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  1. KSP simulates the DSN if you have it configured to have 3 base stations on Kerbin and have it fully upgraded. It gives LOS to any location in the solar system 99.9% of the time. There is no real need for relays in solar or Kerbin orbit. Relays are intended for remote locations to enable connection between Kerbin and for instance a rover that has only a small antenna. From the pov of technological development it does not make much sense to have bigger/more powerful antennas late in the techtree, because antennas are simple and making them bigger is also simple (similar for the unmentioned radio transmitters that are build into KSP's antennas).
  2. rkman

    Real World

    For it to be playable, details need to be reduced to KSP level which is quite low compared to just about any flightsim or satellite data. I don't think it would end up with more detail than current 'real solar system' mods that exist for KSP.
  3. rkman

    Kerbal Space Program 1.2.1 is live!

    Fairings are still getting stuck when staging.
  4. rkman

    [1.4.x] Real Battery v1.4.1

    Those links do not describe KSP batteries. I also won't go down that road but you are incorrect. High charge rates and low storage capacity are not what distinguish capacitors from batteries, it is the discharge behavior of the two that is fundamentally different.
  5. rkman

    [1.4.x] Real Battery v1.4.1

    I agree that Squad batteries are somewhat unrealistic in several ways (though it doesn't really bother me), but they do not have the typical characteristics of a capacitor: The characteristic behavior of a capacitor is that it reduces output voltage and output current down to zero as the capacitor discharges, usually quite quickly. It does not maintain output power at all, which makes a capacitor pretty useless as a battery (though tricks with additional electronics can make it behave more like a battery). A battery however both irl and in KSP, maintains output voltage and output current pretty well during discharge. Arguably KSP batteries maintain output power to well - but that only makes them less capacitor-like. Good luck with creating this mod anyway.
  6. rkman

    Nyan Cat on KSP

    You don't know that not everyone is a coder?
  7. rkman

    Nyan Cat on KSP

    Does not exactly apply to this thread, does it.
  8. rkman

    Nyan Cat on KSP

    What does it mean when people think asking a question = flipping out?
  9. I agree that being unable to save is worse than what we have on PC, but for me because of the many issues that the game has, playing it started to become annoying to the point where i figured it would be better for me to wait until it is fixed.
  10. How does paying less while the game was officially not finished mean you have less of a right to complain that post-1.0 it's still not finished? You were promised the same game that people bought after the 1.0 release so you have the exact same rights. I'd say the garbage collection issue is pretty big (and still not quite resolved).
  11. rkman

    KSP Weekly: The new Devnotes

    Already had a rocket explode due to stock fairings getting stuck while staging, so i'm waiting for 1.2.1, and then for the Stock Bug Fix Modules to get updated.
  12. rkman

    The Rainbow Cat

    Circumstances being that KSP needs mods and most mods need MM. Everyone knows that, so why do i even bother telling you?
  13. rkman

    The Rainbow Cat

    There are far less obscure ways of making that clear, without predictably causing many forum threads about it.
  14. It's basically the mod author saying "i have the power to inconvenience you my either defacing the KSP loading screen, or not using this essential mod, and for some reason i need to demonstrate that power". It's extremely childish.
  15. Either that, or the game was in effect released with placeholder assets.