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  1. Hodari

    Patch 1.4.3 to be released next week!

    Thanks, that one worked
  2. Hodari

    Patch 1.4.3 to be released next week!

    When I try to click on this link 1.4.X to 1.4.3(x64) This patch will only work on KSP 1.4.X for Windows (x64). to download it, it still just gives me the KSPx64-Patch-1.4.X-To-1.4.2.exe version. Tried installing it just to make sure and it's definitely the 1.4.2 version still.
  3. Hodari

    KSP store broken?

    Mine is working now as well.
  4. Hodari

    KSP store broken?

    Same here.
  5. Hodari

    What’s the point of rovers?

    They're badges from completing various challenges in the challenge section of the forum. Once you earn them, you just need to edit your signature under your profile and include the appropriate image links.
  6. Hodari

    What’s the point of rovers?

    From that point of view, I'd say 90% of the game is useless. All the other planets? Useless. Sending Kerbals anywhere beyond LKO? Probably useless. Science lab? Probably not needed on lower difficulties at least. Aircraft? Useless. Ion engines? Useless. Spaceplanes? Really useless. Once you can land a probe on either of the moons, you can get enough science from them to fill out the rest of the tech tree easily enough. So the only real reason to do much of anything beyond that is because it's fun and/or challenging. It might be nice if there was more to explore and to give reasons for doing all of those other things, but beyond a certain point, you just have to be happy with doing them because you can.
  7. Well, there's your problem. You even said the contract requirements stated, " has to be a new rock". So, if you were already tracking it before then, it wouldn't count.
  8. You might want to check if your "probe" is, in fact, being classified as a probe. Especially with certain mods, sometimes it seems to end up being classified as a relay if you have a relay antenna on it and that can make it not count for contracts. If so, just right-click on the probe core and click "Rename Vessel". Then change the vessel type to probe.
  9. Hodari

    comnet kerbol

    For me, it's mostly my very first mission or two where I don't even have batteries yet, so at best I could only transmit one report. I'll grab the report from launchpad, EVA, get the EVA report and crew report(and any other experiments I have available, depending on what tech tree mods I'm running), then launch and get that crew report, land/splashdown, EVA, grab reports again, and one last crew report from there. Also, sometimes I won't even bother with an antenna on a piloted mission since he can just return all the science back with him anyway. Only reason to put on one at that point is realism.
  10. Hodari

    Mean Altitude on Minmus

    My guess is that it would be very hard to be certain that you've found the absolute lowest possible place on the surface. There would always be the chance that you missed one spot somewhere...or even that the surface might change somehow and a new spot might become the lowest point. Then your height measurements for every other point on the planet would no longer be correct. Whereas the mean elevation will probably be far more constant and missing one or two extreme points wouldn't change the value that much, so you wouldn't have to go back and readjust all of your other numbers.
  11. Hodari

    Hunger for Kerbals

    Time-based gameplay is definitely needed in the game. I just haven't seen any life support mods yet that really get the balance right. Or maybe it's the base game itself that makes it that way since in most cases, it's still too easy to just add enough supplies without really needing to sacrifice anything else to do so. IRL adding any extra mass to the payload is far more of a problem and needs all kinds of tradeoffs, but in KSP, it's usually not a problem at all.
  12. Hodari

    Why, oh why...

    It's cameras all the way down.
  13. Hodari

    Hunger for Kerbals

    It definitely should be optional if it's going to be added at all. I'm not sure it really adds THAT much to the game most of the time though. I've tried a few different life support mods and it seems like at best, it just ends up being "Stick an extra part or two onto your rocket while building it and then forget about it because it doesn't add anything further to the gameplay." If you forget to add the part or miscalculate the length of the mission and run out, then odds are either your Kerbals just die without you having time for a rescue mission or anything(which is more frustrating rather than actual fun) or the mod has them enter some sort of "suspended animation"/tourist/useless state, but remain alive indefinitely until you can rescue them(which basically kills whatever realism the LS mod was supposed to add in the first place). Life support seems like a good idea, but after actually trying it...I usually end up uninstalling those mods fairly quickly.
  14. Hodari

    Cargo Bay

    Here's an example of what you can fit in a 2.5m bay.