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  1. @Alewx For some weird reason I didn't get notification of your response. So, what I meant was - I found a possibility to push the horizons higher, but .. its not really necessary. It would be awesome, but not really necessary. Something like that.
  2. So what song is stuck in your head today?

    @cratercracker Ok, neon chrome challenge accepted!
  3. @Alshain GPL requires derivative work to be licensed under same license, this includes both runtime and static linking/load of a library. Its LGPL that removes this requirement from runtime dependency. As I see it there are several options: - to dual-license your work under GPL/MIT, but instruct the users that to comply with MIT, that library must be removed from distribution. - to contact the author of GPL licensed library and ask for LGPL relicensing. - to not ship the GPL licensed library as part of the package, optional run-time dependence is okay if users do it from their side. GPL terms will apply to the one installing and running it in that configuration. Best regards
  4. Г Р А Д И Е Н Т

    Нет, это стоковая атмосфера/размеры, выводят и после одного круга возвращаются одим куском. До RO+RSS у меня терпение еще не дошло. Хотя эти ускорители можно использовать в качестве первой ступени. Верхние элероны активируются только при возврате, чтобы выровнять тушку в нижних слоях горизонтально. Принципы дизайна описал Warzouz, это еще не "Грохоты", а менее эффективный RE-D7 "Bollard" чем-то напоминающий РД107 по композиции, у него достаточно низкий Т.У.
  5. Г Р А Д И Е Н Т

    15 тонн на нижнюю орбиту и назад 45 тонн на нижнюю орбиту и назад 75 тонн на нижнюю орбиту и назад
  6. [1.2.x] Soundtrack Editor 4.3 (2017-03-01)

    @Brendan_ Thank you very much, Brendan! Its great to hear that people still appreciate this wonderful mod. I do too, but I have encountered issues that are well known. Anyways, I am going to release my own music set and two playlists: the one to use only with my music set, and another one to use mine+Aver9geJoe superset. I have already used this superset in few of my videos.
  7. Г Р А Д И Е Н Т

    Годно. Повторно-используемые ракеты в KSP используют очень давно, за долго до всяких SpaceXов. К сожалению по техническим причинам не могу вставить изображения, поделился бы текущими тремя экземплярами - это очень экономно, хотя и более сложно, но для тяжелых грузов начинает быстро себя оправдывать. Предлагаю разработать эту ракету в KSP. Для спуска внутри атмосферы можно использовать FMRS. Для снимков - Kronal Vessel Viewer.
  8. @Alewx Correct, but stuff that moves or throws lights has problems welding anyway, doesn't it? The positive side is that there'll be "true" welding, easier description of don'ts ("don't weld moving parts") and a massive performance bonus.
  9. @flart мне кажется, что "EVA" там "чисто бонусное" совпадение, но «ВЫХ-1» тоже шикарный вариант.
  10. I noticed that if one wields a dozen of rather complex models into one unit, like - 40 pcs of battman400s, then physics are simplified, however draw complexity overhead persists. So that newly wielded part will have same impact on rendering pipeline - which is 25% of fps drop, but lower impact on physics pipeline. Is there a way to also optimize the wield result, so that it issues less draw calls? To integrate the whole contents into new part instead of reference them, so to say. I am not a programmer, so I am just describing what I experience. Thanks!
  11. @Helmut Вам нужно связаться с разработчиками напрямую и отправить им ваш перевод способом, который предложат они. @flart Увидел вашу вилку, но вы уже отправили разработчику запрос на втягивание (pull request)? 1. Базовый модуль. Intercedor , потом вот тут по этимологии. Возможно лучше перевести как "Сводник". 2. СКАТТЕР-1 Cервисный модуль, который Само-Комплектованный Атмосферно-Транспортный Терминал Репетиции. 3. EVAC-U-8: EVAC-you-eight (8) -> evacuate -> спасение, эвакуация. Тут можно пофантазировать СПАС-7, спас-семь, спасем.
  12. Vulkan API

    This topic is still actual. I just found out through experimentation, that KSP has some rendering bottleneck, which is probably attributed to how OpenGL pipeline works. Having low fps on Mun base, I first played with physics delta, reducing it to 0.03, which doubled the framerate but was still below 25 fps. So I continued experiments and I used UbioZur Welding mod to weld construction modules and batteries into blocks. And during that, I discovered that many individual parts, even when welded into one big part and working flawlessly as I also had console debug open to be sure, still cause immediate fps drop in VAB/SPH. Since I also use Ven's Stock Revamp, I thought that this is a mere result of high-er quality textures and higher polygon count per part, and its time to return to Stock+PorkJet Revamp. However, after repeating the very same welding using plain stock parts, I still got the very same fps drop in the exact moment when these part are rendered on screen. So, looking forward to Vulkan version on Linux. Until then, just have to be sure to use and weld as minimum part count as possible by current science progress.
  13. @Helmut Мне кажется, что авторы модов не поддерживают помощь ввиде магнитных ссылок.. @flart Приветствую на форуме! Наш под-форум планирует, по поводу CKAN - я предполагаю, что будет быстрей, если вы спросите у них.
  14. Так скучно. Газ Пром это калька на Argyle Argonics, так как аргон это газ, а писать слитно будет совершенно уже не то(рт). Правила написания аббревиатур опираются на законы конкретных стран, а у нас законы Кербина
  15. Minmus -> Moho?

    You can get some answers yourself in a fun and interesting way. "Does it take the same dv to leave Kerbin to a given planet as leaving the less massive Minmus, considering that Minmus is orbiting at a speed one perhaps could use to one's advantage? " Make a lightweight probe, from OCTO, TR-18A stack decoupler (deactivated), four small fuel tanks with legs, one tiny engine below and antenna. See that it has around 1000dV, you can get this through KER - current and total stage dV are displayable, then just bring one copy to Minmus surface - and leave one copy on Minmus. Do typical maneuver nodes for both, writing down changes in deltaV before and after each maneuver and you'll get exact answers yourself. =) "How does 5620 sound for a polar orbit around Moho?" The stronger the gravity force, the lesser efficiency (TWR) engines can provide. Thats why changing inclination is best done in distance, I call it "injection correction". Burn normal/antinormal to change inclination and radial-in/out to change approach distance to surface, usually it takes a handful dV (~100-50) if done in distance. "How about radiators?" Depends.. Moho is hot, but not too hot. The critical distance to Kerbol is around 600,000,000 m, the "low orbit" is around 1,000,000,000 m. These are values which I got with own lightweight probe, it really makes large part of fun it.