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  1. Nice, I was scratching my head on why the Devs hardcoded that thing, knowing how people would be all over this - especialy with all those sweet action groups we got! I guess the old saying still goes: If you want it done right, you do it yourself!
  2. people tend to not like wip. It's barebones and ... you know ... the internet ... haters ... or sometimes even jealous people. If it's the latter group, count it as upvote^2
  3. I think my Signature has a rough idea. Mine however uses the BG DLC (highly recommended!!)
  4. I just tested it and it seems like a bug (?) that probe inputs don't work on axis groups. When I manualy input directions it works, but probe's input, which are clearly visible on the bottom left, do nothing. :-/
  5. Have a look at this one: You need these mods to fly her: - mk2 stock alike expansion - opt spaceplane parts I recommend this mod for max. dV, because she is LF only but some tanks ale LFO: - interstellar fuel switch Load her up in Editor, clean her payload bays that are equiped with ISRU devices and she's ready to go. Just remember she needs either atmosphere or low gravity moons to land because fuel is heavy and 4 nerv's ain't that powerful.
  6. Autostrut does the same, you should not have it active on parts that are beyond one of these motoric parts. Can't you motorize the part? I have not tried this specific configuration (aim at target), but you can map the servos to pitch/yaw, which should allow you to accieve the same thing without weired looking mechanics.
  7. I tried to make a little tour with my Osprey. Due to the lack of space capabilities I simply used Alt+F12 and added small engines for deorbiting. My first target was Eve (atmosphere duh). So while yes, I had to "compensate" for some design deficiencies, making her survive the flight, I think this flight was a giant leap for Man... Kerbalkind! But then ... well see for yourselves: Edit:
  8. I'm new to "manual" crafts too. From tinkering with my Osprey, I found 1 big fuel cells per rotron +1 for anything else does a good job for keeping your craft going. You need to swap some tanks for LFO though. As for flight, stacking two rotors on top of each other noticeably improve thrust. I don't think more will help due to game engine limits in rpm. My craft got from 40-ish mps to 85 which greatly improved flight characteristics.
  9. Just messing arround with a prototype 30 rpm is safe to drive. But slooooow......
  10. She uses the breaking ground DLC, appart from that she is stock.
  11. For those still interested: I just updated my craft to improve stability during flight. My last iteration was ok, but had a high tendency to spin especialy during transition. Also her center of thrust was off, as I noticed. From what I can tell she does better now and is smooth to land. Also I have updated the Hotkeys due to unnecessary "redundancy" of torque and rpm setting. RPM is now always maxed, axis 1 controls torque. axis 4 is gone. If you have downloaded my Osprey, please concider the update.
  12. A tripod might be pretty hard to be reliable on it's own - at least without RW since you need to lift one leg at a time for walking and therefore end up with only two (-> unstable) legs on the ground. Try it with four legs and make sure to have the CoM within the three-feet triangle that makes it stable.
  13. I have tried "realistic wheels" with an adapter (1.25 to 0.6 I think) on rotors. The result was devestatingly bad since the craft slipped as if on ice, also any hard enough slope change made them blow up. How do your chains work out? Do they stay reliably on maneuvers and how safe are they from exploding on slope edges? Or are they 'optics only'? (I notice a wheel back there)
  14. Thank you I did a few last tweaks here and there and updated the KerbalX Craft. The ability to use Autostrut is actualy there - just be cautious where it links to! Using "root" or "grandparent" seems to do ok. At least she SOMEHOW does level flight ok-ish now at about 57m/s. That's the best for today, I'm off to bed! Edit: Update Stacking a second rotor in did help with the thrust. However I somehow lost the ability to use Auto Strut (Parking Mode won't work anymore), but it does not seem to cripple performance much - just glitching here and there. In a testflight I almost reached the Island Runway, unfortunately I miscalculated the EC requirement and went for a swim instead. Continuous RW use for leveling flight drained the batteries faster than expected. I added a fifth big fuel cell and changed the AoA on the wings to reduce RW use. Continuous RW use for leveling flight drained the batteries faster than expected. I added a fifth big fuel cell and changed the AoA on the wings to reduce RW use. She's still a B**ch to fly, so check your chutes before flight!
  15. As announced, here is my WIP of the MK3 version of the Bell Osprey. She does ok so far - as long as you don't try to get flying faster than 30m/s in hover mode. Her rotors are in perfect symetry and have just the force to get her going nicely. For those wanting to try her out, here's the link: I will update her every now and then when I get improvements working (don't expect them daily though!). I would be glad if some of the more talented Kerbals have a hint or two to improve performance! For flying I highly reccomend a Joystick, binding 4 axises to the new custom axises from the BG DLC. Defaults are: 1) Rotor RPM, 2) Engine Pitch, 3) Blade Pitch, 4) Rotor Torque. As I mentioned flying fast: I was not able to get the transition working just yet. Since I can not use Autostrut, the entire mechanism bends like crazy when accelerating and ultimately twisting the engine pitch back to 90° vertical with a strong nose up, which arrests all speed gained so far. Bummer. At least she can taxi with her engines horizontal! Also, by pressing Abort, she folds up so she's ready for Carrier Duty =D
  16. Been trying to build the Osprey. Now that I won't have to mess with vehicle switching, broken bearings and other failiours that randomly occur .... now I have to mess with the power output I get. She does fly with the rotors upright. I stacked two (heavy and normal) rotors to boost rpm as far as possible, but the +1 TWR thrust won't take over to level flight. It might be some weight balance issue (the more I level the engines, the more she pitches up), but the more I set thrust to level flight for acceleration, the more I lose lift and ultimately nosedive the entire thing into the ground. I think I'll try the MK3 parts next because they look more like the real thing, but also that's weight I have to control even harder. We'll see......... Edit: I also want the folding mechanism
  17. Well, I am always on the search for a VTOL SSTA with ISRU and a decent rover bay. Orf course all the science has to be on board. Stock hulls are pretty limiting, I prefer OPT ship parts for their form factor. Even though I get close, I usualy fail at VTOL capability or the TWR (without OPT engines) Edit: feel free to use my Retaliator-ISRU from KerbalX as a base to start with. She's decent and requires only few mods.
  18. Yep, super nitpicky is what I learned to be when building my own Space Shuttle. I love it but the paaaiiinnn of balancing .... :-) VTOLs are easier in that regard. I use to build them with MK2 parts, so I place a cargo bay as root, then 4 tanks arround it. (I just noticed Levelord clipped a tank into that NERV as well).
  19. Your craft seems to have slight imbalance in your fuel setup, but you seem to have great control over it. I stopped building VTOLs because I had issues with balancing. How do you focus on building with CoM shifts? RWs only have so much power.
  20. A new day has begun and the politicians of Kerbin have decided that the KSP has to get more efficient. Too many rockets have tossed their engines into the ocean, too many tanks scattered on the grasslands after staging, to many factories are producing toxic waste during the process of producing Oxidiser. Therefore a new law was passed and starting from today, all rockets, launchers, rovers, planes, SSTOs, etc. are required to only use Liquid Fuel as their main propellant. Also all the bits and pieces have to be recoverable. Also, another law has been passed after President Krump has visited KSC and decided that colonizing Duna would be the perfect PR stunt to get him re-elected second term. However he was not that generous with the budget raise, which many scientists would badly need to accomplish the new challenge. RULES: 1) No mods, No cheating F12, Hyperedit, Kraken etc.. Cosmetic parts, DLC and info screens are allowed as well as Fuel Switch. 2) No Oxidiser at any stage 3) All staged parts must be able to land safely. (Recovery as "behind the scenes" accepted) Shells are allowed bc reasons 4) Monoprop and Batteries are allowed - Xenon is tolerated 5) ISRU is allowed. However no Oxidiser! 6) No excessive clipping: You may clip structual parts, as they could have been built that way. i.e a fuel tank however can not be clipped. Further rules may be added as necessary The Challenge: - You have to build a Launcher that runs off LF only while costing less than 350.000$. - Your Launcher-payload is limited to max. 30t and 60.000$ - Each payload must be a self sustained vehicle, eg. probe, solar panel, some dV for deorbiting, etc. (You may dock a lander for safe landing). Colony-Parts don't have to apply to this, however they are required to be docked to something applying for this rule at all times, until landed! - You have to build a transfer vehicle to get to Duna and back. - You have to build a lander to get some payload down to the surface of Duna. All non-colony items have to be able to return into LDO. - You have to build a base at Duna. These are the parts that may stay on Duna. This base has to have the following: Living Space for at least 35 Kerbals. (Labs and cockpits don't count) A rover with space for 4 Kerbals (does not count to base req.!), all the science and a Experiment Storage unit. A garage for the rover, as protection from storms that kill beloved rovers (R.I.P Opportunity) ISRU platform inkl. tanks to store LF and power generators. (You may use that LF for future missions - I accept fuel pipe mods for this specific use only!) A Science Lab inkl. Antena to transmit data. (You may use a small dish with relay-sats in orbit, as long as 24/7 signal coverage is in place) An emergency Launcher that is able to bring Kerbals into LDO. You may place several, but at the very least every landed Kerbal has to be backed up! Light poles to keep the streets safe Note: The base does NOT have to be docked or one big thing. However it should be placed close together, within 1km or less, edge to edge. Lightpoles may be used to mark the area, therefore they are allowed to be slightly out of the limits. For those of you familiar with colonizing Duna, or too bored with this challenge: There are several twists to make it more interesting for you! Replace Duna with Laythe No S2 or S3 parts, no Mk2 or Mk3 parts. Just 1.25m tanks, engines, crew cabins, etc as payload Launcher has to be SSTO No fuel pipe mods for base-refueling - docking like a pro! Additional Sea-Plane, same rule as the rover Additional U-Boat, same rule as rover Frontier-Base at the bottom of DeGrasse Sea, housing 4 Kerbals + Science Lab (not sure if boyancy allowes that - if not, just palce 4 Kerbals down there) Optional: Build the base as much as possible floating on water Be creative!
  21. I proposed one in another simjlar thread recently, where the author gave a rough estimate of what he is comfortable with. This place is full of nice challenges like K-Prize, Jool-5, or even STS. Have you tried them? What kind of missions do you expect? If you feel brave, try this one: Build a rocket that A) launches from Kerbin B) lands at Duna (1) C) returns to Kerbin(1) D) lands on Duna (2) E) returns to Kerbin (2) F) lands on Duna (3) G) returns to Kerbin (3) Rules: No refueling, no mods (info screens are ok). Bring a Kerbal to plant flags. Staging allowed. It's possible, you can find it on Youtube.
  22. So, have you tried any of our submitted missions yet? I would love to see some progress in form of screenshots! Threads like this are quite useful to new members that want to *do something new* but don't now how to. "Classic" missions like Jool-5 are quite high in demand, so your set falls perfectly in place!
  23. Rockets are easy. That's why I stopped making them. Their only use is to build stations and bases, maybe refueling imo. (Hm, ssto base builder?............) Anyway, here is my challenge: Build a rocket that is able to bring a rover to duna. The rover has to have the 2.5m science lab inkl. all the science gadgets and antenas to transmit science home (you may use the rocket as relay in orbit). The Rover has to be brought back to Kerbin afterwards.