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  1. Agree with posts above, it would be great to have "kopernicus lite" just for rescale and don't wait so long for update.
  2. Hi! Can you make onDemandUnloadDelay as parameter in .cfg file? I have an issue with Kopernicus and KSPRC, when i move camera, Kopernicus OD allocates and destroys textures every ~10 seconds and this causes huge performance drops. It is about 60Mb of memory.
  3. Hi, @ShotgunNinja. I have two issues: First, Station Science contracts (plant growth in space, for example) does not work with Kerbalism science system, but works when i disable it: 1. Dock experiment module to station, start research in lab, eurekas will start to grow. 2. When research is finished, push "Finalize Results" button in module. In stock experiment should stay in module, with Kerbalism it is moved to probe or command module. 3. Return experiment module with result in probe to Kerbin. In stock contract is counted, with Kerbalism it is not. Seems problem is in experiment dialog window. Second, Kerbals on low orbit (station) die during timewarp with another active vessel. It happens only when station is in shadow when timewarp starts. Maybe it is possible to replace dynamic electric charge calculation to constant one, which happens only one time when vessel stops acceleration? Details: 9000 EC on station, consumption is about 1000 EC per shadow time, EC restores during light time completely. On 1000x timewarp everything is fine, on 10000x kerbals die. Thanks for your work!
  4. @ShotgunNinja Hi, is there any way to increase antennas range? I am playing with rescaled system (4x), and antennas range is too short. Maybe it is possible to apply antennas range multiplier from game settings?
  5. @ShotgunNinja Do you replace science lab module? I have an issue with non-default space station contract, it does not count default science lab as laboratory. From contract pack configuration: PARAMETER:NEEDS[!StationScience] { name = ScienceLab type = PartValidation title = Have a Science Lab on board hideChildren = true // The name of the part to check for. Optional. partModule = ModuleScienceLab }
  6. It should not. HG antennas are for direct connection with KSC only. You need low gain antenna for relaying. Not agree. I like when data from Minmus transmits for a few days. And it would be great to transmit data from Jool for a month and more.
  7. 1. NVidia rendering issue is solved for my 560ti, thanks. Looks awesome. 2. Issue with impact data collection, see image. There are exceptions when I try to collect or transmit it. Update: Ups, it is not stock feature, but from KSPI-E. I thought it is. 3. "spurious signal warning messages on scene change" issue is not fixed completely. I had: 1-st vessel with HG and LG antennas (relay is enabled) on high Mun orbit, second vessel with LG antenna on low orbit with valid relayed connection to KSC (yellow). And there was messages about "connection lost" every scene's change. P.S. Thanks for your work!
  8. Minor usability issue (i guess). Start new game. Open Tracking Station, close planet dialog from Kerbalism (window where I can enable and disable radiation belts rendering). So, how can I open it again?
  9. Connections is visible in Space Center view.
  10. Issue is with Kerbalism and Chatterer. When Kerbalism transmits data in background (on current or another craft), modem-style sound from Chatterer playing continuously all time.
  11. No, this is not. It is a brilliant idea, I think not only me use Kerbalism not only for challenge, but also for roleplaying.
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