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  1. I did just that with the principia mod installed but it didn't work cuz it didn't want to overwrite the default principia orbit configurations what should i do?
  2. I can't seem to find it anywhere in the folder, does it i have to write the config manually? If so, should i write something after the colon in "principia_gravity_model:"? Where do I need to place it, what should I name it, do i have to fill in other things such as gravity parameter and mean radius which is irrelevant for things i want to edit? That page doesn't answer any of those questions at all.
  3. "somewhere" where specifically should I place the config and what shold i name it if it's for several objects?
  4. I want to tilt kerbin's orbit and som other bodies' orbits but if i edit kerbin's orbit will it break the game?
  5. Nothing major here, but what bothers me is that scatterer makes the skybox visible only outside of the atmosphere, even at night. Can this be "fixed" by making the atmosphere more transparent to the skybox?
  6. I'm using 1.6.1, which versions of FAR or B9 procedural wings should i use then? I've installed both of those mods clearly stating that the version is compatible with 1.6.1, so i don't see the problem
  7. I don't exactly know why, but no matter what shape i tweak the wings, they seem to only generate minimal thrust, rendering the plane not maneuverable at all, it can for example have an angle of attack of 50 degrees or more at over 200 m/s, but the navball prograde marker only turns at like 2 deg/s. I try to make the exact same plane with the same wing shape, except this time, the wing is made of stock parts, and it works perfectly fine. Anyone who can explain why? I also have FAR btw
  8. But we will have to get his permission before that "someone" takes over, doesn't it? Let's just hope he'll come back asap either way.
  9. Hello? No replies? I'm using BDAc 1.2.1 in KSP 1.4.2. I deleted extension and the nukes still has a blast radius of only 50 m. @harpwner
  10. Is it only me or is it that if I download weapons extension, every nuke in this mod loses its power?
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