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  1. [1.3.0] Back In Black v1.0 (11/9/17)

    I must say, well done! allthough, for the mod texture support, might i plead for comparability with airplane Plus? even if you dont, thank you so much for this.
  2. ah, sorry about that, i skip a lot of stuff sometimes, and also it seems i didnt drag firespitter in, it is a fault on my part.
  3. okay, so im back, reporting several bugs i encountered solely with AP+, -many engines in the newest version have glitchy Z-fighting textures: the kitty engine, and especially the whirlwind engine, which had these wierd fins on it with stange Z-fighting issues -for some reason whenever i place the hercules landing gear it only faces left when mirrored? -whenever i loaded a plane onto the runway it would fly backwards- without me even touching anything -none of the engine have sound effects, and they are no longer animated, plus the blur is there even when the engines are off all in all, i have no idea what is going on, but i know i HAVE installed it correctly... and then ive been trying to use it with other mods to the same problem as before...
  4. i definetly made sure, i was updating everything from 1.2.2 to 1.3 in the first place
  5. oh, any non-updated mod? man thats not usually the case, dang xD ill have to wait for them to update, i guess, hopefully shouldn't take too long
  6. all my mods worked when i was in 1.2.2, and aviator arsenal has been causing problems, ill remove it and see if things change
  7. okay, so it crashed again, heres the log:
  8. oh okay, i will try that, and ill see if i can find some way to share the log
  9. ok, i actually tried to post the output log because i found it, but it was too long to post, even in a spoiler...
  10. do i need the full firespitter or just one of those versions that many mods need to load? also, ah... i dont know where to find my log, i havent needed it before...
  11. i seem to be having a very troubling bug with this mod, after first installing it (along with several other mods, but this bug has not been the case untill KSP 1.3) when my game is loading, when it comes to any part related to this mod it crashes, starting with landing gear, then utilitys, then size2 modules, is there something im doing wrong, or some way to fix this?
  12. cant wait for the 1.2 version of this, atm the 1.1.3 version has some texture bugs, so i cant use it xD (and it seems it affects some b-9 parts with the same problem :/
  13. [1.0.5][WIP]FantomWorks 0.3.3 KAX+ Part Pack

    i agree with the comments a couple pages back, a b-29 cockpit would be SO nice!
  14. is there a update planned soon? im having trouble getting ai to fight each other D: if there is an update , but has nothing to do with ai fighting, could someone please make a tutorial?