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  1. I am using KCT with RO/RP0 and I have a query/minor frustration. Why is it that build time of a rocket is dependant on the VAB build upgrade level at the chosen launch site ? In reality rockets aren't built at the launch site but at a central facility, but KCT tracks the upgrade level of the VAB and SPH site by site. Is there a reason for this ? Am I missing a setting that could change this ? Am I generally just mistaken ? Thanks so much @magico13 for this mod which is easily the best campaign mod out there. When I get my finances under control I'm going to be hitting a few peoples' Patreon sites I know that !
  2. Realism Overhaul Discussion Thread

    @Aelfhe1m Thanks, that's really helpful. I wasn't wanting to get anything close to a circular orbit as I realise there's pretty big limitations in the technology, just wanted to try and utilise the dV a bit better.
  3. Realism Overhaul Discussion Thread

    I've been slogging through videos and articles trying to find what I'm doing wrong but not getting very far. I was wondering if someone here could give me a few pointers. Trying to get into orbit in RO/RP0. I've watched various tutorials and built what should be an orbit capable vehicle. 10,000+ DV. Playing with Test Flight I've got a first stage with an RD103 that burns for the rated time, a second stage AJ10 ditto, then six Baby Sergeants and finally a single BS. On a good day it will get into orbit but with a highly eccentric orbit - the Pe might be 150km if I'm lucky, but the Ap will be thousands of km. More often the Pe ends up at something like 135 km but with the Ap still way into the thousands. I just can't seem to get a more even orbit, the dv is clearly there but I can't come up with an ascent profile to do this. Can someone give me some quick hints ?
  4. No that's not it. Got a clean install of 1.1.3 now and installed again on that and it seems OK now, so something a bit messed up with my previous install. Didn't install the Taerobee mod initially and the Aerobee is there.
  5. Before I say anything I'd like to express my thanks to everyone who's worked on all the mods that make this such a great game, as a former programmer I know the kind of time and effort that goes into this stuff, and the frustrations with dealing with ungrateful end users. Now I hope I've hopefully established my credentials as a grateful end user ;-) I'm hoping someone can come up with a simple explanation of the problems I'm facing. I've got RP-0 running under 1.1.3 and 1.2.2 but things aren't quite right in either of them. In 1.2.2 the early engines don't seem to be present on the tech tree (e.g. the Aerobee), I've used the tree.cfg file posted by pap1723 above. Is this the issue of missing items on the tech tree that others have reported ? I've been using Ryan Caskey's RO debugging spreadsheet for mod info. In 1.1.3 things seem fine, however when I go to the tracking station no earth launch sites are shown, odd. They appear fine under 1.2.2. And a final question, I've been using CKAN to obtain mods where possible, is this OK for 1.1.3 ? I'm unsure of the behaviour of CKAN, are later mods backwardly compatible ? If not does CKAN obtain suitable earlier mods or should I seek them out by manually ?
  6. I love this mods, thanks so much. This has made my life much easier. When I tinker with craft I produce loads of craft files because I version them all and I end up with a huge long list in the standard interface. Tags really help. One thing I'd love to see is a reduction in height of the tiles in the load dialogue. When I open it on my PC I can only see five craft before having to scroll. But all the text is on the left hand side and there's a large blank area to the right. Could some of the lines of text be combined ? Could the name and vehicle data go on the same line ? Maybe put all the tags on the same line ?
  7. Blue Origin Thread (merged)

    I can think of a couple of reasons. Firstly those are big rockets, you'd need a lot of parachutes that could be an issue. Secondly I just don't think you'd be able to slow it down enough to avoid damage on hitting the ground. I guess you could use a drogue chute to get it pointed in the right direction but that doesn't seem to be one of their problems.
  8. PC Graphics Advice

    Thanks to you all for your advice. I've run a little test (albeit on an i7 processor) and the processor was running at 10% with a simple spaceship in orbit but Kerbin not in view (Four cores so I guess about 40% for single core use) When I shifted view so Kerbin came into sight, the timer turned yellow and the CPU usage dropped to 4-5% I'll get hold of a graphics card and see what changes this makes to the performance stats.
  9. PC Graphics Advice

    Thanks for the reply, very useful. I actually got the PC because I wanted to play KSP and my old PC needed replacing anyway. I'm in professional IT so I know a fair bit about PCs (or at the worst know people who do !) but I've little experience of graphics for gaming, but you've given me some useful pointers. A colleague has offered me a trial of a GTX 750 ti 2GB card, so I'll probably start with that to give me an idea. I've no objection to spending the money on a decent card if it's going to help, otherwise I'm just moving the bottleneck from one place to another.
  10. PC Graphics Advice

    I wonder if anyone could advise a relative KSP newbie on hardware ? I have the following PC spec. Intel Core i5-6400 2.GHz Socket 1151 6MB L3 Cache Processor Asus H170M-E D3 Socket 1151 VGA DVI-D HDMI 8-Channel HD Audio mATX Motherboard 8GB (2x4GB) 2400MHz DDR4 Non-ECC CL15 1.2V Currently I don't have a dedicated graphics card. The game seems to have been running fine, but I've noticed the time display at the top left turns from green to yellow and occasionally red. Am I right in thinking this is a sign that the computer is struggling ? This occurs when I have a ship in orbit with Kerbin below, but if I shift the view so Kerbin is not in view then it turns green. (Probably not helping that I am using EVE for clouds.) I'm thinking my lack of a video card is causing me issues rather than processor. So my question is what sort of card will be adequate ? I don't play any graphics intensive games other than KSP so I don't really want to sink money into a really good card. Can I get away with a 1GB DDR3 card ? Thanks very much.