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  1. ooooook the crp update is the fixxer it got everything going so big thax and fly safe
  2. ok i use thermul nozzel witrh salt reactor with thermul genorater ,,,got thrust sorry for the bad spelling i think that update thing thing worked coz now everything is working thax a mill
  3. i understand but its everything in the intersteller exstended, but stock parts work fine oh and i tried it in space and still nothin
  4. so is ther somthing i can press to enable it ???
  5. i dont know if its me, but im getting no thrust on anything but stock parts,i get super high impuse but zero thrust
  6. is fuel switch updated to 1.3 ??
  7. in curse it says v 24
  8. you can turn it into hydrogen for fueling a rocket engine, take the round silver isru refrigerator
  9. thax , still learning

    1. Vanamonde


      No problem. :)

  10. can this be posible to have more then one generater atached and to join on the sides or doing like this ?? it also looks good to
  11. can this be posible, maybe, adding more then one generator to a big reactor ??? looks good eh
  12. i enjoy the update rate, shows dedication, besides who likes waitting for updates????? i sure dont, Mr Freethinker keep doing what your doing please, your doing a great job.