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  1. Thanks. I'll try it out and get back with a result
  2. The game starts up after the initial loading screen, however when it gets to the menu, the screen with the planet and floating kerbals, it pauses for about 2-5 seconds, with nothing on-screen clickable, and then closes. I followed the 1.8.1 install instructions for RSS/RP/RO exactly, including the dll for DeadlyRentry and the folder thing for FAR. The only thing that I didn't follow was the Mechjeb Dev install via CKAN's updated repository. I just downloaded the regular one because my computer is having issues loading that and CKAN says it's failing to load it. I also have principia installed,
  3. My RSS save has a huge graphics error on Earth. I'm using KSP 1.3.1, scatterer 0.0320b, Kopernicus 1.3.1-3, and RSSVE 1.3.1-6. Below is what it looks like in DX11 and regular (I believe DX9?) Here is all my mods too:
  4. I just did a fresh reinstall of the newest version and removed the LFO folder from "extras", but the engines still only burn LF. Anyone know how I can get my engines to burn LH2?
  5. Is anybody still getting a strut error? I still can't load the heavy struts from my old builds
  6. So I was trying to launch my rocket when all of a sudden the camera loaded like this: Anybody know how to get the camera so the field isn't so wide/stretched out?
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