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  1. well, even just to see it working again in the newer updates would be amazing. i loved this mod back when i had it, when it worked. i understand the problems youve had, though.
  2. really? an actual AA update? (im just messing, thats fantastic to hear! absolutely wonderful!)
  3. @neistridlar loving the look of that massive cabin so far! definitely would use when its finalized, especially if Blackheart takes a deep look into it
  4. stuChris

    Electrocutor's Thread

    id say, maybe have that as an optional extra? that way players can choose between them
  5. i am also using KS3P for some screen glares, etc ;P
  6. (not using the newest version of the mod yet) so after many moons i have finally gotten back to KSP and AirplanePlus, and with the Help of Textures unlimited (and NKD) i have this!
  7. stuChris

    Electrocutor's Thread

    (hadn't been playing KSP for a bit, back with this!) beautiful screenshots with the AirplanePlus TU config
  8. well, i myself am interested moreso in the metal aspect, but the colors did catch my eye, it'd be amazing to have both, @Shadowmage
  9. they look pretty similar to engines/parts that are already in the game (for the Me-262, you could easily use a juno engine, a mk0 fuel tank and the small air intake)
  10. stuChris

    Electrocutor's Thread

    SSTU-PBR has color-changing properties that require Textures unlimited to work, this is what i mean
  11. the parts you have shown previously on the thread, you've shown them in your modeling software, but not in the game?
  12. stuChris

    Electrocutor's Thread

    perhaps you could take a look into making Textures unlimited support for Airplane Plus? also, i cant seem to use the color functions on the stock parts, is it not implemented yet?
  13. ooohhh, thank you, i hadnt realized this
  14. i mean, i cant figure out how to get the mod to work in the first place ive installed it like any other mod, but get no difference in-game (am i just an idiot and am missing something?)