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  1. Has there been some sort of change to solar panels recently ? Last year I built some early game space craft with solar panels that would keep them perpetually powered up if oriented correctly. I started a new game late last year and now these same craft slowly lose power (daytime exposure no longer offsets nighttime drain) and I don't understand why. I've had a look around and can't see any in game options to change this nor any notification of changes to the mods, or am I missing something obvious (again !). I've been patching the mods when updates have been made available.
  2. Is there any way to edit or modify subassemblies once you've created them ? I don't so much mean editing the craft files themselves, but editing or reorganising the entries in the subassemblies menu. I can neither find a mod or work out if there's any way to do it in game. I know you could edit the craft files directly but that's a bit of a drag.
  3. Ah, I WAS missing something. I never knew that option existed. Thanks so much. Looks like the wiki needs to be updated, because that option is unchecked at all difficulty levels but the wiki makes no mention of it an says that avionics stack.
  4. I'm on v1.11.2 and have a weird problem. My avionic units don't stack. e.g if I have a 2 ton upper stage and set the avionics to be able to control 2 ton, all is good. I add a decoupler and a 20 ton second stage. Now as far as I understand it I now have a 22 ton vehicle with 2 tons of avionics control, so if I set the second stage avionics to control 20 tons then I should be able to control the whole vehicle of 22 tons. But when I look at the RP1 avionics is says only 20 tons of avionics controls, it seems like only the largest unit counts. This seems weird, am I missing something, do I have a corrupt install ? Anyone got any ideas ? Thanks
  5. Ah, that explains why I couldn't work out where to find it. Thanks so much.
  6. Some time in the past I've had a mod installed that produced a nice summary of career progression in a CSV or possibly XLS file for my RP1 game. Can anyone tell me which mod it was that produced this, I'd be very grateful. Thanks. Image of Spreadsheet
  7. Sorry, I should have mentioned that. I'm running it with RP1 so using the RO Kerbalism Config.
  8. I've noticed that at the start of my settings.cfg file there's the line - "Reliability = false // component malfunctions and critical failures, missing configs and so disabled" I've got reliability set on in the settings so I'm guessing this is saying that something is conflicting with it and so it's set itself to off ? Anyone know how I can diagnose this ?
  9. Thanks for your reply but no, that doesn't help. I've tried various zooms in and out, even to the edge of the solar system and back and waiting but nothing changes.
  10. I've got a really annoying effect where the orbit lines of planets and craft show up through planets which makes it really hard to orient yourself in the tracking station. I've ported the game directory to different hardware and it makes no difference. I downloaded clean versions of 1.6.1 and 1.7.3 and loaded just RSS via CKAN and had exactly the same problem with no other mods installed. Am I missing some obvious setting ?
  11. I'm playing KSP v1.6.1 with RO and RP1 and I've got a really annoying effect where the orbit lines of planets and craft show up through planets which makes it really hard to orient yourself in the tracking station. I've ported the game directory to different hardware and it makes no difference. I can't deinstall any of the graphics mods as they're prerequisites for RO / RP1 and cause RO or RP1 deinstall via CKAN. Has anyone seen this effect before ? Am I missing something obvious ?
  12. Not a solution but if docking seems to cause the issue could you just rendezvous and EVA between the craft without docking and carry on that way ?
  13. Thanks for the reply. To be fair KSP reflects reality far better than the vast majority of games and many players want added complexity. Oh well, I appreciate there are far better and more productive uses for your valuable and much respected time inside and outside KSP.
  14. Feature Request A single build queue for use in games with multiple launch sites. I don't know how viable it would be to program or if there are architectural issues that preclude it, but the current set up within KCT does not reflect the way rockets are really built and deployed. In KCT you apply upgrade points to speed the building of vehicles. In games with multiple launch sites you can choose to either develop each one individually or have them all upgrade together. Neither option reflects how rockets are really built, they're not build at the launch site but at a central factory, then shipped to the site, readied for launch there and then launched. A more realistic option would be to have a single build queue. Roll out would then involve selecting the launch site at that point and perhaps varying the cost and time due to the logistics of shipping the rocket to different sites.
  15. Stock recovery simply tidies everything up, returns kerbals and science and gives you funds based on the vessel and how close you are to the KSC. KCT recovery recovers the vessel intact and adds it back to your list of ready ships (after a suitable time delay to allow for recovery) meaning you don't have to built a new one from scratch. I don't know about limitations in terms of distance etc, I've mostly used it from the Launchpad because I've suddenly realised something is wrong (wrong crew, missing equipment etc) just before I launch !
  16. Interesting. I'm playing in 1.4.5 and although KCT seems to work largely OK I am unable to use KCT to 'Recovery Active Vessel'. I get the error "There was an error while recovering the ship. Sometimes reloading a scene and trying again works. Sometimes a vessel just can't be recovered this way and you must use the stock recovery system' Can anyone else using KCT with 1.4.5 or above successfully use 'Recover Active Vessel' ?
  17. If you're a complete noob to the game you are certainly jumping into the deep end with RP0. If you're having trouble with some of the basics, science, staging etc I'd really recommend you look at some of the tutorials out there online. I'd recommend Scott Manley's intro to career mode as a great place to start with the game basics - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLYu7z3I8tdEkUeJRCh083UT-Lq5ZIKI75
  18. I can confirm that I see this too, however it seems that it is only the displayed price that is incorrect. If you build the rocket you are charged the correct amount. If you save and reload the rocket it displays the correct cost.
  19. I think I've found a way to do this - Build a rocket. Roll it out to the pad Click launch From the launch pad return to the space centre Go into the tracking station Click on the site you want to move the rocket to From the left hand list of vessels click your rocket and go to it Once at the launch pad open the KCT menu Click on VAB and then on 'recover active vessel' The rocket will be recovered to the currently active site instead of the original one Once recovered, roll out again and launch from the new site I've not done any testing on this beyond establishing that it's possible.
  20. It all available on CKAN for 1.2.2, simple as that.
  21. I've got a little niggle with this most excellent mod. Not really a problem but I thought I'd mention it to see if a. Anyone else has seen this and/or b. it's easy to fix. In a game, when I come back to the KSC screen I often want to look at the KCT dialogue window to find whats up next. OK fine, so I move the mouse to the toolbar to the KCT icon. The KCT window then appears. But sometimes it stays open when I move the mouse off the button (without having pressed it) sometimes it doesn't. If I click the button, in the former case the window closes, in the latter it stays open when I move the mouse off the button. The end result is at worst an extra mouse click and a passing moment of annoyance, so no big deal but I thought I'd mention it. I've seen it in multiple versions of KSP and the mod and multiple installations.
  22. Not sure if it's exactly what you are looking for but if you dig around the forums there should be some info on turning off or reducing the boil off from cryogenic fuels which would make things like hydrolox engines viable for long duration missions.
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