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  1. @Nertea #LOC_CryoTanks_ModuleCryoTank_Action_DisableAction - Disable Cooling
  2. So I'm having an issue where Janitor Closet loses the mouse-over Mod-label in the part list (in the editor). The only possible cause I can come up with is alt-tabbing. Strange bug report I know...
  3. @Nertea Is the PTD-C 'Porthole' Observation Window supposed to have a ModuleCommand? It's in the Utility category. Also, any chance on being able to switch the 'top' mount on it (by the windows) - you can change the color of the bottom mount but the window frame area stays the same color. (same with the airlocks maybe)?
  4. @steedcrugeon Should be Pico_000 not SHED_000 ??? title = #autoLOC_Pico_003 manufacturer = #autoLOC_SHED_000 description = #autoLOC_Pico_004 #autoLOC_Pico_000 = PicoPort Docking Ports --EDIT-- @linuxgurugamer With regards to Picoport4AllSizes - the TechRequired is too early in the tree, unless intentional? Clamp-O-Tron Docking Port (TechRequired = specializedConstruction) Clamp-O-Tron Docking Port 'Basic' (TechRequired = advConstruction) Clamp-O-Tron Docking Port Sr. (TechRequired = metaMaterials) Clamp-O-Tron Docking Port Sr. 'Basic' (TechRequired = composites)
  5. I just liked the idea of having a more generic module that the user could add via MM to specific parts that might be more tailored to their individual play style or to unique parts (e.g. all drogue chutes, but not all chutes), without having to create a whole new module for each new case. Or I guess that's what actions groups are for lol. This whole thing may have been one of those ideas that sounds better when you're half asleep than not. Keep in mind ModuleAnimateGeneric can also be used for Antenna, Lights, Cargobays. Closing all my cargo bays and turning off all my RemoteTech antenna at the same time sounds like a quick way to end a mission fast Probably better to go for less modules included than more - more people probably need this for the 50+ solar panels than the handful of ISRU/Drills. And keeping it included in non-deployable solar panels is probably a good idea, since they're probably the most readily accessible to click. @5thHorseman @linuxgurugamer --EDIT-- I checked the ScienceLab patch. Results Adding "AYA_Science" to the ScienceLab let me "Perform All" the science experiments. Adding "AYA_ScienceBox" to the ScienceLab allowed me to "Reset All Science" but not "Collect All Science" (it's the whole "canBeTransferredToInVessel" which the ScienceLab's ModuleScienceContainer lacks"). Still, since the ScienceLab has "canResetConnectedModules" & "canResetNearbyModules" the "Reset All Science" is a nice addition.
  6. Oh, I assumed that the Mk1 pod was supposed to be a stock stand in if there wasn't an Mk2 analog. Feel free to ignore it. The MakingHistory pods are (their part names anyway): - kv1Pod (aka KV-1 'Onion' Reentry Module) - kv2Pod (aka KV-2 'Pea' Reentry Module) - kv3Pod(aka KV-3 'Pomegranate' Reentry Module) - Mk2Pod (aka Mk2 Command Pod) - MEMLander (aka Munar Excursion Module (M.E.M.)) Three on the left don't have RX wheels, but have Abalator, an integrated decoupler and seat 1, 2, 3 kerbals respectively. The Mk2 and MEM both seat 2.
  7. @micha Support for Mk2 Pod from StockExpansion? // Mk2 Command Pod @PART[Mk2Pod]:NEEDS[SquadExpansion]:FOR[OrbitalMaterialScience] { MODULE { name = Kemini_Module abbreviation = Kemini Science Experiment minimumCrew = 1 NE_LabEquipmentSlot { type = KEMINI } } MODULE { name = ExperimentStorage identifier = Kemini 1 chanceTexture = false type = KEMINI } MODULE { name = ExperimentStorage identifier = Kemini 2 chanceTexture = false type = KEMINI } } @PART[mk1pod]:HAS[@MODULE[Kemini_Module]]:NEEDS[SquadExpansion]:AFTER[OrbitalMaterialScience] { !MODULE[Kemini_Module] {} !MODULE[ExperimentStorage],* {} } // ------------------------------- // ------------------------------- // Mk1 Command Pod @PART[mk1pod]:NEEDS[!SquadExpansion]:FOR[OrbitalMaterialScience] { MODULE { name = Kemini_Module abbreviation = Kemini Science Experiment minimumCrew = 1 NE_LabEquipmentSlot { type = KEMINI } } MODULE { name = ExperimentStorage identifier = Kemini 1 chanceTexture = false type = KEMINI } MODULE { name = ExperimentStorage identifier = Kemini 2 chanceTexture = false type = KEMINI } }
  8. It works, thanks. I submitted a PR with a few suggestions, patches, mod support, etc. Stuff here RCS? DockingPorts? ISRU Multiple AYA modules per part? Deployable radiators have both ModuleDeployableRadiator and ModuleActiveRadiator Cargobay? ModuleAnimateGeneric vs ModuleCargoBay vs ModuleProceduralFairing RemoteTech uses ModuleAnimateGeneric instead of ModuleDeployableAntenna Do I make a patch assigning it AYA_CargoBay instead of AYA_Antenna? CommandModules have a ModuleScienceExperiment and a ModuleScienceContainer maybe use !MODULE[ModuleCommand] instead of :HAS[#canBeTransferredToInVessel[True]] Currently doesn't cover the ScienceLab AYA_Generic - a blank module that just deploys whatever it's attatched to ScienceLabs DockingPorts RCS ISRU @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleDeployableSolarPanel]:HAS[#animationName[*]],!MODULE[AYA_Solar]]:FOR[AllYAll] { MODULE { name = AYA_Solar } } How does the titling work? If I change AYA_SAS to AYA_RW will it say "Activate all RW" instead of "Activate all SAS" or is there more to this module? @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleAnimateGeneric],!MODULE[AYA_*]]:FOR[zzzAllYAll] { MODULE { name = AYA_Generic } } @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[*]:HAS[#actionGUIName[*]],!MODULE[AYA_*]]:FOR[zzzAllYAll] { MODULE { name = AYA_Generic } }
  9. oooh. Didn't know that. Sorry. Guess I'll just keep taking contracts from you in the mean time boss...
  10. @JoE Smash The CKAN listing is just the Agency: "Eskandare Heavy Industries" - it's just a config it hand out contracts. There aren't any parts included in it. The last version on Spacedock (here) was for 1.1.2 - I tried the Firewhirl and it seemed to work fine. Porkworks has an Atomic Turbojet, and I think the Mk2/Mk3 expansions have some as well.
  11. @linuxgurugamer @Apaseall It's a patch from CryoTanks (by Nertea). Found in: Kerbal Space Program\GameData\CryoTanks\Patches\ CryoTanksFuelTankSwitcher.cfg It requires that you have B9PartSwitch, as well as likely the SimpleBoilOff plugin that comes with the CryoTanks install (as does B9PartSwitch).
  12. A few things: 1) I don't think that this mod respects/recognizes "command/control" lock outs (i.e. RemoteTech)... 2) You can hide "unactionable parts" which usually means fuel tanks (I think), but I have TankLock installed, so thus, no long unactionable (as I can set that to an action group). Also, setting FuelFlow priority isn't recognized either (maybe that's an "advanced tweakable" ?) Cheers.
  13. Yeah, I had a dream last night about rescuing Matt Damon from Mars, so I took it as a sign to play some KSP. Bit strange though, since I've never even seen The Martian... Craft
  14. Problemo: So I can shut down all engines, but the "activate all engines in current stage" doesn't seem to work. Activating/deactivating the engine normally works fine. Craft is just a short hopper, only engine is a 909. No errors in log. Also, does this mod respect RemoteTech? I'm in a crewed capsule, but it doesn't have connection at the moment. Otherwise, I'm really liking the mod - its usage with the Science Container is great - I had previously be making action groups to Perform All, Collect All, and Reset All, which was a hassle. Ideas - Parachutes? Decouplers? Not sure if they're the greatest ideas, but it could be useful for a lazy man's "Abort" but I'd understand it if it was a bit far afield. Maybe to be implemented like the engines "activate all x in current stage" - but then I suppose you could just stage them instead... EDIT Also - "Deactivate all SAS" = "Deactivate all RW" ...