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  1. hmmm, so turns out it does this with several UI windows, not just commnet connestellation
  2. thanks for this, have tested it out for a while on kerbin/mun/minmus and it seems to be working great in ksp 1.12.3 + parallax 3.1
  3. I feel so out of my element and I love it, like a whole new game.
  4. Still learning Principia, but this looks like it does not work with the mod. I see in the Principia FAQ this statement. I take it that whatever method is used to provide the impulse here falls inside that.
  5. I seem to be having some kind of issue when using the Mk2 Expansion and Rational Resources Squad together. I get a few of these. [LOG 07:30:19.099] PartLoader: Compiling Part 'Mk2Expansion/Parts/FuelTank/ServiceTank/part/M2X_UST' [WRN 07:30:19.112] DontDestroyOnLoad only works for root GameObjects or components on root GameObjects. [ERR 07:30:19.114] [ERROR] [Part M2X.UST] [ModuleB9PartSwitch 'fuelSwitch'] Duplicate subtype names detected: Structural https://drive.google.com/file/d/13QrqJHRe5oIiIQS9XnEbBQLE-9WxKY7u/view?usp=sharing
  6. Ok, I think I am sold on using this as the base for playing a new career game. I did a thorough mod list and cross referenced everything on the supported mods list to see what the situation is, what I could drop and what I should add from the list. These are the things that I had on my list that do not have support, but have parts. TAC Life Support - not sure how many parts are included in this, but there are a decent number. I don't think there are any life support mods on the supported list? I'd be go with going with just about any of them, they all have ups and downs. B9 Aerospace Procedural Wings - Fork - I'm pretty sure it is only like 6 parts, with AirplanePlus in the list, could probably just drop it, but I do really love the control you get with it. will probably just drop it. Better SR Bs - as you said, there are some boosters added by the mod, but mostly it is great since it overhauls all srbs. will still get a lot out of using it even without the parts it adds. Utility Weight - this is just 1 part, i used to use the NRAP mod, but this is a better version IMO. this part is just on the start node, so it shouldn't matter at the end of the day. Space Dust - This im not sure about, it does have some parts and can function standalone, but it is a pre-requesite of Far Future Tech, which is on the list. So I'm not sure if this is already supported on not. Far future tech also relies on system heat, and I'm not sure how well it plays with other mods on the list, my initial reading was inconclusive on that situation. MOAR Station Science - used to love using this back many years ago, thought it might be interesting to revisit, but i will probably just drop it. I know it has a lot of parts. will probably just drop it. CactEye-2 Orbital Telescope Refocused - This has a few parts and I am looking forward to playing around with it again. May just drop this too. Research Bodies - still not updated for 1.12 but it has a few parts and I do want to use it when I play a career. Probably won't wait for an update and will proceed without it anyhow, just thought I would mention.
  7. what do you recommend for the science reward % setting? I can get 50 science on my very first launch with just transmitting telemetry. With less than 10 launches I was able to completely research all of the sub 100 nodes. There are so many experiments that can transmit data that there really isn't any choice to be made in progression, there is plenty of science available to just research everything in each tier. I really am enjoying the mod, you did a great job with it. Am I correct in understanding that all mods will have to have configs for their parts to show up at all in this tree?
  8. Is there a setting to limit the number of research nodes that can be unlocked at one time, or like a que so if you pay for 10 at once, they will only get researched one at a time?
  9. First mun probe in JSNQ + Skyhawk
  10. FYI, mechjeb already has a feature to unlock all the functions for free, just create an empty folder called MechJebUnlocked in GameData.
  11. cryotanks and restock are both on the supported mods list, so i would assume they have been checked out. I do get these caused by the hypergolics patch. [ERR 18:46:04.515] Error - Cannot parse variable search when replacing (%) key lfo_volume = #$RESOURCE[LiquidFuel]/maxAmount$ [ERR 18:46:04.516] Error - Cannot parse variable search when replacing (%) key ox_volume = #$RESOURCE[Oxidizer]/maxAmount$ [WRN 18:46:04.516] Cannot find key lfo_volume in PART [ERR 18:46:04.516] Error - Cannot parse variable search when inserting new key amount = #$/lfo_volume$ [WRN 18:46:04.516] Cannot find key lfo_volume in PART [ERR 18:46:04.516] Error - Cannot parse variable search when inserting new key maxAmount = #$/lfo_volume$ [WRN 18:46:04.516] Cannot find key ox_volume in PART [ERR 18:46:04.516] Error - Cannot parse variable search when inserting new key amount = #$/ox_volume$ [WRN 18:46:04.516] Cannot find key ox_volume in PART [ERR 18:46:04.516] Error - Cannot parse variable search when inserting new key maxAmount = #$/ox_volume$ not sure if anyone else is seeing the same, may be one of the part mods I'm using causing the issue. . EDIT: This is caused by something in Rational Resources Squad option on CKAN.
  12. loving the looks of this, been thinking about playing a new game and this might just be the ticket.
  13. Only the regular wheels, landing legs, kerbals and deployable science parts have terrain collisions.
  14. I don't understand what you are trying to do? The BoulderCo folder is just configs. Do you see clouds in the game? If yes, then its working.
  15. I realize its a testing program, but it seens like every engine test reveals engine issues. At what point do we start to consider that using the most complicated rocket engine ever built for starship might not have been the right move. I am a huge SpaceX fan, but i really worry how they are going to get super heavy to work with so many engines.
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