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  1. This mod is really cool! Neat, efficient, and does exactly what it says on the tin. Don't mean to take over your thread, but it performed admirably on my Scimitar. After all, no warbird should go without a cloaking device!
  2. More Pictures, if you like. I worked on making another stock replica, this time of the Krenim weapon ship from Star Trek: Voyager. This thing is a lagfest with 731 parts (most in the forward prongy thingies), but looks relatively accurate. Optimization and aesthetic improvement planned before a KerbalX release.
  3. I made the majority of the hull of a replica of the Scimitar from Star Trek: Nemesis. Stock, of course. This thing has enough autostruts to hold a bundle of spaghetti together.
  4. I think the thickness is good, but it could use some color; maybe blue or green.
  5. Going to be keeping an eye on this; looks very interesting indeed.
  6. Wanted a challenge, so I did this. PRESENTING, A STOCK REPLICA OF THE SHIELD QUINJET Full Imgur Album Featuring: - Folding Wingtips - VTOL - Cargo Bay - Excessively powerful RCS - Looks mostly accurate A fully stock replica of the SHIELD Quinjet from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It's rather heavy for a craft of its size (39.5 tons) but form was put before function with this craft. Nonetheless, it is fully capable of VTOL as well as "standard flight." In addition, there is a small cargo bay in the back (no door, sorry). DOWNLOAD AT KERBALX Tips, Action Groups, Etc. AG1: Toggles Wingtips. Horizontal flight works better with the wingtips up, and VTOL works better with them down. AG2: Toggles VTOL engines. Max TWR of ~1.25, but take a while to spool up. AG3: Toggles main engines (Panthers) AG4: Toggles main engine afterburners. I recommend full thrust afterburners for regular flight, considering how heavy the plane is. - Top speed in level flight is about 85 m/s - The RCS drain a lot of fuel, so I recommend using it only for stabilization while VTOLing. - If you feel that the plane is about to pancake, just activate the VTOL engines. - VTOL doesn't work too well on steep slopes. - The large weight combined with the atypical wing shape leads to some interesting flight characteristics. Still, it is fairly maneuverable. - The cloaking system is "undergoing maintenance" (it doesn't cloak)
  7. You're right. The Mk1 Capsule isn't the Mercury any more than Jool is Jupiter. HOWEVER, the Mk1 Capsule is the Kerbal analogue of the Mercury just as Jool is the Kerbal analogue of Jupiter. The fact that both Jool and the Mk1 are analogues of their real life counterparts means that they are not exact scaled replicas, and instead represent what their respective entities would be like if they were developed by Kerbals rather than humans (with some room for artistic license.)
  8. Started working on a (stock) replica of the Marvel Quinjet. Autostruts abound! Unfortunately, part clipping leads to headroom issues...
  9. Teensy tiny electric helicopter! 0.792 tons sans Kerbal, although the Kerbal does tend to help with the helicopter pitching up. Tends to top out at about 30 m/sec in level(ish) flight. Still has a few quirks (such as the wobbly bearing) I'm trying to fix and/or optimize, which is why I'm putting it here rather than its own Spacecraft Exchange page. Kerbalx link Enjoy, and feel free to pick it apart if you like the bearing, etc. (My apologies for the thread bump)
  10. Recently I've been experimenting with electric propellers and have come up with this monstrosity. PRESENTING, THE SA-III "DE-FIRE" Featuring: - 100% Modlessness - Semi-extreme maneuverability at low speeds - Theoretically infinite range - Rather difficult to land - Looks cool (by far the most important feature) - More Pictures The SA-III is the third iteration (and the best one) in a line of three electric prop-planes I've created. It is notable for its high maneuverability at low speeds, something I've noticed was lacking in my previous designs. The two SQ-2 contra-rotating propellers eliminate unwanted spin for a smooth (ish) flight experience. DOWNLOAD AT KERBALX How to Operate: 1. Press 1 to undock the propeller shafts 2. Activate the brakes (and SAS too, if you like) 3. Switch to a propellor and use alt-e to spin up the prop. You can monitor what % max speed the prop is at by observing the "roll" gauge under the stage indicator. (Recommended setting shown below) 4. Repeat with the second prop 5. Switch back to the main craft, deactivate the brakes, and taxi to the end of the runway. 6. Pull up once you have reached the end of the runway; may take a little practice to not damage the rear prop on takeoff. Happy flights, everyone! Any feedback is welcome.
  11. Okay, I'm back. Helicopters seem to have gone out of style a bit, but I just built my first one that works reasonably and decided to come out of hiding. It looks awful, and it's a bit of a struggle to fly, but it's a lot of fun.
  12. I've continued work on my planet pack, now renamed Kau Ceti. While cobbling together a quick n' dirty plane for the pictures, I managed to build my second SSTO. Go figure... Album showing off the WIP planets: http://imgur.com/a/JgqjL