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  1. Does this work in 1.6.1?
  2. But we will have to get his permission before that "someone" takes over, doesn't it? Let's just hope he'll come back asap either way.
  3. hanhan658

    [1.6.1] Kerbal Field Weapon Pack V2.2 [KBF] [2019.3.22]

    Does this mod have nukes?
  4. Hello? No replies? I'm using BDAc 1.2.1 in KSP 1.4.2. I deleted extension and the nukes still has a blast radius of only 50 m. @harpwner
  5. Is it only me or is it that if I download weapons extension, every nuke in this mod loses its power?
  6. hanhan658

    [1.6.0] Extrasolar v1.8.0 [12/21/18]

    https://imgur.com/DEkucr3 https://imgur.com/zVBbTNB https://imgur.com/91znvTO Yeah, the pictures above basically explains the issue. And by the way, scatterer and sunflare is working fine in the stock system, and no, nothing is installed from CKAN.
  7. I have disabled commnet but it's still persisting. What to do?
  8. hanhan658

    [1.5.1, 1.4.5, 1.3.1] RemoteTech v1.9.0 [2018-10-29]

    I tried to make a comsat network but none of the dishes are working, even if activated. If the rocket gets out of the 15km range, all signal cuts out. Only the short range (communotrons) are working. But these doesn't have a significant range.
  9. hanhan658

    [1.5.1] Kerbal Star Systems [v0.8.2] August 18, 2018

    When is this mod going to be updated?
  10. This mod has to have the option to take off eva suit in oxygen atmosphere. What's the point of running out of oxygen while eva in an oxygen atmosphere?
  11. I can't download this from CKAN. Am I not supposed to?
  12. I've scrolled through the whole KSP forum and haven't found a single topic mentioning how we can improve the planets without surface. My idea is: assuming a spaceship can tolerate everything including infinite temperature, pressure, g-forces etc. Jool, for example, can look like some sort of an ocean planet, which gas giants actually are in real life (except that the ocean is made of hydrogen); smooth looking from space, maybe a bit hydrogen color ish (whatever the color of hydrogen is). Then the clouds can be added by for example a VE mod of some sort to make it look like a typical good'ol gas giant. If landing a ship on it, the temperature of the "ocean" surface may be 100 - 200 degrees due to hydrogen greenhouse effect, the ship quickly sinks till the density of the ocean is so great the ship stops sinking. In the case of The Sun, same, the photosphere can be an intensely white glowing "ocean" of much lower density, the ship may sink tens to hundreds of thousands of kilometers before stopping (unless you have some real good floating mechanism). Sunspots can be where the ocean is still intensely white glowing, except that it's glowing thousands of times less than the surroundings. An intensely red atmosphere (the chromosphere) can be placed right above the photosphere. Oh nevermind the things above is just as impossible as it could be LOL. (But that's only an idea)
  13. hanhan658

    [1.6.0] Extrasolar v1.8.0 [12/21/18]

    I know, but i don't know how I should post it here.