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  1. HAHA I can't use any (visual enhancement mods) as a i play ksp on a potato several years too old to be considered as a gaming computer even 10 years ago A part from this and some adjustments i had to do in order to E.T.T. to register every mods, they all work well together. I have to say i'm pretty enthusiast about new or improved gameplay things as i can't add much more part if i want my game to start in less than 20min. If yours is OK consider adding some more parts mod. Basically the ones i'd choose : all from @NecroBones (MRS, SpaceY Extended and all), maybe B9 part
  2. http://spacedock.info/pack/12/Kerbal%20Realistic%20Career
  3. Maybe check that the craft type is well set in the rename window?
  4. Just passing to say nice mod, @Badsector ! Thx a lot for your piece of work, i found it them absolutely gorgeous. Edit after download : I was speaking about the centrifugate habitation module. I wasn't aware about the other pieces and they're great too
  5. Just click on the "VESL" tab in the KER windows to see your dV man
  6. Iirc the more you progress in the tech three in term of size of fuel tank, batteries, decouplers, etc the more choice you got when changing size and shape of procedural parts
  7. One thing you can try is to install the Gravity Turn mod, in order to watch how it's done on your KSP, with ships you have build, etc... It helped me more than video or tutorial for learning the trick... And now i can do it by myself ______ Keep in mind that it'll show the most efficient launch, and not the quickest or the most enjoyable one. I mean the mod is helpful in order to visualize the best theoretical launch, in practise i tend to do my launch in more steeper ascent profile to gain some time
  8. Another one from @nightingale ... (Man, all of your mods/contract packs are awesome!) Game mechanics as they should be IMO Please SQUAD hire the guy ;-)
  9. For easy mods installation/management, look for CKAN. It will do it automatically
  10. Alternately you can also install Malah's StockScanSat plugin. Which add ScanSat abilities to stock resource scanner.
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