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  1. Shadow dream

    Sneak Peak

    When I ran into this problem I realized that I could not build crafts with lots of engines at the rear (where I thought they would make sense and construction easier). Engines are heavy. They are always heavy (opposed to fuel tanks), so they pull your CoM far behind and ultimately behind your CoL. What you could try is to palce your engines closer to the middle of your craft and/or build a BIG tailwing behind your current engines. Even though MK2 parts are pretty drag heavy, when I use them I usualy put a MK2 fuel tank on the side of the center tank. There I can mount engines (onto bicoupler) and intakes (also on bicouplers), which helps keeping the CoM where it starts. That way it's easier to control the changes during flight. tldr; get your engines further forwards, as centric as possible, then get bigger tail wings.
  2. Shadow dream

    Sneak Peak

    Horribly designed craft it is. It sounds evil, but what you did is to build a very tail heavy plane. You know what people say: A nose heavy plane flies poorly, a tail heavy plane flies once. You can notice that by the yellow ball (center of mass) being behind the blue ball (center of lift). It HAS to be the other way round. Edit: Just for your information, the exact position of CoM and CoL are much about trial end error, but ultimately depends on how fast your craft is supposed to fly. I.e if you build a WW1 type of plane, flying at less than 100 m/s allowes for CoM and CoL to be very close, with CoL being slightly behind CoM. It improves maneuverability. If you want to get faster (e.g. SSTOs) those two need a stronger distance in order to improve stability. However, if they are too far appart, your maneuverability will be poor or non-existent ( = nose heavy plane). Also you have to look at wet mass and dry mass. The way you place your fuel tanks arround CoM will more or less make CoM shift, which WILL affect your stability and maneuverability. An empty fuel tank has less influence on your CoM which can lead to significant movement of balance. Worst case is when you start with a stable plane, but shifting CoM ends up making your plane tail heavy, which means crashing.
  3. Shadow dream

    SSTOs! Post your pictures here~

    6k dV is not an easy task, especialy for a SSTO. Even with NERVs, which are mandatory at that point, the amount of fuel is hefty to get up on wings. So your best bet is loads of TWR (Rapiers) which are dead weight in the end, unless you plan on Tylo. I think your best option here is to build a SSTO which can get onto Minmus, then use ISRU to refuel. From that point on you can get pretty much anywhere you want, except EVE and Tylo. It's what worked out best for me and still was manageable. My attempts on SSTA-ing (O = Orbit; A = Anywhere) have only succeeded with overpowered mod parts (I used OPT space parts). Oh and feel free to post some screenshots of your steps here ;-)
  4. Shadow dream

    Plz send SSTO

  5. Shadow dream

    Rover Designs

    Actualy ... I never wrote that. Looks like an auto-filter. I also never wrote "I got liquided", but I got "the liquid you pour into a toilet after drinking lots of water"
  6. Shadow dream

    Rover Designs

    Currently I'm playing in a Science Save where I have Alt-F12ed me up to the 1K science tree. Yes it's cheating, but I'm ok with it because I generaly start a new save every patch and I got liquided. That way I can still go collect science without re-doing everything all over again and keep sandbox building for ease of experiments. I have found a small rover design I am pretty happy with and basicly re-create it every patch with minor changes. It allowes me to be quite mobile, take (almost) everything I need and still am able to stow it into a MK2 bay! Here I'm sitting next to a Monolith. I'm not sure anymore if it was on Mt. Keverest. I went there too but maybe I found the Monolith somewhere else. Oh, and there is a KAS docking port on the back. On a later iteration I swapped it for a Docking Port Jr. so I could automate loading and unloading of the rover verticaly using KAS hinge. (automate = hotkeys) Usualy I stay away from bigger rovers because I can't get a nice design. If I want to go bigger I just take a Malemut.
  7. Shadow dream

    Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread

    Huh? Less fuel? Where have you learned to play KSP? The answer is MOAR BOOSTERS! (And occasionaly moar wings)
  8. Shadow dream

    SSTOs! Post your pictures here~

    I like how you placed the cockpit inside the cargo bay. It's not cheaty and still gives you room for utility - gotta try one like that myself!
  9. If it helps you next time, the setup I am currently using is a combination of RCS and reaction wheels. The trick is: On RCS thrusters, deselect Yaw, Pitch, Roll. Only use the strafe controls! Let the RW do the rest. It's WAY easier to steer because you can let SAS maintain your heading without burning your Monprop. Also you don't lose control that easily. Provided your RWs are strong enough (which shouldn't be an issue here) you kind of have "unlocked control" since everything is independent and not wasting something you might need to save up. I love it especialy for docking my ships since it saves me from panicing "RCS on! No! RCS off! Cr*p I'm too fast! RCS on again! sh*t my ship is spinning and burning all my Monoprop, RCS off again!" -- kinda have to smile now =) The dificult part may be to switch the muscle memory. But I'm sure you'll figure it out, it helped me a lot. (BTW here's my STS 3 )
  10. Shadow dream

    A runway cruise missile thingy

    OP, you need to try the "how fast can I get to the Airfield island?" challenge. Build something with insane TWR and just enough fuel to reach the island. And don't forget the heat protection ;-) I watched the one Scott Manley did a few years ago, he did it in 54 seconds. ( I optimized the design down to 52 lol ). Recently, on 1.2 I think, I tried it again and had huge heat issues and by no means got close to that time with a similar rocket. If crazy means of transport are your thing you absolutely should dig into that!
  11. Shadow dream

    SSTOs! Post your pictures here~

    @ agrasyuk: What is it that you have put under the wings of your Tubas Jumbo? Looks like a mount you could hang another engine onto without altering the design too much. A bit more TWR helps with the speed issue you mentioned. Alternatively that rear ramp has a variant that can mount MK2 parts. If you use the MK2 to K (i think) converter you can put 4x 2.5m engines onto the rear. Well, it puts the CoM quite far back, but it sure fixes you problem with thrust. That's what I do and my craft flies quite well (as long as I don't stall it). Screenshots are a few posts back. @Aero Gav: yep, those OPT parts are really nice! qudos to the author!
  12. Shadow dream

    SSTOs! Post your pictures here~

    That sounds interesting: A *controlled* way of making your ship break appart! Has anyone told Werner van Kerman about that yet? Oh an while I'm at it, a small update on my SSTA design: Since I already have OPT installed I tried to create a ship using the Dark Drive. Size of a Mammoth, thrust of a Mainsail, ISP and thrust behaviour of a Whipslash. Basicly I built the same ship I have posted earlier, but without Rover Bay, instead it uses 2x Dark Drive as only engines. Honestly, I felt like a dirty cheater. Those beasts got me onto Eve soil without launch window, gravity assist or aero breaking. After some ISRU same on the return. Just hit the gas and the incredible ISP made it possible, even tough she's LFO. Is Eve really *that* kind of a b**ch, forcing me into such an engine? #Sad.
  13. Shadow dream

    SSTOs! Post your pictures here~

    So seems like LF only SSTOs will by design fail to be a SSTA due to TWR missing. I like them for their fantastic dV which does 90% of the job. So time for some extended LFO designs. I also noticed how inefficient my ISRU bay is. I designed it to be fast and look like super duty, ending up with a few wasted / dead tons. I will absolutely keep that in mind with my next design. The only time I used the small ISRU was when building a SSTO out of MK2 plane parts. However I got liquided with the small drill, which doesn't supply me with the amount of Ore I'd like. I used to put 4x min. on my craft (which was hard enough to seamlessly fit onto the ship) and still found the large drill to be worth the weight. Now I just couldn't run one inside the MK2 bay, the drill would refuse to dig due to the horizontal angle on surface. Mk3 bays on the other hand are perfect, but in return quite scream for the 2.5m Converter. Also the idea of exchanging the rover for a small lander sounds appealing. Actualy I like rovers for their ease of driving arround. Usualy I make small ones, just perfect for the Mk2 bay, just like this one: (I used a plane for most of the way up there). A craft the size of a big Malemut should no doubt be able to reach Tylo with some science on board. Thank you so far for your hints and ideas, I will try to get something working :-)