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  1. Quick question(s): Is there a complete tutorial on youtub for Mechjeb? If so, I think it would help answer his question.
  2. My first time docking was a nightmare. I pulled out my hair by the handfuls and could gnaw on a ten-penny nail into thumb tacks. I had put a contract station into LKO with science lab and room for 5 Kerbals. I wanted it to be a refueling station ... so I had the large orange tank and a mono that fit it as well. Then I accepted a contract to add to my station. Another science lab and make station have room for 15. I had done several rescue missions and thought I could get the job done. Boy did I fool myself. Yes I was born on April 1st to boot. Just turned 50 btw. But I had used all my liquid fuel and oxidizer making a close encounter. I had only mono to slow my craft down then to speed back up. took me 3hrs to get close. Ran out of mono when I was 70m away. I drifted in and docked. Surprised myself. Did not dock a the port I wanted and ended up destroying a set of solar panels. Was relieve but miffed. I left it like that.
  3. Unfortunately the military has almost always brought about advances in civilian's every day life. If not for the interest, we most likely would be getting around on bicycle parts propelled planes. Can you imagine flying from New York to London on that? The peddle lag? Forget about carry-ons. Tbone has some skills, that is for certain. Good Job by the way.
  4. I want to make a movie. But, before you holler that this is the wrong thread, let me explain. I want to use stock scenes and parts and Kerbals using Unity 5.3.3. so I can puppeteer. I'm not sure how to access those files. And after seeing some of the mods, I think I would like to add some enhanced scenes, such as skyboxs and terrains. SO, now the real reason I'm here. If, you care to help, I am looking for people to create scenes and Kerbals. Kerbals: Male and female: street clothes: work clothes ( security, wait staff, office, lab techs): Kerbals must have pivot points at neck, shoulders, elbows, knees and waist. Faces: eyes and mouth must be adjustable. Scenes: School room with student desks and real chairs. News room for 2 TV anchors (KNN - Kerbal News Network or KAN - Kerbal Actin News something catchy). Mission control room. Communication room, Conference room, House living room and kitchen x 3 maybe more, Restaurant, (Recreate a section of the outside of VAB, R&D and Mission control (unless I can figure out how to load From KSP)), graveyard. may add more if you folks have a idea for a scene. Deep space station interior, planet or moon base interior, surface of a planet or moon next to an easter egg from outer ring. if you have ever watched this: then you have an idea of what I am trying to do. SO? Are you interested in helping?
  5. For a moment there I thought I was reading one of the American's Republican debate transcripts. jk. I for one will most likely use this to find my Kerbalnauts. Just because the map view will not tell me which hitchhikers can their in. I do not believe that this took much time to work on. Seems to work like the service can and fairings in the VAB. But, what do I know, lol I'm just a newb.
  6. Thank you Temeter. I'll go have a look see at the Kerbal Joint Reinforcement mod.
  7. Hi all. Just a quick question. Maybe have been answered already but I 've not seen it or not understood the answer. Will the new update fix the maneuver node jumping? The one caused by the system trying to track all the parts of a ship on their own orbital path.
  8. Thank you for the warm welcome Starhawk
  9. Hello all, I have been playing KSP for over 200+ hrs. Almost all of that has been spent learning how not to build things. So, I came here in search of some how-to guides. The ones that I have found seem to be for vrs. .23 or .90 and I have the current 1.0.5. I know that 1.1 is coming out sometime this year but I really would like to start getting someplace in the game. My problems arise mostly from trying to put outposts, with wheels, into orbit. Well, for that matter, anything that is bulky and a bit lopsided. I have thought about trying to use more Aspperagus? staging and maybe will have to build my bases in orbit or while landed at site. it I do that I realize that I need a rover type of deal to move parts around. I can not seem to figure out how to build one. The ones I have made seem to fall apart the moment I test them on Kerbal. Kerplow and Kerblewie or kerplunk they all go. Also, question if the various docking ports will attach to one of another size? Any help pointing me in the right direction will help. Thank you. And for the Devs. Thank you for a great game.