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  1. Long loading times are often caused by duplicate of ModuleManager.dll, that is hidden somewhere in one of the mods(subfolders). Also there is a Unity bug on Windows, that causes network lookup. I am not sure if it was fixed, but if you deactivate all network adapters and KSP starts significantly faster - then its it.
  2. KSP: To the Mun

    Moved to Fan works.
  3. Change Default Rotation in the VAB

    Thread locked per OP request.
  4. KSP 1.4.1 Crash too often

    Thread moved to unmodded tech support. @PrimoDev, there are this strings in the log: 0 MB physical memory [0 MB free]. 0 MB paging file [0 MB free]. 0 MB user address space [90 MB free]. which indicates an out of memory problem, however on x32 this does not necessary translates in actual memory (RAM) state, rather than memory state allocated/available for KSP process. You see, running x64 version is also pretty much a requirement on Windows, because on Windows the 32bit process is limited by 2.5GB of RAM, regardless how much memory one has installed. On Linux for example, the x32 PAE allows up to 64GB of RAM, but still its considered a workaround by many and x64 is encouraged instead. Hence, I also play KSP on x64bit Linux. I suggest that you open a new topic with the problem starting x64bit version, or modify original post in this topic with logs when you get the said "black screen", so your problem can be solved.
  5. @Lolopop вполне резонный вопрос. Баг-треккер - публичный, после открытой регистрации вы сможете комментировать (на английском) и наблюдать за прогрессом. Вот баги, которые затрагивают вас: взрывающаяся часть, сейчас приоритет "низкий"отсутствующий перевод, пока приоритет не присвоен, но багу несколько часов
  6. @devoid Oh yes, this case, I agree. So here GPL FAQ tries to stress out the difference about how much of logic independence, is there, is this really a plugin or piece of code that directly touches process memory of the "core" binary ("Using shared memory to communicate with complex data structures", "they make function calls to each other and share data structures") but calls that "plugin"(purposely quoted). AFAIK KSP exposes an API specifically created for plugins, attaches those at run-time as modules and talks through the API (not directly), so its as optional as it can get for a userspace program. My original response was about when the condition above is valid, yet the "core" is completely dependent and shipped with the "plugin" (purposely quoted).
  7. @Lolopop Спасибо! Я могу подтвердить, что эта проблема уже известна и не является специфичной для русскоязычного выпуска. Я дополню баг вашими данными, если вы не возражаете. Ok, я не нашел бага по поводу отсуствующего перевода и добавил его отдельно.
  8. AFAIK "single combined program" means distribution. For example, if Squad sells KSP with plugin for money and this plugin is non-optional part = > plugin is part of distribution, then GPL would enforce. If plugin for the proprietary core is from 3rd party, then there is no way that its part of the distribution, thus it does not apply. This is originates from the background, that GPL was designed to protect freedoms of original code and carry them downwards the distribution; a plugin is definitely not "core" of the project, its"optional". Also, if this happens, nothing prevents "core" from adding the clause, that revokes all the rights for specific violators. The "core" boots first, so its rules take priority.
  9. @Kirill Otavva Привет! Спасибо! Переведенная таблица deltaV подходила бы к [ Обучение и Обмен опытом ]. Наверно следует переименовать ту тему, чтобы туда также подходил справочный материал. Я это сегодня сделаю.
  10. AFAIK, RMS was always on user/code hacker side and GPL was designed to protect work designed under free model from being exploited (in all possible ways) by the proprietary model. Like import of open code into closed code or closed devices. I don't remember any case the other way around-, where somebody would write a plugin for proprietary software, license it under GPL and then demand the proprietary piece to open up. Probably, because the plugin is not essential part of the distribution.
  11. @AlexALX Привет! Спасибо за ответ! Дело то добровольное, как получится и насколько захочется. Рад, что у тебя все хорошо.
  12. @Lolopop Привет! А можно вас попросить выложить файл миссии и лог? [ Здесь ] написано где их брать*, а также приведены** известные сервисы заливки. Там же написано, как вставить прямо в форум изображения, чтобы увидеть проблему. Боюсь, что без этого помочь будет трудно. Спасибо! * под заголовком "Мне требуется Техническая Помощь / я хочу сообщить о проблеме с игрой или модом" ** под заголовком "Где можно разместить альбомы, посмотреть стримы, скачать моды"
  13. My mouse cursor disappears

    I am on Nixos ... and hence can't play at all (yet) But I would kindly ask you guys to bisect by (repeatedly) pulling half of the suspected mods and testing. Or starting from clean state (move everything out of gamedata, except Squad) and moving half of them back until you catch the mod that does it. Probably there is one, that has not been ported to 1.4.1 causing this.
  14. Я посмотрю, что можно сделать, чтобы уменьшить дупликацию и увеличить взаимодействие с основной базой модов.
  15. The Name Change Thread (WARNING! ONE TIME ONLY!)

    Hey! We are on it, you have don't have to request it extra. Edit: crazy mistake that nobody noticed?