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  1. I docked a fuel carrier to an oil tanker. Or shall we say "aircraft" carrier?
  2. Obvious solution: ISS - just a few km away for most of the users. You just need to hop on, when it's directly overhead. Another advantage: You'll learn docking on your way
  3. Tested an aircraft that uses two air intakes to feed four rapiers. At a speed if 1400-1500m/s I turned the plane and lost two engines and one wing due to aerodynamic forces. Used 'keep retrograde' and the remaining two rapiers to land the aircraft space x style in the water. No casualties.
  4. For short term peaks, that might be the case, however, I suspect thermal throttling might start at 90C so I wouldn't recommend that temperature for any extended periods of time. My CPU has a specified maximum safe operation temperature of 72.72C, so I want to stay below that, as exceeding that temperature might cause slow but continuous degradation of your CPU and its circuity. Then add some margin for hot days and high load and you end up with round about 60-65C...
  5. Designed a vessel to go to Eve and Gilly. Was carrying two landers. One with parachutes and a heat shield and one with landing legs. So I thought. I actually sent one with parachutes and one with a heat shield. Landing on Eve without heat shield took a lot of trial and error.... Landing on Gilly with a heat shield felt somehow idiotic...
  6. Misused KSP as a CPU/GPU temperature benchmark today. I guess 58C under load is not that bad, considering an Intel stock heat sink....
  7. I assume you do mean EVE when writing "Environment Enhancement". Not sure though, if you are talking about the mod "Scatterer" which adds realistic atmospheric scattering to KSP or if you're talking about the terrain scatter slider which adds rocks and trees (in the settings menu). First, I know there are different files to download, depending on whether you use EVE alone or EVE in combination with SVE or similar mods. That might cause some issues, though not sure on that one. The EVE page states that it might create issues when using the EVE config files with another EVE based mod using different config make sure to download the correct files. Are you sure all mods are combinable? Sometimes multiple mods cause weird stuff... Then, you could always remove one mod at a time and see if that solves the issue at some point (if yes, then you most likely found the mod that caused the trouble) Finally, SVE, EVE and scatterer have "some" impact on your system performance (depending on the system you use) - are you sure your system can handle the load, or are you maybe running out of RAM or something similar?
  8. Yeah, if you load the cheat menu before physics eased in, then from time to time the "set orbit" function doesn't give you any velocity. Happened quite a few times to me in 1.2.2. Doing it again after physics were loaded solves the problem.
  9. I foresee launchpadception. Any bets how many launchpads it will take to eat up 16GB RAM? And how many frames you will get then?
  10. As far as I understand it, the console port was a massive letdown. It has never been communicated that way, but we all know that there have been some contractual adjustments... I assume this port didn't generate as much money as planned. We then had 1.2 (with quite some new content) and finally the subsequent language support. I haven't seen many new users around since 1.3 was made available - probably some users changed from English to Russian or Japanese but I doubt tons of Chinese users purchased the game... In the end we had the take over by taketwo and the DLC. The DLC features new parts and a mission builder - part packs are available for free and mission design is done on the forums as well. Not the best business case in my eyes. So yes, development isn't coming up with new exciting ideas to keep us following the news. Development has slowed, yes, definitely. There's work on DLC for ages now without any visible progress. I can totally understand the OP.
  11. My preferred method of getting rid of debris in LKO uses a prevention strategy. Use SSTOs to get to LKO no debris is better than no debris. If you need a multi stage vehicle, stage while suborbital. Or stage while the debris intersects the SOI of Mun or Minmus. Eventually it will collide with either body or gravity assist its way out of the Kerbin SOI. Actually, I have quite some second stages in solar orbit, even though the space craft never went beyond Minmus. With that being said, I have some debris flying around but only ancient stuff is in LKO.
  12. Yeah...well, I prefer @anybodysguess, though....
  14. I tend to send ISRU equipment with the missions in order to prevent these scenarios. Being stranded where you are you could go the cheap way of installing KIS/KAS and sending an ISRU unit in order to refill your return vehicle...
  15. Oh man I just found the installation guide of the OS of my very first own desktop system. It reads - and I kid you not: "Seine hohe Zuverlässigkeit, die einfache Handhabung und die erweiterten Hilfefunktionen machen Windows Me zum ausfallsichersten Betriebsystem für Heimanwender" ("Its high reliability, the easy handling and the extended help functions make Windows Me the most reliable operating system for home users.") To be completely honest, "the high reliability" of that very OS was the thing which finally let me install some linux distribution on my computer. I think it was some openSuse versions. After tons of crashes I suspected a hardware failure and installed Linux to find out, if things would be as bad with another OS. First, I used the system, awaiting the imminent crash or reboot. After a day or so I just kept using it to see if it would crash at all. After a week or so, I realized Linux wouldn't crash, kept using it and started telling Windows users about it. None of them ever changed to Linux afaik. Although, ME was a real reason to show the middle finger to MS... MS and the people from openSuse did a rock solid job back then - I never came back to Windows. Recently my employer forced me to use Windows 7 and I am still giggling if I am paid for watching a loading screen minute after minute. With the recent developments (windows 10), I am thinking of getting a win7 version - just in case I want to play a windows only game some day in the future.