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  1. Hi, I'm having trouble undocking two Nasa Docking System. There's no undock button. I'm using KSP 1.2.1 and last base version.
  2. @SobolOk thanks, I will try. Last thing: why didn't you put the compatible version in the title? It seems that it's updated until 1.1.2 and not 1.1.3. Actually if I had known, there wouldn't be this long discussion.
  3. Are you saying that the problem is not RO but the outdated craft files? EDIT: They are dated 17/05/2016
  4. @Sobol Ok, but I'm still concerned about RO and craft files. Why aren't compatible? Building one by myself it seems a little bit difficult. Also when I build one I'm not saving it as a craft file? So isn't easy to share them?
  5. @Sobol Yes, i'm using craft files. But does this mod require RO? Can I play this with RSS only?
  6. Yes, I'm using RO-conifg. I noticed that LqdOxygen is draining fast. Also there is Oxidizer and Liquid fuel that aren't used.
  7. Yes, tried both stock and with RO, 1.2 and 1.1.3 but nothing..
  8. Hey, I'm having trouble getting to orbit. It's like there is not much fuel. PS:I'm playing with Real Solar Systrem.
  9. I wanted to share this. As you can see once the mountains exceed the horizon they become white. Is this supposed to be normal?
  10. The last update was meant to be a CKAN friendly fix. But I still see the 1.1.21 on it.
  11. With the last scatterer release the configs from both mods don't work anymore.
  12. Ah, of course! Somehow I forgot Duna atmosphere..
  13. Hmm, and what about Orbit-to-surface? I mean, somehow it has to land.