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  1. is it possible to launch this old version on 1.2 somehow ?
  2. thnx for knowledge it was real mystery for me
  3. I believe but theoretically speaking if all files will be created on greyscale, cards, screen projections. that will give something better that the same colored video card? I found something they using it for medical proposes x-ray's but that's definitely not for gaming
  4. tnx that makes sense, nothing specific. I just always wondered that I can cheap and good boost video card by greyscaling output but if u right only way to do it to buy video card created to work on greyscale.
  5. Is it possible to increase video card performance by removing color ? I mean making it only black white? I tried to look in google but there is nothing about it.
  6. It's strange, but nobody seems to know that app. No youtube "ad's" No course "ad's" completely clear websites Chrome: Mozilla: opera: Enjoy !
  7. @KasperVld Can I ask why mentioning that at the end of their site? "Fun fact: Squad keeps the numbers secret, but as of April 2015 the estimated copies sold of KSP on Steam were about a million. " it looks really offence.
  8. ops. I checked again all is ok, I really sorry.
  9. comments are disappearing strange... with all respect, but I loosing the trust.
  10. well as we can see more money to the squad in this situation is not giving too much to benefit to as. they are not hiring more "full time" developers. of course if they do then multiplayer good to go. because it will not affect the actual gameplay and time appointed to it.
  11. I don't like the multiplayer idea too, I like solo play. co-op maybe. but again if they do any of them, they will need to support the idea all time and that mean less time to actual game. the game itself don't really have an entity to make a fun multiplayer. I like ksp as space/since game not some kind of multi/jet fighter bu****it
  12. I don't think they do this coz then they will have to susport that mods. Or pay they orginal autors to provide active susport Grab the paper and go to wiki, learn the delta v formula.