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  1. I've stopped playing ksp for a few years now but I am now just getting back into it. Is there any links to an updated version of b9. What is the future of this mod?
  2. No it isn't, the original BD Armoury was last udated in version 1.1.3, but thanks for the link to the community continued version.
  3. Is there any possibility for a version of this mod in 1.1.3, the reasoning for this is because the cockpits look amazing and are great, the only problem i would like to use them with BD Armoury which hasn't been updated to 1.3 or .1.3.1.
  4. Maybe make it a bit like the fairings where you use the mouse for making custom wings.
  5. Veelcth I know it was made to go to other planets,moons and such but I'm the person that ksp for the laughs and explosions.
  6. I hate the look of the mk 1 cockpit now.I used to make sick fighter jets with it but now I can't it goes same with the mk2 cockpit.also really need mk1 bays to put my bombs in it.