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  1. Manjaro experience

    @ElakeLeifii Hello and welcome to the forums! You should experience no issues with Manjaro, except missing libraries (packages that you'll have to install in addition). In general, the distribution that you are using plays no role, it depends upon if you have required libraries present in the system. I am long-time Linux user myself, using KDE Neon now, but soon moving to NixOS. I have played KSP in Ubuntu, Manjaro, Arch and Debian. Should you have any issues, feel free to report them in this thread or topic, but please provide the logs! All the best to you!
  2. [1.3.1] Stock Visual Terrain [v2.0.8]

    Hello there! So, I was testing if SVT affects fps and after the long testing, I must confess, SVT is exceptionally awesome mod and in fact improves the fps! Here is most prominent example - val. Same lander, same save file, tried to get same angle (ofc fuel-cheated due to testing). Just look at fps: Thank you very much, @Galileo !! @J534 Looking at Kerbin terrain, I'd say for whatever reason, SVT is not loaded. Could be that you installed it in the wrong place. I am using Kopernicus+SVT+OPM.
  3. @-MadMan- Понятно! А как вы их готовили? Последний раз когда я их ставил, FPS рухнут в половину.
  4. More Female Defaults?

    My personal wish is to add more cats, because space desperately needs more fluffiness. Its cold, dark and there an star road composed of milk!
  5. @-MadMan- Можно спросить о моде для облаков?
  6. Warning to those with "load hangs"

    If you manually install files into Gamedata, there is a wild chance that you move the mod directory inside other mod directory, as opposed to moving inside Gamedata itself. There is also chance to have multiple ModuleManager.dlls, hidden inside individual mod directories. These two trivial things can contribute to very strange errors, long loading times and weird behavior.
  7. Thanks @SamBelanger ! I updated the refreshed playlist for KMX+Jahzzar. Also added recommendation on choosing STED version. With exception for updated playlist, nothing changed in ZIP. STED 4.4 currently has some minor but annoying bug, that will probably be soon ironed out.
  8. 6. Развитие космического туризма - достаточно долгий, но все-же немного увлекательный шаг на пути к покорению космоса! (предыдущий пост карьеры)
  9. [1.3.1] Soundtrack Editor 4.4 (2017-11-23)

    @pizzaoverhead Hi! I would like to ask you, if any chance, you could look at what changes @Brendan_ has done to v4.3, as I am getting constant playlist missing ("none") when there is just one craft on the launchpad. With Brendan_'s patch to 4.3 this is completely fixed. This is my current playlist:
  10. @-MadMan- Поздравления! Когда я искал монолиты, один из них ушел под поверхность...
  11. 5. Продолжение пусков - взятие орбиты "Спутником", трагедия с Валентиной и медленный прогресс в сторону первого слоя спутниковой сети. (предыдущий пост карьеры)
  12. @DMagic I encountered two bugs so far: - basic DeltaV: toolbox background fickers in Linux, have to set transparency to 100%, but text still flickers upon rocket rotation. - basic Orbit: Periapsis reading suddenly hides itself, even if force-displayed. This happens between actual launch and getting into 70km. Thanks!
  13. 4. Первые запуски: "Петарда", "Спутник-1", "Спутник-2". (предыдущий пост карьеры)
  14. @-MadMan- Что-то подсказывает мне, что на данном этапе мы получим холодный отказ... Все верно, но самый главный критерий лампового света, это наличие самих лампочек. Итак, настройки карьеры! (предыдущий пост карьеры)