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  1. I am running KSP 1.10.1 with KCT 1.4.8, ClickThroughBlocker, Magiccore, SpaceTuxLibrary, and ToolbarController This combination does not seem to present any problems, and I have no issues entering the VAB or SPH. I was also running this with KCT and had no issues. Your problem may lay elsewhere. Perhaps some other updated mod is interfering? Does your KSP.log file show anything odd?
  2. Great news, guys! @linuxgurugamer has kindly offered to take over this mod. As I simply have not had the time to devote to upkeeping and expanding this mod, I have agreed. I will be adding @linuxgurugamer as co-author and he will take over and create a new thread going forward. Good luck @linuxgurugamer, and thanks.
  3. I experience is similar. I select the load, the window closes and nothing happens - the game remains paused until I hit escape.
  4. Hello, and yes, I am still around. First, a huge, gigantic, pythonic thank you to @xnowfall for bringing this mod back to life. I have been looking over the changes you made and they have given me a few ideas. Second, I am working on the mod. While the placing of kerbals now works, and @xnowfall got the automated walking to work via clicking on the walkabout icon (the hot-keys don't seem to function), the list of 'nope - it's broke' is quite long. Just to give you a taste, here are a few of the issues I need to address: Walking/Running - I need to see why the keys are not working. If I can't find a fix for that, then I will look at either a run/walk menu or a way to distinguish between clicks on the icon to get the kerbal to switch. Inventory - major problems here. KSP has introduced a new inventory system which is completely unlike the KIS system. I have been struggling to find a way to integrate with it. At the same time, @IgorZ is trying to make KIS compatible with and/or congruent with the new system. He indicated that he is working on a rewrite of KIS. Walkabout's inventory capabilities may have to be put on hold until then. GUI - the resizing button no longer works. I need to look into using the newer UI system to generate menus, but if I can find a quick fix for the resizer, then I will publish with that. Icons - I have new icons for the toolbar, but they are not consistently working. AddUtility - truth is, I haven't even looked at this yet. I have no idea if it is working or not. I still don't have a great deal of time available to me to investigate these. Work, wife and theatre take up a good portion of my time days. But I will still keep plugging away at it. And thanks again, to all, for liking and using my little side-project.
  5. Is development on this mod dead? I am using it in version 1.7.3 and it is working well. I have a request though. Is it possible to add another selector to qualifiers for when a playlist is activated? I would like to restrict the playlist by craft type. Currently, every time my kerbal hops, or bounces, my dramatic orchestral launch music wants to start playing, only to be interrupted by the kerbal landing back on the ground. Having a craft selection would prevent that, and allow me to create a playlist for my aircraft in flight that is separate from my rocket launch playlist. And, thanks for this terrific mod - it has really help enhance the immersiveness of the game. I do hope it is still being worked on.
  6. I have a odd one for you. I have a particular vehicle that, at launch, acts as though it is tethered by a string: it starts to lift off, but then halts and then slowly descends. Eventually, as various stages are expended, it begins to rise again. No - this is not a TWR issue - the craft has plenty of thrust and similarly constructed craft act normally. I thought it might be a 'distant part' issue: when a small part, like a light or a strut is somehow part of the ship even though it is metres away from the body of the craft - I have had that happen before, and thought maybe some part was stuck under the launchpad. But no. I accounted for every part of the ship. I was racking my brain, trying to figure out what was keeping my ship from ascending, when I decided to turn off PRE. Immediately my ship started rising into the sky. Repeated experiments proved to me that PRE, if not the cause, was a factor in keeping my kerbals from going to space today. If you are interested, I can send you any files you may want, if you wish to explore the problem. As it is, I have a work around (turn off PRE for a few seconds), so I am not too worried about it.
  7. Wow! I am thrilled that there is interest in reviving this mod. I am in the middle of changing residences and in putting on a theatre production, but once things settle down and I don't have to rely on my workplace WiFi for internet connectivity, I will be eagerly looking at what progress has been made. Thanks for the efforts, fellow Kerbalers
  8. Woo-hoo!!! Thanks, I will try this out tonight. edit: Yep - It works
  9. Hello @linuxgurugamer 1st: Thanks for this mod - as someone mentioned earlier, it makes taking all those screenshots worthwhile. 2nd: Thanks for all the modding you do - you are a god! 3rd: I do have a small problem: Everytime I start KSP, this mod seems to recalculate the displayTime value in the LoadingScreenManager.cfg. I might set it to 20 and the next time I look it is at 10.3452 or 17.965065, or some other value. Sometimes it is so low that the pictures end up changing so quickly that the totalSlides figure is exceeded and I just see the same image flashing every 3 or 4 seconds for ages (it takes 11 minutes for KSP to load on my machine). Is there an easy solution for this? Have I set something up incorrectly? Or is this a bug? My current config looks like:
  10. I have compiled and run the code under 1.4.1 and there is good news and bad news: Good news: no more aborts or log spamming! Bad news: no nothing. The mod does not do anything anymore. The GUI appears, but when you press the button to put a kerbal at a location, nothing happens. I have traced the code and everything seems to be setting itself up internally just fine - KSP just ignores the changes the changes I have made to the game state. Unfortunately, I do not foresee having the time to delve deep into the new KSP code to find out how to add objects to the game (I barely figured it out previously). If anyone would like to take a crack at it, I would be really grateful. I am not talking about having to take over the mod, but if anyone can point me in the right direction for how to get a kerbal's ProtoVessel added to the current game (or whatever the new equivalent may be), that would go a long way to getting me going again. I don't want to abandon Walkabout - I had plans for it (getting kerbals to walk/run towards targets automatically with obstacle avoidance, cruise control for rovers, etc). But I just don't have the time to comb through all the documentation and figure this out all over again.
  11. Version 1.7.1 is out. Sorry about that folks. I tested against the wrong version KIS.
  12. Thanks @StevenV - I just discovered that myself. Something went wrong with the release build - I'm on it.
  13. Version 1.7 is finally out. The major point to note is that it now works with relocated KSPs (e.g. Galileo's Planetary Pack, Alien Space Program, etc). If you have created custom locations, please note that you will have to recreate them for this version - sorry. After this, I will work on updating the GUI and hopefully getting more functionality out of the Perpetual Motion mode. Have fun guys - and thank you for waiting for this update so patiently. While working on the latest release, I found a number of cases where WalkAbout was creating situations that it handled without incident, but which seemed to cause problems within KSP. In some of these cases, KSP would not crash until the scene changed. I have no proof, but I think that one or more of these cases may have been the reason for KSP crashing after placing a kerbal. In other words, it is possible that the crashes had nothing to do with placing the kerbal in the game - it was caused by an earlier error in setting up the GUI or determining which locations were available, etc. I have "sealed up" a lot of these holes in the code and I hope that this will help prevent any more unexpected crashes when placing kerbals. If anyone does still have unexpected crashes - please let me know. If you used to have crashes and don't anymore - please let me know. Thank you for you patience in waiting for me to get this mod out.
  14. That is exactly the problem I was running into. Vanilla KSP says the centre of the KSC is somewhere in the crawlway, so the flagpole would be x metres due west. But GPP says the centre of the KSC is in the R&D facility and the flagpole is y meters NWN. So any offsets I stored would give me inconsistent positions relative to the KSC depending on which mods were installed. Fortunately, as my previous post shows, I can get the lat/long of the flagpole independently from the position of the KSC so I can base all my calculations on the position of the flagpole and don't have to worry about the KSC having been moved. I am going to have to check if the KSC has been rotated, lifted, lowered or rescaled, but I already know how to handle those issues.