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  1. i dint know where to put this so i put typed it here,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, first off i just want to say R and D mod is amazing mod,, theres an engine in the game ive loved for years its the NV-GL now R and D will let me upgrade it but i cant scale it ,,, is ther any way you can add in R and D to add option (enlarge part) by 1, maybe not change stats but just to enlarge it
  2. thats my problum, i would love to have a user interface , like a tablet that helps balance ------> ///system heat ////wasteheat/////coreheat////thermalheat whatever heat it will help balace and convert or even trancmit but that being said its prim foctions are to manage heat and power , secendery foctions would be like atmo harvisting antimatter harvieting oh and shipbuilding mosly making probe surfce scanersas you genarate scince the systum is generating knowedge for your to function alittle better and better and as it learns this it will inprove in foction power syply and in in as a joke the system will make mistakes and will have to rebout and in that mistake nothin mayjor might of turn on lights or shut off an isru this is a 400 plus part /exploration/shipbuilder/harvsiter sciene lab expariments and it will need a computercorebuildin body of the ship and will need supercoolet fuel new fule modfor only the core to cool fisrt gen dell cpu's LOL and as it learnsn it self upgrades to 2 gen and so on and you get pick the cpu's and mybe for later on ideas cores can talk to eachother in ther own code and learn off each other so beckle in cuz you and your core are going on a jurney LOL whatever oh and if you pull the core out to put it in an other ship it will lose mybe more then what its lernt and degrde a few gens and as a joke put on the core in big red caps LAUGHING AT CORE AFTER MAKEING A MISTAKE COULD MAKE YOUR SHIP EXPLODE just kidding i never made a mod, and this will take me forever to make sooo if anyones up for the task on making this leave me message i got 64 mods and i use them all and after this task is cumplete not only you have a new friend ill even toss a donation for your hardwork godbless you all have a great day i got more testing to so back in the vab
  3. i would like to make a all purpose generator that ataches to your ship and pulls in any form of heat then converts it to elelictric and or megajoles and have the option to turn those off and on of your chooin purpos it to lower partcount thats all
  4. t-v i understand what your sayin ok now try to look at this in a diffrent view, part count pc performence, and how we all know how this game just loves to eat up all your goddam ram, then craps out memory leak thats my reason and im pretty sure thats his reason so please go a little easy on the cheat thing,,, good day to you [snip] i thought the topic was automated with ship parts omg NVM mybad
  5. im thinking one interface !!!!!!!!! not with every screen its anoolying 2 options automated or manul to ship systum parts in manul you set it , and forget it, in automated you tell it not to go anyhighter then the number you requested or lower try to stay around ,,,whatever for power ,,,,, exe keep power at 70% but if falls below its say 49% reactor picks up or automaticly shuts down secendery functions like ISRU and use back up Batteris but you have to tell it to doo these things in advance,,, you just have to make sure it see the part and unstandes it ,,,,, i hope this made sence and im so sorry about my spelling
  6. why hasint none tweak scaled motors servos and so on
  7. and i need a genertor witch conect to ship body or the frame and obzborbs ALLLLLLL heat and converts to ele and megajols, will help with partcount and pc performents and must tweakscale,,, i love you all:D sorry for my speeling
  8. i got an idea, how about cooling tanks that cool the system and you have a pump to pump fluid thro the loops and the more parts added to a loop drains that cooling tanks faster and loop,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and have this on one nice big interface annnnnnnndd how about a ship multyinterface like a big tablet for each ship,,,,, i like the whole loop cooling idea and i like being in full lovely personrol of my ship, but when you have a 350 part vessel no way take me hours , or you can add a type of system/heat/monitor/automated that will take the most heated loop and add it to an other loop thats the coldest and farthest away and temps you set ,, it just follows, just some small ideas
  9. i need this to convert wastheat to eletric on/off switch , convert coreheat to eletric on/off switch ,,,,tweakscale reallysmall to really huge,,, im making this for me and for those who dont want a crazy part count
  10. // Special // Contains any special functionality for this part /+ // Generator // Power generation MODULE { name = ModuleGenerator isAlwaysActive = true OUTPUT_RESOURCE { name = ElectricCharge rate = 100 DumpExcess = false FlowMode = STAGE_PRIORITY_FLOW } } // Heat // Heat generation MODULE { name = ModuleCoreHeat CoreTempGoal = 350 //Internal temp goal - we don't transfer till we hit this point CoreToPartRatio = 0.1 //Scale back cooling if the part is this % of core temp CoreTempGoalAdjustment = 0 //Dynamic goal adjustment CoreEnergyMultiplier = 0.01 //What percentage of our core energy do we transfer to the part HeatRadiantMultiplier = 0.01 //If the core is hotter, how much heat radiates? CoolingRadiantMultiplier = 0 //If the core is colder, how much radiates? HeatTransferMultiplier = 0 //If the part is hotter, how much heat transfers in? CoolantTransferMultiplier = 0 //If the part is colder, how much of our energy can we transfer? radiatorCoolingFactor = 0 //How much energy we pull from core with an active radiator? >= 1 radiatorHeatingFactor = 0 //How much energy we push to the active radiator MaxCalculationWarp = 1000 //Based on how dramatic the changes are, this is the max rate of change CoreShutdownTemp = 10000 //At what core temperature do we shut down all generators on this part? MaxCoolant = 0 //Maximum amount of radiator capacity we can consume - 2500 = 1 small PassiveEnergy { key = 0 25000 key = 200 10000 key = 250 50 key = 300 25 key = 350 0 } }
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