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  1. Two things first (Cuz besides the SQUAD you guys as Modders make it rock): 1. Mods are essential to what is planned (hence why I am posting here) 2. Continued support of those mods, or the ability of maintaining those mods would be helpful, and I'm well aware of my capabilities as low as they are. And little background for reference: I'm a Physics, Chemistry and Astronomy teacher for a high school district. I have some experience in C#. I also teach college level chemistry along with environmental science and sustainability when openings exist. I also need to be in a 12 step program for gaming if you ask my wife! With KSP I have well over 1000 hours clocked since it was in early release. Seriously I would be docking modules for orbital stations while we have dinner and she would protest. Usually with some sarcasm but also with interest about why. The plan: So to get to the meat of the subject here it is. I already have an astronomy club for the school, we use telescopes and various programs to enlighten students. This includes some planning and discussion of missions beyond what has already happened. What I would like to do is get those other students that have an edge in gaming and science to come over. I would like to create an X prize for lack of an original term and have students complete "goals". I have gotten, through district lending and also personal purchasing, a number of workstations that students can use for Kerbal along with district approval to buy the program. These computers also are used for exoplanet discovery (through a program to analyze light curves) and class research. I had to purchase the video cards and memory upgrades (hey some teachers complain about buying paper and pencils so the least I could do). The trick here is bringing it past the "gaming" experience. For what I propose for students is to achieve certain goals (in minimum of groups of 2 and maybe more with design/control groups): 1. landing on an orbital (around kerbin or other body) a. all delta v calculations must be made before attempt b. Retrieval of samples c. Successful return of any Kerbals* 1) Unkerbaled/Unmanned missions exempt 2) Manned missions * d. Extra Provision for future mission e. Cost of mission f. reuse of equipment at target site 2. Flyby/orbit a. all delta v calculations must be made for attempt b. coat of mission c. orbital supplies for kerbaled/manned mission The reason I bring this to the modding community is that a few of the mods that I have used seem integral to what I would like to achieve. Without them then it becomes easier but not as "fun". Let me list a few that I believe are essential: 1. Tac LS/USI LS (unsure which would be better and would like to ask for input from you) I have used TAC in my personal games but like the Idea of habitability which roverdude has brought to UKS 2. KIS/KAS Students should be able to change/update craft after they have launched the mission and or mission packages. (We do this as humans why not let them) 3. Kronos vessel viewer: to share with teams the design process 4*. KER I would keep this to a master file to allow students to check their calculations (maybe import craft files) Extra if it can be incorporated: 5. Kerbal Planetary base System (This may be because i solely like the form factor) 6. Near Future Mods These are just a few mods that I feel are necessary to get the feel and the complexity of space exploration across. I know what you are thinking. How am I to get anyone from the hormone age (14-18) to do any of this? Trust me if I say there are video games in the back of the room I won't have to encourage them at all. OK now the single most important question: Kerbal EDU or just plain Kerbal? I know that most threads say that all mods should work with Kerbal EDU. I have some doubt that I need the EDU version due to the nature of my experience with the game. It seems as if the EDU version lags significantly behind the full version (this is semantic since I visit the K-EDU forums often and the last mention is 1.0.2) in updates and therefore will lag behind in ability to use the communities mods. I also see little reason to limit the experience for students if I have the prerequisite knowledge to help them. Any advice? By they way this in not a condemnation of KerbalEDU, its great as it is since I own a copy, just I want an honest opinion.
  2. Nils, I erased that save before I saw your request for the log file, mcortez seems to have seen this before as he stated above.
  3. Sorry to hijack the thread, but at least the question is about parts in the video. Where do those spherical tanks come from? If I understand the way KSP works they can be a ram hog but if this game is missing something my list start with spherical tanks.
  4. STM, Thanks for the work again, you have some quick turn around on requests. I just installed the updated expeditions pack and the leviathan & Argos do not show up as being able to award. I checked the config file from kerbal stuff and the last entry is the MEX1 so I think this just needs to be updated? The ribbons are there just not showing up in game.
  5. STM, Excellent work on the Navy insignia. Love the Pegasus ribbon, could not have come up with a better one. Here is a pic of the Pegasus II: Now I have two other ships that get used for logistics, one is the Argos, for transporting LS supplies and KAS parts in KIS containers. I don't have a pic of that one right now. The other is a mobile refinery, the Leviathon, it has a bay that accepts a robotic probe. The probe mines ore and returns it to the mothership. Here is a few pics: If you would be interested in making ribbons for these two ships I would appreciate it.
  6. STM, No fleet admiral is really not necessary, just enough to cover the same ranks you have for air/army would do. Thanks for your work and quick turn around. I looked into it and don't think I will be trying my hand any time soon at making these. I figure I will leave it up to those that know what they are doing for now. I know you do expeditions, and I do my share of them but what about ribbons for logistic/maintenance missions? For example I have a non atmospheric shuttle that stays in Kerbin orbit that I use to rotate crews out from the Minmus and Mun orbital stations, and through them the surface bases. In this career save its the Pegasus II (the Pegasus I was sadly lost with all crew during a aerobrake return and combination cat-keyboard incident during a critical moment). Since I go hard mode for my games it has LS and must have a crew of two, pilot and engineer, which are stationed with the ship in LKO. In this case a 1st IC and 2nd IC would not be necessary but a "served on crew" would be cool.
  7. Nils, Excellent mod I have been using it extensively in my latest career and look forward to any and all updates you provide. I noticed one odd behavior though I don't think its a bug, it sure doesn't change game play. When using the planetary lab as part of a space station whenever I dock and then undock the station changes to a base in the map view. I usually just change it back but I just noticed it again a few minutes ago and wanted to mention it now that I finally registered on the forums. (if this has been mentioned sorry, I didn't see it in the past 50 pages!)
  8. STM, Firstly thanks for making these, I use FF to increase the immersion and do a little RP while in KSP. I have a few questions for you though. 1. Can you make an officer pack based on the USN (up to fleet admiral)? I love the look of your officer bars. I am kinda partial to the navy ranks and NASA does have its fair share of navy pilots and mixing the branches would be cool. 2. What program do you use to create and edit the ribbons? I would like to try my hand at a few custom expedition ribbons for my game.