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  1. That's the tack Three Rings took with their Wiki, and it's a very good idea. Only then, how do you accommodate those who bought KSP on Steam or GOG? Authenticate against them? Sure, if they permit that sort of thing. --
  2. Is it time to vet Wiki editors through some other means? For instance, through this forum? I had to do something similar when I started a Wiki for the Zeroshell community. The MediaWiki folks might not like it because it infringes on their philosophy of openness, but like anything else that gets abused frequently, it might be time to take that away. Three Rings Design authenticates access to the YPP Wiki using their main game's account domain. There are extensions to authenticate against LDAP (and thus Active Directory by extension). Is there a means to authenticate against this forum's user database? --
  3. I've had good luck so far, in fact I've had fewer problems launching ksp.exe outside of Steam than I had within Steam's launcher. It behaves even with hardware DEP turned on (on top of non-admin, UAC and SRP), and I just noticed a moment ago it was turned off. Must've been turned off when I installed Win 10 build 1511. Things may change as I add mods and find said mods try to execute code within data memory spaces. What you and Steve are describing is a file system permissions problem (not a Registry thing) that is made worse by the permissions put on the Program Files folders especially. KSP writes things to the installation folder, and Win2K and later don't like that when that folder is in Program Files and you're a non-admin (or UAC) user. Steam's workaround of granting the BUILTIN\Users local group Modify access to folders in its care works around most of these problems, but I would have preferred that the game not do this, instead writing such things in the user's profile or maybe %allusersprofile% if it's machine-specific. There is a logic behind that, but that would be my sysadmin day job persona speaking, suited for some other forum. In any case it's all good here. If someone were to ask me the same question, I'd say get the Steam edition and let the Steam client handle the permissions problems.
  4. That sounds like it'd be more of a problem with Software Restriction Policies or User Account Control than DEP. But OK, I can see what would go wrong here. I've experienced Win10 rolling back graphics drivers only once: When updating to the 1511 build where it put the stock GTX 760 driver back because, well, it was an in-place upgrade just like my original upgrade from 8.1 to 10 was and it put all stock drivers in. Windows Update put newer drivers back, and later GeForce Experience brought the GTX 760 up to date. I'll have further questions about those sorts of things later, but that can wait until after I've crashed my first few rockets. Thanks both of you. Good to know it doesn't really matter which edition I pick. --
  5. So I could make modded installations, multiple installations with different mods, and so on as long as I don't violate the EULA really. Also, agreement on Origin especially; if I really want to play an EA game I use a virtual machine. Steam DRM seems to play nicely with my PC though, locked-down as it is. [Update three hours later] The Steam installation was flawless, even with UAC, non-admin, SRP, and so on. After reading that mods are fine and I can make instances of KSP to try out things, I figured it was fine to purchase the Steam edition and go with that. My previous experience was that Valve deals with file system permission changes needed in their packages, and that was the case here. For non-tech folks, that seems to work best. --
  6. After watching all of Scott Manley's and Danny2462's KSP videos I'm getting KSP. I also joined this forum with my real name to show sincerity and keep any anger I might have in check. I have a bit of history ragging on developers for what I consider unsafe design on Windows. Consider that I run 64-bit Windows 10 Pro and I have both User Account Control and Software Restriction Policies enabled. Should I purchase the KSP Store edition or the Steam edition of KSP? I already run Steam games without much hassle, including Portal and Portal 2, Duke Nukem Forever and The Stanley Parable, but I'm not sure if the Steam edition would have problems with mods and game updates. My PC is surely capable of running Unity-based games, with a Core i7-4771 processor, 32 GB RAM and discrete graphics. I've read through the KSP Wiki already and know that 64-bit KSP for Windows is coming. I couldn't find any caveats related to UAC either here or on the Wiki, though, and usually there's some page or post describing problems with non-admin accounts, UAC, copy protection failing with SRP enabled, that sort of thing. --
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