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  1. I'm having some trouble clicking the menu buttons following loading. I've tried clearing the input locks but it makes no difference. I'm playing KSP 1.8.1 and the problem only occurs when Kopernicus is loaded. Additionally, it removes the custom skybox and reverts it to the stock one. I am running a pretty modded game, however most if not all my mods are up to date and have no conflicts unless Kopernicus is loaded. If it helps, im running AVP for clouds, etc. Any help would be appreciated. Log: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1574TzgDovbVlL8wCDMIvI-2hWVCZlZ9A/view?usp=sharing
  2. I set up a small Mun research laboratory with a mate using Luna Multiplayer (career). I landed it, and he collected some biome data to research and ferried the first round of science home. It's always a good sign when you bring your transfer stage to the surface Here he is coming in for landing. The higher refresh rate for the server (vs. DMP) and low ping between us made his movement as smooth as if I was controlling it on my client. To clarify, wonky stuff still happened elsewhere, and my confusion is shown in the chat window. For some reason, the
  3. Looks sweet! Is it named after the late Oppy? I thought they might substitute one or two of Vall's mountains for larger cryovolcanos, or try and do something similar to Enceladus
  4. This will be amazing for creating maneuvers while focused on another body, without the accidentally clicking on the KSC button and making a waypoint when I try to adjust my vectors! On a separate note, will the Mun Base featured in Enhanced Edition's Making History pack become available to PC players? Great work as always guys!
  5. Absolutely amazing work! Good luck on your aerospace engineering course!
  6. After another long hiatus from posting, here I am again! My recent Minmus landing was a success, despite Bill's face (I have a tendency to forget landing legs, although magnetometers make a good launching rod). My Mun flyby was also a resounding success, with many juicy science points being picked up along the way: And finally, I'm halfway through my Eve expedition. Here, the crew deploy the small surface lander to collect and analyse some samples, whilst keeping the kerbal crew safe from possible marooning. If you have any suggestions on some cool base,
  7. My modded career save has been going along quite nicely. I recently sent a probe and lander to Eve, which still managed to arrive after a staging mishap (and possibly some errors from mission control). I staged my transfer stage by mistake whilst trying to eject empty fuel tanks, resulting in an incomplete transfer burn and one solar panel instead of two. I went to load my quick-save, but of course, hit F5 instead without thinking too much. I decided that I may as well continue on anyway, and as it turned out, I completely over-engineered the living daylights out of this probe. The spark engin
  8. They said Kerbin's atmosphere couldn't be kessler-ized. They were wrong.
  9. I re-downloaded all my "essential" mods, plus others. Now I have time to make a cup of tea before I sit down and play. I've also been stuffing around with my mate in DMP, and I have to say, it's latency issues have improved a lot since I last played (at least a year!). I messed around with decouplers, and made a spring sort of thing: From what I've tested, it can't break from physical strain, but can from impact, heat, etc.. Various applications came to mind, none more fitting than wheel suspension, which I tried in different configurations: I have other plan
  10. What I've found to do if you want to possibly reattach is to put a docking port on your craft that is to become a sub-assembly, and then a random part on top of the docking port. Use the Root tool to make the random part the root vessel and then drag the craft by the docking port into the sub-assembly area. Go into your transport craft and put a docking port in the appropriate spot and orientation and grab your sub-assembly from the menu. You can hold down Alt to make sure it only attaches to nodes and then click it on the the port on the transport craft! You can also do this with decouplers,
  11. 8/10 Recognize your picture and your name.
  12. Back, back from the dead! I've had so much stuff to do over the past year, and whilst I haven't been able to post, I've definitely been reading all of the fun and mishaps you guys have been having. I'm extremely late to this, but I've been messing around with reusable boosters, but instead of instantly firing back to the KSC like I should have been doing, I decided to make a full orbit before coming back down. Reentry obviously doesn't make landing a poorly-weighted first-stage easy, but the real hardship came at about cloud level, where my booster would oscillate and sway relentlessly. This c
  13. Hey @MOARdV, I was wondering if there is any way to implement the BDArmory radar screens, bombing cams, etc to RPM screens inside cockpits. If not, could you give me some sort of pointer of it would be possible or not? Many thanks in advance
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