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  1. RE the leg hinge structural question: front end loaders are articulated with a hinge right under the cab. The largest ones have operating weights north of 250t and payload ratings (what they're rated to lift) well over 50t. That's a lot of force on a hunger and you never hear of them folding in half. Granted there's a bit of a weight disparity, but SpaceX has a much longer hinge to play with giving them better leverage against the forces at play.
  2. Since nobody has posted it yet. [seems I suck at embedding things]
  3. Gosh darn it Florida, first Florida Man and now this?
  4. Uh, they're called Space Marines, heretic. WH40k reference
  5. It would be trivial to program that with a KAL 1000. You gave me some ideas though, so thanks
  6. Not after seeing that. It seems I was operating under the mistaken impression that the craft had to be manned.
  7. @boolybooly who is the current minimalist record holder and what is the current record?
  8. I did this yesterday. It handles surprisingly well. KerbalX link
  9. It would be cool if someone uses it to haul ridiculously outsized things around, like heavy equipment to disaster areas or luxury yachts for absurdly rich people.
  10. The Osprey VTOL Testbed is an experimental airplane built to test the amazing new invention, the hinge! It handles well in forward flight, but nobody cares about that. The engine tilting is controlled with the 1 and 0 keys. The 1 key reverses the movement and the 0 key plays/pauses the movement. The Osprey takes off best with a bit of forward cowbell and will tend to pitch up until aerodynamic control can be established, so be quick with the transition to forward thrust once you take off. The plane is unstable in the full down position, but it’s useful for slowing down. To get a true hover you need to adjust the position of the hinges by reversing and play/pausing until the perfect angle is achieved. If you develop any lateral or reverse movement at sub 20m/s airspeed, you will crash. For vertical landing it’s best to carry about 10-15m/s forward velocity just to keep the nose pointing the right way. At that point it’s just a matter of controlling descent rate with the throttle. Enjoy. KerbalX link
  11. I came to the realization today, whilst engaging in drudgery, that it should be possible to make a self balancing bipedal or even monopedal walk(ish)er using a probe core set to hold radial out and a number of balance weights with their actuation bound to pitch and yaw. I would build a demonstrator, but I have 3 more hours of drudgery yet.
  12. That moment when you buy the DLC and try to play it before the update to the game that recognizes it hits.....
  13. A warp dive will conserve momentum. If you want to make your scifi obey the laws of physics, you'll have to figure some other way of fixing the problem. One interesting thing about RKVs is that a sewing needle in the path of the missile, a few hundred miles above Earth would be enough to completely destroy it, and Earth would be saved. Having railguns or gauss guns that can fire tiny projectiles at high speed, and the computing power to calculate an intercept in a few milliseconds would be a believable counter to a ship massed RKV that needed some run-up. A ship is not a good RKV though. They have a tendency to be as light as possible, so hitting the atmosphere at, say, 5%C would make a very big fireball and perhaps cause local devastation, but not really destroy the planet. A more effective RKV would be an aerodynamically optimized slug of Tungsten or Uranium massing a few kilotons. This would be able to release it's energy far deeper in the planet and cause massive tectonic instability and enormous earthquakes that would pretty much level any buildings and rearrange the geology of the planet suddenly enough to kill most everything. If you want to blast the planet into little bits, you need to go big.
  14. There's much easier ways of wiping out all life on earth than engineered viruses. Roundup is a systemic herbicide that targets specific protein generation systems of a plant, and shuts them down, resulting in death. Creating a similar substance to kill really any type of life on earth is most likely trivial. This type of xenoforming is not what I consider to be conquering; rather, it is exterminating. Conquering, in my mind, is the subjugation of the sentient life on the planet, for whatever purposes you need them for, be that biological computing, breeding for assault armies (but why?), or to fulfill some holy prerogative of some alien god. Again, if they want to kill us and take our planet, they will not show up with a big fleet and do some planetary laser art. They will send a tiny probe or a relativistic missile. But really, the only thing of value to aliens, that they can get nowhere but here is us. If they need materials, there's innumerable tons of whatever they need far closer to wherever they come from than Earth. If they need alien soldiers, it's far easier to bio-engineer their own. The only logical reason to come here is to meet humanity and study it's culture and biology, and if they show up with a strong display of force, then they are worried that we are a bunch of petty, violent apes that are scarcely past beating each other with clubs, and generally can't be trusted to be civilized. And if you say that alien logic is inscrutable, it's not. If they have a survival drive, which they would have to have to survive, they will be cautious, and if they suspect we have a small chance of beating them in a fight, they will either eradicate our military means or not come at all.
  15. Alien races might be very alien, however, there are some things that stand true, regardless of how different they might be. No alien race will attempt to conquer earth without a very good, logical reason. If they intend to keep us humans alive, then they will have some form of communication, and will likely have already figured out how to communicate. If they want the resources of our planet for some reason, they would get far more stuff by blowing the planet into tiny pieces. The only reason aliens approach earth with a large armed force is to intimidate us into accepting what they have to say with very little question. The only thing that makes earth special is life and unbound oxygen.