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    2 lab in same station

    That is too sad......
  2. The wiki said 2 lab in same vessel will not work as expected in 1.02. But what if in 1.05? Any one know? I just have too many data to store!!!
  3. Though I am just a new guy here, (with only 200hours gameplay)I think there is still great potential here, and KSP could be push even further. I just tried KAS+KIS. It allows me to tweak my station in the orbit like NASA. So I guess give Jeb, Bill and Bob more capability is possible. As for now, I can just control them one by one, quite annoying. what if I can give them orders? AND maybe even multiplayer? Imagine this: I want to upgrade my station around kerbin, need help. So I send a quest to KSC with my plan. Then a contract is created with deadline for other players. Once accepted, he will replace one of my engineer on board and help me do it.
  4. cmdr woosy

    [1.1.2] Kerbal Inventory System (KIS) 1.2.12

    What a miracle! I can upgrade my solar panels of my station! Awesome! But I find it quite tricky, hard to keep steady when installing part. So maybe there could be a magnetic shoes and security cable for eva? And is there any way I can attach parts like at VAB(with mirror and position alignment). I know nothing about coding, but I have some ideas. If there is a grid shown for surface attached parts, I can make them symmetrical like VAB. As eva just able to put one by one, when trying to attach one more of a kind(like solar panel), I hope the others could be high-lighted, and auto align to possible symmetrical position when I move near.
  5. I start my career with only FAR installed. Every time I try to pitch("w"or"s"), its a gambling. The vessel reacts randomly, unpredictable. Sometimes no mattter W or S, it just pitch up. I screw a lot of missions. So I guess its JB's fault. But I even get the same problem with MJ!!! Help!! The problem even exist in scenarios!!!