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  1. Nice, I was scratching my head on why the Devs hardcoded that thing, knowing how people would be all over this - especialy with all those sweet action groups we got! I guess the old saying still goes: If you want it done right, you do it yourself!
  2. people tend to not like wip. It's barebones and ... you know ... the internet ... haters ... or sometimes even jealous people. If it's the latter group, count it as upvote^2
  3. I think my Signature has a rough idea. Mine however uses the BG DLC (highly recommended!!)
  4. I just tested it and it seems like a bug (?) that probe inputs don't work on axis groups. When I manualy input directions it works, but probe's input, which are clearly visible on the bottom left, do nothing. :-/
  5. Have a look at this one: You need these mods to fly her: - mk2 stock alike expansion - opt spaceplane parts I recommend this mod for max. dV, because she is LF only but some tanks ale LFO: - interstellar fuel switch Load her up in Editor, clean her payload bays that are equiped with ISRU devices and she's ready to go. Just remember she needs either atmosphere or low gravity moons to land because fuel is heavy and 4 nerv's ain't that powerful.
  6. Autostrut does the same, you should not have it active on parts that are beyond one of these motoric parts. Can't you motorize the part? I have not tried this specific configuration (aim at target), but you can map the servos to pitch/yaw, which should allow you to accieve the same thing without weired looking mechanics.
  7. I tried to make a little tour with my Osprey. Due to the lack of space capabilities I simply used Alt+F12 and added small engines for deorbiting. My first target was Eve (atmosphere duh). So while yes, I had to "compensate" for some design deficiencies, making her survive the flight, I think this flight was a giant leap for Man... Kerbalkind! But then ... well see for yourselves: Edit:
  8. I'm new to "manual" crafts too. From tinkering with my Osprey, I found 1 big fuel cells per rotron +1 for anything else does a good job for keeping your craft going. You need to swap some tanks for LFO though. As for flight, stacking two rotors on top of each other noticeably improve thrust. I don't think more will help due to game engine limits in rpm. My craft got from 40-ish mps to 85 which greatly improved flight characteristics.
  9. Just messing arround with a prototype 30 rpm is safe to drive. But slooooow......
  10. She uses the breaking ground DLC, appart from that she is stock.
  11. For those still interested: I just updated my craft to improve stability during flight. My last iteration was ok, but had a high tendency to spin especialy during transition. Also her center of thrust was off, as I noticed. From what I can tell she does better now and is smooth to land. Also I have updated the Hotkeys due to unnecessary "redundancy" of torque and rpm setting. RPM is now always maxed, axis 1 controls torque. axis 4 is gone. If you have downloaded my Osprey, please concider the update.
  12. A tripod might be pretty hard to be reliable on it's own - at least without RW since you need to lift one leg at a time for walking and therefore end up with only two (-> unstable) legs on the ground. Try it with four legs and make sure to have the CoM within the three-feet triangle that makes it stable.
  13. I have tried "realistic wheels" with an adapter (1.25 to 0.6 I think) on rotors. The result was devestatingly bad since the craft slipped as if on ice, also any hard enough slope change made them blow up. How do your chains work out? Do they stay reliably on maneuvers and how safe are they from exploding on slope edges? Or are they 'optics only'? (I notice a wheel back there)