have another collide violently just behind the cockpit, bringing their attack to an end...
  7. Nay sir, we don't have any animals to get a steak from (hint hint ). Waiter! Why is there a concrete saw in my soup?
  8. Shame on you for asking a question in the kerbal shaming thread. Shame on me for pointing out errors. Shame, shame, shame. It's such a shame.
  9. Shame on you for ending an infinite loop there. Also, shame on me for starting a new page.
  10. Ah, apologies good sir, but the chef has run out of pepper. Waiter, why is my soup served on a book?
  11. Shame on you for not picking it up yourself.
  12. Banned for a four-letter username
  13. Ah, my apologies monseiur, wrong table. Waiter, there's a war between the artichokes and the slow-cooked Lebanese chicken thigh in my soup!
  14. Only if you throw a monkey. How does one particle physics?
  15. My phone is the Huawei P9 Lite, which was purchased off of eBay for around $200-$300AUS. It has a star track mode, which I'm pretty sure just layers multiple exposures together. I think the overall exposure time was about 45 minutes or so, with each image of about 3-5 seconds of exposure to the sky. Its a cheaty way of getting an image, but after manually taking and layering images myself, I stuck for the easier method .