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  1. If you use GH it will fly other then that its just a prop.
  2. Impossible its just too heavy so there was no point in adding more thrusters to it. It wights over 150tons and the project was a frailer and scrapped.
  3. The Karckin Unknown stats
  4. Airship 1 ready to depart. made of 100% stock parts! Download it off Kerbalx
  5. I'm making Videos to show off some crafts both mine and the kerbal community, anyone is welcome to submit a craft and I'll show it, off stock only please! your more then welcome to share ideas and tips. To submit just add it into SMP Starbace 147 on Kerbalx.
  6. Trying out A idea for my YT channel
  7. I'm going post Videos of reviews of some of mine and others crafts I'm not good at this I'll do my bust to keep you wanting more.
  8. Hmm I never tryed to overclock my CPU and I do have SP installed but it didn't seem to be doing anything, needs more testing.