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  1. KIS/KAS are amazing. Worth coming back just for that Got so far: - Chatterer - KIS / KAS - BDArmory - Konstruction - All the USI stuff - ScanSAT - Pathfinder - WildBlue Tools - Some other stuff CKAN installed I remember something along the lines of extraplanetary launchpads , will check it out.
  2. I like it alot! Feels really polished now. Can definitely feel performance upgrade (even though my laptop is hot af and fans run on max speed). The stability wise I think I'm most happy with rockets themselves, they don't just bend anymore, you have to really mess up for that to happen Steering itself is also much easier with all the help. I have no idea how I was doing manouvers last time I played. For now I think I'll stick with sandbox, might do campaign at some point though. Getting my Mun base started. I kinda no-lifed the game.
  3. Hey, I haven't been around for a while, I'd really appreciate if someone could tell me about some nice mods. There was some resources and vehicles addon long time ago, don't remember the name though. (had solids and liquids you could extract, you could scan surface from satelite and itd display map) I'm looking for something to add more variety to the game, such as: - resource mining and transforming - base building (would be cool if you could expand base from resources you mine on planet) - life support - weapons - ships / vehicles - science / technology I've seen more planets mod, is it updated to newest version? (steam) ---------- Ohhhh, did multiplayer mod become anything?
  4. Hai! I'm back after 5 years of not playing KSP. Time to explode something.
  5. Solar panels in one plugin are broken, I don't remember from which they came. Those are the deployable ones. Can you link me to cart plugin please? Can't find it.
  6. These cameras are painfull, proper interior would be way better imo.
  7. Love it! Now it just needs IVA Is there a new thread on DEMV2?
  8. I'd be very very thankfull if someone made similar list for plugins
  9. Upping this question. It would be great to make 0.17 only mod list
  10. AAAAaaaaa! Awesomness overflow! I\'ve just got nerdgasm. Multiplayer, now!
  11. Thats the version I have known:
  12. I\'m usually too lazy to comment everything, I do it only when I am sure there can be some misunderstandings.
  13. [mixed serious sentence with a joke] Because USA(x1) have no good reason, if any african country would attack USA(x2), Imo they USA(x3) nuke them. [/mixed serious sentence with a joke]
  14. Umm, kinda hard to start without any guidelines. How do you \'connect\' plugin with a part? How to make a \'global\' plugin, that won\'t need parts at all? And, how the hell start with this thing? I\'ve got an empty template, and completly no idea what to do.