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  1. can soemone please make a small guide on how to install all these community patches to make this work with 1.2
  2. can anyone tell me if these unofficial changes work in the current version of the game?
  3. I really hope this gets a 1.2 update. i really want it in my game
  4. @passinglurker i thought about inline ballutes but i was looking at something more like the stock inflatable heatshield but bigger and with the ability to close
  5. so ive been looking all over for a mod that adds deploy-able heat shields to spaceplanes but have not been able to find one, so hopefully putting it up here some genius can make one. Note: i know how to safely re enter spaceplanes so dont go there, im asking for a cinematic reason
  6. I can't seem to get comm stations for remote tech to work. i can't seem to add this or use seti to add stations. can you walk me through how to add them or how to add your cfg for stations?
  7. Ok, so i have been having an issue lately that i never had before i took about a 4 month break from the game. Everytime i revert back to any part of the game (wether it be launch or vehicle assembly) i get a solid black screen with nothing but my navball and all vectors pointing up. i back out and my ship is gone. i back out and reload the save and i can't do anything. the only way to fix it is to quit out of the game completely and restarting it. i tried to force run Direct X 11 and OpenGL but i can't modify that through the target method mentioned in this post: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/120387-some-relief-for-memory-outage-crashes/ Windows 10 64-bit Amd FX(tm)-8320 eight-core processor 3.50 GHz 16.0 Gb ram Nvidia Geforce 960 video card My mod list: http://prntscr.com/9ulx5w My mod list in their compressed freshly downloaded view: http://prntscr.com/9ulxm0 I can't tell if the game itself is running in 64 bit but I'm 97% sure that it is. Any help would be really appreciated, i really want to play but a constant cycle of stopping and starting after every crashed ship just makes the game completely unenjoyable. and i have no error log because it doesn't technically crash the game and i checked my files for a crash log but nothing so i have no clue. But again thank you in advance!