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  1. Hey, fellas! Note to Mods: The RP is not taking place anywhere on this forum. We are merely promoting it for an off-site Kerbin-related nation game. (Thank you for what you guys do!) Do you enjoy geopolitics? Well, then this is the NationStates region for you. We have twenty-some plus active nations, wars, civil wars, inter-nation quarrels, and all in the Kerbin system. FAQ: Do y'all have a map? - 'Course we do! Here you go! Can anything in KSP go? - No, we use modern tech as a limit. But you can totally build your stuff in KSP and use it in the RP, that's totally
  2. Hello, everyone! I'm making a Star Citizen organization that will be focusing on exploration and trade (to make money). We have a discord here: https://discord.gg/sRFrfaz . If anyone is interested, please join our discord. More details will be released soon!
  3. Why can't KSP look THAT good. Other than wrecking computers and causing fires.
  4. Sometiing that bothers me so much is all of those useless roads that lap out the L3 KSC. Shouldn't those roads not exist, the space center be closer together, and expand as it grows?
  5. I see. I feel as if it should be added, also I think parts should tear apart in re-entry. And when thing blow up in space, imagine if all those particles flew everywhere like in Gravity. yeah dis ain't gonna happen
  6. That's exactly what the editor would let you do: with design tools. You could also share your stories.
  7. As I brought up, what about a mission editor similar to ArmA III's, where you can create your own missions with waypoints, restrictions, goals, etc.
  8. So almost exactly like ArmA III's mission editor? You set objectives and going to each objective triggers the next one. Now that is just awesome, especially in a game like this. I would VERY highly suggest changing the title of this thread to "Mission Editor", it seems more accurate and would draw more attention to it.
  9. I was browsing through a thread and they were talking about breakable parts, and I thought, this would be cool. I forgot the name of this specifically, and I am almost 100% sure, that like everything in this discussion board, will never be implemented. How ever, it is fun to discuss some ideas that we can wish to be eventually true. I had some questions about this implementation: How would mods deal with it? How would it work? How would it affect game performance? And last but not least: Is it even physically possible?
  10. I don't know why SQUAD hasn't implemented this yet, it solves this issue for everyone!
  11. No, I use landers a lot, and we need the ability to categorize the way we want to, if you want to remove lander, go right ahead. If I want to add more categories, we can too. Now everyone's happy.
  12. I really hate when someone goes "well this mod covers it, so therefore leave and don't ask again"
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