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  1. In my current playthrough im kind of mirroring ksp2. i installed the continuation of interstellar extended , all the near future stuff and several colonization mods and extraplanetary launchpads. .... in this topic ill document my experimentation and slow progress in making the kerbal race a interplanetary and after that, interstellar species. may or may not include stellar death rays, flying mining cathedrals. antimatter explosions, copious amounts of nuclear propulsion and 1 or 2 stellar mass bodies collapsing into black holes. and yes, there WILL be space lasers.
  2. Seeing how even lightly clipping a craft into their heads will catapult even giant space planes up or destroy objects .... that would make sense if it was some very strong material with high pressure inside....it wouldnt give, gravity would rather give.
  3. yesterday i built a nuclear ramjet using the interstellar TORY engine and B9 procedural wings. Its the usual style ive built a couple dozen times before : it uses a conventional jet engine with VTOL capabilities to accelerate and lift up, and then the nuclear ramjet takes over. this gives it outright VTOL our very good STOL and landing capabilties. It performed beautifully, being able to cruise at 30km at speeds of something like 1500 m/s....the only real limiting factor is the nose cone melting off....and even with the nose cone gone it can still easily do 1200 m/s by sheer brute force.
  4. oh no. some heads will surely roll for that.
  5. Havent been feeling well and playing atleast a few hours a day. Mostly been grinding science and finished the 300 science tier of tech nodes. I had a small test with the freshly unlocked interstellar laser diode ''deathray'' and i built the worlds worst power transmission system. it transmitted about 100kW with a 10% efficiency so it delivered about 10 ec/s to the target vehicle. ........ this test is called the doomsday -1`test. kerbodyne denies any so called plans for ''world domination'' or ''giant death lasers in space''. After this i set out to send a rover crane and rover to minmus. A station around minus(name: Pistache king) jampacked with snacks (jam sold seperately) was already sent there earlier to serve as a refueling , resupply and habitation outpost. The rover consists of a crane with extra fuel tanks strapped to the side, a small command module and extra utilities like snacks , additional monopropellant and a relay dish. The full complement of science gear is carried by a medium sized rover that seats 2 kerbals. total package has about 2600 m/s dV which is plenty for minus. the rover carries about 500 m/s dV in smaller underside tanks for short range expeditions and dealing with traversing cliffs. So far i really like the rover and rover crane concept. ive seen designs like it before so there must certainly be some form of evolutionary convergence happening here because the design just makes alot of sense. After the bountifull returns of the rovR mission to minmus work was started on a flyby/orbit and return mission headed towards duna. After some tweaking i opted for a single mothership and a return pod inside a scaled down service bay that carried a science container, probe and basic power and reaction control. the inflatable heatshield on this unit will also serve as the mothership' heatshield during aerobraking near duna....the mothership carries the orbital science equiment like the mapping modules, big solar arrays, magnetometer and gamma ray scanner as well as the atmospheric science gear. ---- i used the mech jeb ascent guidance to put it into orbit which requires a little getting used to but it worked out well. the only problem i ran into is that the centre booster had about 1km/s dV left, just shy of the amount i would need to do the burn to duna so i used it to raise my orbit, dump the booster into the atmosphere of kerbin and then swing around and complete the burn with just a few 100 m/s dV left. This strategy worked well and the Duna mission is now on its way. Some additional probes might be launched in this brief launch window later as well including a planned manned fly-by visit....maybe even a landing. After this is set out to do some experimental work with nuclear drives and a gigantic space plane fueled by cryogenic engines. I now unlocked alot of the ISRU stuff so i can actually start producing things. It is incredibly complex though some help would be very welcome!.
  6. Did some minor stuff yesterday. I started off building a ship to carry the replacement crew back to the KSS horizon to resume research and add 2 recently unlocked experiments using KIS....the vessel was called the Halley2, all resupply and station shuttling missions will carry that designation from here on. .... this mission was completely cursed and i ended up doing it 3 times over. On first approach to the KSS horizon it mysteriously exploded 2km out when it loaded in because the robotics on the solar arrays freaked out. ... on the next run i realized i comletely forgot a cupola for a science experiment meant to be done on station. ... On the next run the docking proceeded again but i realized i had not read the contract and i in fact needed to run my observations on the very first KSS-1 station.... however the Halley2 did not have a probe core so i needed to keep atleast one kerbal in the command pod and that i needed to take a extra docking port with me and engineer because the KSS-1 used older ones.... I sucessfull performed the rendezvous with the KSS-1 and managed to dock after bouncing off once. .... In my ultimate wisdom i decided to attach a scaled down KAS connector between the vessels for ''extra stability''.... then move it. this was a mistake. the pod shook violently then turned sharply and destroyed the main fuel tank on the KSS-1 and some other hardware. i decided to reload the last quicksave which took me back quite far so i had to move all my kerbals and prep for the redevouz again. The next round around i did succeed though. the science report was sucessfull performed.... but in my ultimate wisdom i decided to move the observation port, with the data in it to the KSS-1 and forgot i had to recover it on kerbin. I then re-docked with the KSS horizon to make the final crew selection and transfer some things. The container that carried the items with the halley2 was bolted it to the KSS Horizon by a engineer wielding a electric screwdriver and the brave engineer from the KSS-1 was moved into the return pod as he was overdue for a break. The kerbals waved goodbye through the windows and the halley2 then returned home, completing the crew rotation contract. After this i was completely and utterly broke and had to wait 6 days for the monthly funding to come along and increase my funds from 12.000 to 1.200.000 funds. The next mission after this was a survey scan mission of kerbin, the mun and minmus....it turns out i did not carry enough batteries so i changed the transmitter to allow partial transmission. this made it possible to eventually finish the scanning. Because of transfer windows and the time it took to recharge the batteries during transmissions it took all in all around 20 kerbin days to map all 3 bodies, with the minmus leg of the journey being the longest.
  7. Did a few things this morning. I built a supersonic fighter aircraft for a observation contract using B9 procedural wings and control surfaces... and the MK2 expansion afterburning engine and cockpit. The plane topped off at about 770 m/s velocity and capable of cruising right around the edge of the upper atmosphere. Landing went very smooth and in only 1 piece....still learning to use the MJ autopilot but its a real lifesaver and allows much smoother flight. Afterwards i built a supply station destined for minmus orbit in preparation of a skycrane lander being sent towards minmus. The station has a little octagonal docking hub, some minor utilities and a generous snack cupboard. Finally i set out to bring the 13 crewmembers on board the KSS horizon home for a crew rotation contract with a MK2.5 spaceplane. After some twiddling i settled for a spaceplane powered by a Skipper engine with about 2800 m/s and soyuz style strap-on boosters with crossfeeding. the total package has about 4000 m/s dV off the launchpad. The shuttle can make it to orbit with a generous supply of fuel left (+1000m/s dV) so rendevouz with the KSS horizon proceeded very smoothly. the vessel was a bit sluggish on reaction wheels only but it was quite manouverable when using the LFO RCS thrusters. ..... after succesfully docking with the KSS horizon and quicksaving i attempted the reentry and survived first go and landed just outside the kerbal space center.
  8. was busy today but in the evening i built a 2 seater orbital science collecting vessel (Halley1) to bring data to my research station (KSS Horizon in LKO)....this time i made sure to pack plenty of snacks....farmed science from mun and kerbin and brought it back to the KSS horizon. - with 7 m/s manouvering dV to spare........
  9. i dipped back into KSP after KSP2 was released. i never was very active here but id like to change that. any suggestions where i should start? Currently playing a updated interstellar playthrough and i am at early mid game.
  10. Great Scott ..... we just land at night - EVERYTHING IS SO CLEAR NOW!.
  11. My mommy told me not to get into a car with strangers! THIS ISNT A CAR
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