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  1. I also think that, at least for these official challenges, they should be possible to do in the stock game and not REQUIRE specific third-party mods. It's one thing for challenges posed by random users on the challenge forum to require mods, but these official ones are a bit different. By all means, ALLOW mods(possibly with restrictions or in a separate category, depending on the nature of the challenge and the mods), but don't require them.
  2. No idea on how to make it work in mods, but for stock, it's some combination of reputation vs. the difficulty of the missions and needing certain prerequisites before a contract can be offered. Those prerequisites will be things like needing to orbit Kerbin before it will offer a Mun mission, leaving Kerbin's SOI might be required before a mission to another planet, or even needing certain parts unlocked before it will offer various types of contracts.
  3. Is this an SSTO to everywhere or not?

    Well, if you want to get technical, the vessel was split before landing on Eve, so if Eve is included in the definition, it still doesn't qualify as an SSTA unless it can at least land there in one piece(which I'm guessing this vessel probably is capable of at least, but hasn't been demonstrated yet). On the other hand, most of the time Eve DOES seem to be excluded from this and being able to return from Eve at all is extremely impressive, let alone doing so with a fully reusable vessel that can go everywhere else as well. Whatever you want to call it, that is a really nice design there.
  4. The Retro Solar Rescue

    Yeah, looks like that is going to be an issue with my first idea for this as well. Going to have to rethink my plan. Probably have to plan on going back out and flipping my orbit a second time after doing the rescue, then heading back to Kerbin from there so we're at least going in the same direction again.
  5. The Retro Solar Rescue

    Might be a few days before I have time, but I'll definitely have to attempt this one at some point.
  6. Solved: Why does my rocket not liftoff?

    I wonder what percentage of players do this with their first rocket in career mode. Pretty sure I did it my first time and probably at least a quarter of the time, I STILL do it when starting a new career.
  7. Forced To Probe

    Yeah, the submission isn't required in a case like this, though it's probably still a good idea since doing the challenge yourself forces you to think things through and refine it a bit more. I'd say this challenge definitely needs SOME sort of rules and/or scoring system beyond what's there so far, though. And this definitely seems like it was intended as more of a "challenge" rather than "mission idea"(again, there isn't even a well-defined mission/goal other than "Send a probe somewhere.")
  8. Forced To Probe

    If it's just "Send a probe anywhere you want to go before sending a Kerbal", that really isn't much of a challenge. There's probably a lot of people who do that as part of a normal career game anyway.
  9. A spaceplane question.

    If you're dropping ANYTHING before reaching orbit, it's not an SSTO.
  10. Where they're going, they don't need...roads.
  11. Hold My Beer!

    Sorry, I posted first, but had to keep editing since the album didn't display correctly for some reason...
  12. Hold My Beer!

    Hold my beer.. http://imgur.com/a/u4Qcb No control inputs at all other than staging and managed to escape the Kerbol system altogether. I challenge the next person to land an airplane on the island runway. No parachutes/drogue chutes/airbrakes or anything like that allowed.
  13. KSP Weekly: What a week!

    And just hope that neither one was exposed to Kerman measles...
  14. KSP: Making History Grand Discussion Thread

    Like pretty much all games out there these days, I don't think KSP will EVER reach that stage. There's always going to be new stuff that can be added, bugs that need to be fixed, or SOMETHING that can be adjusted to make the game better. And hopefully, they will continue to make those changes for as long as the game is popular enough to justify them doing so. The game is pretty much "complete" now, so you're free to stop patching it and stay with whatever version you prefer, but it doesn't sound like they'll be finishing development on it any time soon.
  15. KSP Making History

    Sounds like a very good expansion with a lot of the stuff I was hoping for in there and a few extras as well... Perfect for Apollo 13 missions?