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  1. more testing of the kerpollo 3 and kos scripts and more work on my mfd controller.
  2. I finally figured out how to use modifier keys in the keybinding window. YAY! Is there a way to import the names of groups when creating a new craft? I see that the keybinds are stored in a settings file in the mod dir, but the group names are stored per craft on every part. Do I need to copy the module from one .craft file to the other?
  3. I think his goal is to have them both on at the same time to build a replica of a real world probe. Currently not possible. An option on the part to play the animation without activating the scanner might could be added. or kerbalism could get a tweak that would allow for multiple of the same experiment to be activated. You know, some experiments might should be combinable like antenna, having multiple running at once increased the data collection rate.
  4. I have encountered a bug that I am having a hard time working around, I know this won't effect many people but is there a way you could look at it? Put two cameras on a vessel. Open and pin both the right click menus. Activate one camera and then activate the other camera without deactivating the first one. It gets stuck and I can't get it to change at all from that point. Using the keyboard commands override that state and reset things back to normal. I have made a camera control script for one of my MFDs and if the active camera is on a part that gets detached from the main vessel, then kOS has no way to interface with it anymore.
  5. I had assumed a kerbinside mod would be incompatible based on the op.
  6. So I went back and took a closer look and it does seem like the CC ground stations match the JNSQ KK ground stations perfectly. But there are a few extra CC ones... NorthStationOne at 63.1 -90.1 Mesa South at -59.6 -25.9 Harvester Massif at -11.9 33.7 Nye Island at 5.4 108.6 Crater Rim at 9.4 -172.1 Larkes at 44.7 137.0 this is a screenshot with all the KK stations on and occlusion off., which led me to think something wasn't working right, but it may all be fine actually.
  7. How/where are the ground stations defined in JNSQ? trying to figure out a way to get the Commnet Constellation ground stations to play nice.
  8. I see these configs in JNSQ, but i am not sure if that is what I am looking for. I am not great with MM either. // Generated by Kerbal Konstructs STATIC:NEEDS[OSSNTR] { pointername = tracking_station_complex Instances { UUID = 9211b2ec-7823-45d3-92be-b3af2487ca9b CelestialBody = Kerbin RelativePosition = -42.8411827,5.10000038,227.412231 Orientation = 0,0,0 isScanable = True ModelScale = 1 VisibilityRange = 25000 Group = ObservatoryNorth GrasColor = 1.15,1.1,1.05,1 GrasTexture = BUILTIN:/terrain_grass00_new Facility { FacilityType = GroundStation TrackingShort = 1.6384E+11 OpenCost = 2592000 CloseValue = 622080 FacilityName = GroundStation@ObservatoryNorth OpenCloseState = Closed } } }
  9. I could not agree more. It really is one of those changes that make you approach playing the game from a completely different angle. I find myself building things I would have never done before, and a lot of the things I used to do as a standard don't really work well now.
  10. how do you setup ground stations? Trying to see if I can make it match the JNSQ ground stations.
  11. yeah it took me re-reading the op a couple times to notice that I had to install the omega stockalike structures mod.
  12. i know sigma dimensions used to work with GPP because I remember playing a bunch of it in 10x with SMURFF
  13. Are those implemented currently? I see them but they do not show up as producing EC. I am running Kerbalism.
  14. Are there plans for a nitrogen tank for kerbalism in the future?
  15. I actually really love that idea, I do a lot of that in gimp and sketchup when I am making things.
  16. So I discovered that the KSC2 launch site is on the roof of the VAB.
  17. Are radial attached heat shields something we might see one day?
  18. I would think that even if a part is deactivated it could still break, it is exposed to radiation and the temp swings of space.
  19. Scott Manley just did a video on OTRAG the other day, which was an system where they strapped together a bunch of identical rockets to make a bigger rocket.
  20. For me it makes sense that the satellite does the final circulize on its own. So doing it as a 2 stage I would want the second stage to go out to an Ap of 10Mm before burn out. I ended up building this because it just wasn't going to work with 1.25m parts. It is possible that the contract you took was more than what your available parts were able to achieve. First stage has 2130 dv in atmo, second stage has 4200 dv. Staging event occurs at about 40km going about 1500m/s. Probe weighs in at 0.8t and has 970 dv, only needed about 550ish to do circulization. Launch was controlled by kOS because flying manually doesn't really make any sense to me, its not like some guy at SpaceX headquarters is landing their rockets by using a joystick. And FYI, I am pretty sure Starliner is going to have a twin engine second stage when it eventually flies to the ISS. https://www.rocket.com/dual-rl10-engine-centaur-debuts-atlas-v-ensure-safe-launch-astronauts-low-earth-orbit Personally I find the balance to be fine in JNSQ, challenging but not impossible, but I did play a excrements ton of 3.2x scale with stock parts back a couple years ago.
  21. What is the mass of the payload you are launching and what size rocket stack are you wanting to use?
  22. do any engines have different size shrouds based on a part switch selection?
  23. I had to download the ribbons separately and add them into the FF folder outside of CKAN.