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  1. Not sure i don't really check the settings, but probably.
  2. I Don't know what you mean, you can simply get out and go up next to the asteroid (w/ a kerbal) and right click and it says "sample" or something and you can just go into your command pod and it adds it.
  3. I've finished putting the pictures up on Imgur here is the link http://imgur.com/a/umNEl gotta go for art class. Also what do you mean by "WHAT!?"
  4. Jesus... that's pretty close to the actual shuttle
  5. I've finished the EM-2 mission! i got a sample from the asteroid and returned, all kerbals have survived. Video & Pictures coming soon... most likely tommorow because it's like 10:19 PM
  6. My favourite part was the explosions
  7. I Remember i saw a kerbal named "Kerbal Kerman"
  8. Yes i put a thing up without the HUD to show it was unmanned and yes it did get into orbit.
  9. I've finished the EM-1 i will do the EM-2 soon here is the pictures/imgur link http://imgur.com/a/JQEfO
  10. I've actually worked on an Ares replica & Orion Replica complete with staged parachutes!
  11. Nope Delta II
  12. So recently i decided to re-create the DAWN mission see for yourself http://imgur.com/a/rqg1e
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