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  1. on my steam i still see 'prerelease' version. It is actually the full 1.1 or I have to opt out of this option ?
  2. Avion on the wings is too small for your plane so it has a hard time lifting off. Also you dont need rocket engine. Try other jet engines. (im assuming u want to make airplanes and not SSTOs) Also this is a very good read. It will make your plane fly wonder.
  3. KJR sadly only keeps it from breaking apart but not prevents it from being a worm made of steel
  4. Is it possible to make the robot strut extend farther ? I need it to hold the moving parts among the stuff that is attached to the sliding rail (it wobbles too much). The robot strut extends too short and it stops the movable parts Edit: I tried to edit the "maxLength" in config file but it doesnt seem to work. Not sure if i use it right but sometimes it can extend far, and sometimes it refuses to extend even just a bit.
  5. So guys Im mounting a turret gun into one (shoulder) part. The gun can move in and out and twitch around. But I had to downsize the rail moving part in Infernal Robotics (to 0.625m) for aesthetic reason, so now the part is too weak to hold the gun and it wobbles during motion. Adding strut (stock or Robot Strut) stops the wobble but also stops the movable part. Is there any work around this or do you have any suggestion ? Thanks
  6. Ok i figured out what is truely the problem. I installed Noscript on FF and somehow the download bugged out at 99% or something like that and it gives me an uncomplete rar package. I then used Google Chrome where I didnt install Noscript and voila the rar file works just fine. Apparently Noscript messes up the downloading process with
  7. @ZodiusInfuser i got the part already. Not sure if you see my edit. The link in the op leads to the beta download (which is corrupted upon rar-extracting for me). While there is another link for alpha download (that includes the parts)
  8. @ZodiusInfuser I looked under utility tab and could not find the ultitron. I check from the dowloaded folder and in my ksp folder there is no file for ultitron. Is there something I did wrong perhaps ? The downloaded file is called: "IR Model Rework - v02 Pre-Release Beta" I sort of figure it out what the problem is. The link in the OP leads to this link (which doesnt contain ultitron part) - the beta part While there is another link that inlcudes that part: - the alpha part
  9. I think i missed something. I downloaded the 0.2 pack but I couldnt find ultilitron parts as well as other parts. Does the link include expansion and ultility pack ?
  10. I understand this is like the feeling when you think you have a perfect game to enjoy but are afraid that its too perfect and too good to be true so it might be ruined somehow. Squad could also make some expansion to the game to prolong its longivity if it comes to finance. But then there are a lot of other stuffs to be done with KSP right now. In the worst case scenario when your nightmare would become true (which is certainly not) that Squad sells the franchise and the game is not what it is right now, there will be other new titles to fill its place (there are already simple planes, simple rockets on the market, ofc more will come). If you really want to pay more, buy more copies as a gift for your friends. And all in all, relax and enjoy KSP.
  11. An aircraft I built after the phoenix model of the game Starcraft 2. The ship got decent maneuverability (even though it rolls slowly) has awesome silhouette, use VTOL system and cannot make orbit by itself due to low fuel (so construct additional pylon). ------------------------------------------------ Group action: Button 1: turn off VTOL engines Buttion 2: turn on VTOL engines Button 3: turn off main engines Button 4: turn on main engines ------------------------------------------ Download craft here:
  12. Any share is cool. I downloaded it and will try it out soon. Ty
  13. Thanks a lot for the tank. I will try to learn and build my first tank soon.
  14. Thanks. 1 more question, I press 1 and 2 but it only seperates parts of the tank cannon and not shoot it out ? Did i do something wrong ?