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  1. HAHA I can't use any (visual enhancement mods) as a i play ksp on a potato several years too old to be considered as a gaming computer even 10 years ago A part from this and some adjustments i had to do in order to E.T.T. to register every mods, they all work well together. I have to say i'm pretty enthusiast about new or improved gameplay things as i can't add much more part if i want my game to start in less than 20min. If yours is OK consider adding some more parts mod. Basically the ones i'd choose : all from @NecroBones (MRS, SpaceY Extended and all), maybe B9 part and some space station parts too
  2. http://spacedock.info/pack/12/Kerbal%20Realistic%20Career
  3. Maybe check that the craft type is well set in the rename window?
  4. Just passing to say nice mod, @Badsector ! Thx a lot for your piece of work, i found it them absolutely gorgeous. Edit after download : I was speaking about the centrifugate habitation module. I wasn't aware about the other pieces and they're great too
  5. Just click on the "VESL" tab in the KER windows to see your dV man
  6. Iirc the more you progress in the tech three in term of size of fuel tank, batteries, decouplers, etc the more choice you got when changing size and shape of procedural parts
  7. One thing you can try is to install the Gravity Turn mod, in order to watch how it's done on your KSP, with ships you have build, etc... It helped me more than video or tutorial for learning the trick... And now i can do it by myself ______ Keep in mind that it'll show the most efficient launch, and not the quickest or the most enjoyable one. I mean the mod is helpful in order to visualize the best theoretical launch, in practise i tend to do my launch in more steeper ascent profile to gain some time
  8. Another one from @nightingale ... (Man, all of your mods/contract packs are awesome!) Game mechanics as they should be IMO Please SQUAD hire the guy ;-)
  9. For easy mods installation/management, look for CKAN. It will do it automatically
  10. Alternately you can also install Malah's StockScanSat plugin. Which add ScanSat abilities to stock resource scanner.
  11. Just passing by to say many thanks to you for the wonderful dV maps man! Keep up the good job please. Best regards
  12. Some tuts & links : Interplanetary travel/mission : Flotillas: A Primer in 3 Chapters(+appendix) (by Geschosskopf) - Send flotillas to get the most of departure windows - Excellent 3 chapters long guide but not illustrated Exploring The System - A design tutorial campaign - A 90 pages-long pdf guide about exploring all the Kerbal System - A bit old (about 0.90 version era) but quite extensive Precomputed Low-TWR Interplanetary Transfer Burns - How to properly do the "Periapsis Kicking" (spread your burn in several orbits before interplanetary transfer) and a spreadsheet for calculate yours Duna : Sporkboy's guide to going to Duna (without docking) Duna For Dummies (by Trebuchet-Launch) - Reaching Duna and returning, with a 3-man crew - step by step, covering everything from designing your rocket to splashdown back at Kerbin. - A bit old (2012) but very detailed. Flying on Duna (by Geschosskopf) Tool/Resource Kerbal Maps - maps of planets and moons (biomes need minor updating) http://ksp.olex.biz/ - Interactive illustrated interplanetary guide and calculator - A classic https://alexmoon.github.io/ksp/ : Launch Window Planner - A classic too https://alterbaron.github.io/ksp_aerocalc/ : Enter your current altitude, orbital velocity, and pe. distance into the calculator. Then, enter the apo. distance you want after aerobraking. The calculator will find a manoeuver to get you there. http://www.dcl.hpi.uni-potsdam.de/home/feinbube/web/stealth/KSPDeltaVMap/ : Interactive online Delta V planner Now you have some readings ;-) Fly safe
  13. I really don't know why, because i was thinking the same about source code file. But on my computer, without it doesn't work
  14. Try Menu Stabilizer : This plug-in will make any part right-click menu freeze its position on the screen in flight when the mouse is above it. Just a lifesaver :-)
  15. In addition, in order to decrease even more your parts count you can try those mods by Malah (StockSCANsat, StockRT and Stockplugins). They let you use mods without the included parts (by adding mod ability to stock parts). It also include instruction for pruning mods parts.
  16. [x] Science! : Science report and check-list Menu Stabilizer : This plug-in will make any part right-click menu freeze its position on the screen in flight when the mouse is above it. Precise Node : Precisely edit your manoeuvre nodes RCS Build Aid : Display thrust and torque forces caused by R.C.S. or engines Resource Details in Tracking Center : This plug-in just shows the resources state of the selected ship in the Tracking Center. Field Experience : Earn experience without recovering on Kerbin! Dated QuickSaves : Adds the current in-game date and time to quick-saves. Trackingstation Ambientlight : Brighten the dark side of planets in the trackingstation ETT - Engineering Tech Tree : A tech tree based on engineering/scientific principles that is challenging to unlock yet fun to play through. Kerbal Joint Reinforcement : Make vehicles more stable when loading on the launchpad or coming out of timewarp. In game notes / notepad / checklist : A space to put short notes (some form of notepad). The notes are persistent and the interface shows everywhere in the game. Targetron : Target or command vessel from a list of active flights! StageRecovery : Recover Funds from Dropped Stages QuickSearch/QuickScroll : search parts and subassembly on the editor / Mousewheel support in the editor -- And basically all off Malah's Quick mods as actionable option Trajectories : Displays atmospheric trajectory of the vessel, landing site, trajectory after aerobraking, etc. Smart Parts : Smart Parts can trigger action groups, as well as various other functionality such as SAS, lights, stage, or abort at given time from different parameter like altitude, ground presence, fuel level, etc Docking Port Alignment Indicator : The Docking Port Alignment Indicator is designed to help you dock manually, by presenting target alignment and relative position in a clean and intuitive manner. SCANsat : scan the surfaces of planetary bodies to produce various kinds of maps and mine relatively small amounts of sweet, juicy, 110% fresh-squeezed science (in career mode) Kerbal Alarm Clock : allows you to create reminder alarms at future periods to help you manage your flights and not warp past important times CactEye Telescopes Continued : CactEye is a plugin and set of parts that allow for modular orbital telescopes. Tarsier Space Technology : set of parts with enhanced science capability. Space Telescopes, ChemCam, HDDs RealChute Parachute Systems : complete rework of the stock parachute module to fix a few of it's inconveniences and get more realistic results out of parachutes RLA Stockalike : Part pack to fill in stock niches. Includes 0.625m parts, RCS blocks, Monopropellant engines, , probe cores, SRBs, structural parts and power generation. Orbital Science : Includes thirteen new science parts and seven stock science parts for the Universal Storage Mod are also included Universal Storage : Modular resource and processor parts to build custom service modules -- Very very handy parts Malah's Stock configs : Let you use mode like RemoteTech, Scansat, GPS, etc with only stock parts
  17. Here we go : https://kerbalstuff.com/search?query=Funding
  18. I saw a video tutorial by Grunfworks, showing that exactly : https://youtu.be/NwDMFoMqcbA
  19. USI Kolonization Systems (MKS/OKS) does exactly that, i mean the Logistic "part" of the mod. Here's a chart by Roverdude (who's making this mod) : (Found there - on Reddit)
  20. In order to make it work for 1.0.5 : don't forget to put the .cs file in the ScienceAlert folder too