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  1. Thor Wotansen

    SSTO and plane or rocket giveway 1.4 required You could try my Pup P, a small Mk 2 passenger SSTO that comes with rcs and docking capabilities. I also have a version with cargo instead of crew.
  2. Thor Wotansen

    Looking for BDArmory craft for use in a story

    Here's a fighter you might use, the Bryntröll. And I don't know if this counts as a bomber, but it carries a lot of Hellfire missiles and it has a GAU 8 Gatling gun on it. Bear Ground Attack
  3. Thor Wotansen

    Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread

    Yes I have, that's the first thing I checked actually. Nothing is clipping except whatever happens at the end where the fairing snaps to close on the 5m-3.75m adapter. I intend to try a decoupler there and make the cargo bay a one time open and close deal.
  4. Thor Wotansen

    Design a Mad Max car

    Jeb forgot his guitar.
  5. Thor Wotansen

    Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread

    I've become distracted from my 5m double fuselage fuel tanker SSTO by the thought that I might make it into a cargo SSTO as well. Sadly Squad has not yet seen fit to give us a 5m cargo bay, so I set about making one with fairings, but there's a hitch; when I undock the pieces of SSTO to pull the cargo rack out of the fairing, the pieces act like they're one craft, even though they're not. I have yet to play around with decouplers or stack seperators, but so far the system has required staging the fairing, which defeats the purpose. Any tips or advise with this problem would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Thor Wotansen

    Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread

    Make sure you only autostrut the tips, unless you want your wings falling off randomly.
  7. Thor Wotansen

    Why Fluorine Never made it as rocket fuel

    That 542s of ISP sounds glorious on paper, but they were using Florine (a cryogenic liquid) Hydrogen (it may have been gaseous, I don't remember) and molten Lithium or some such, which required a fair bit of heating to keep it that way. The practicality of the system is pretty obvious at this point and I really can't see such a thing ever being used unless we have an urgent need for some really high performance chemical fuels somewhere like the surface of Titan, and we can make them there. 542s tho.......
  8. Thor Wotansen

    Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread

    Many moons ago, long before the Making History expansion I built a refueling SSTO on request from another forum user, and it was glorious and huge. Then Making History came out, and I went off to play other games, and time passed. But now I have returned and discovered that my previously huge SSTO is no longer so impressive, so I have set out to build a replacement that is bigger and impressiver than ever before, even though impressiver isn't a word. That's right, 5m tanks baby! 512t of payload and more engines than a Russian rocket designers wet dream. I just have to figure out how to get it to orbit without the wings overheating. The radiators don't seem to be doing the trick.
  9. Thor Wotansen

    Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread

    Hm, seems I need to go to Making History parts SSTO school.
  10. Thor Wotansen

    A simple selfie by the temple.

    Big planes are fun. This is a refueling SSTO with 5m tanks as payload tanks that I built for this challenge (I have issues).
  11. Thor Wotansen

    STOL style Bush Planes!

    Indeed it was, I just downloaded it again and have been playing around.
  12. Thor Wotansen

    A simple selfie by the temple.

    Yo dawg, I heard you like bushplanes.
  13. Thor Wotansen

    STOL style Bush Planes!

    Yeah, that Wilga is a beast, and the build videos Mike did on his channel are awesome. I've played around with STOL stuff in stock KSP for a while now and having angle of attack built into the wing does a lot for lift. I made a stock plane I called the Kub that is obviously inspired by the Piper Cub, and I made a STOL airliner for the airliner challenge designed after the Twin Otter that I called the Nomad. Sadly stock KSP doesn't have props, but I played around with one of those mods with props that has a .625m turboprop in it and a Mk 1 cockpit that has the looks of the stock one but a .625m node on the front, and the Kub was a little rocket with that. I tend not to upload craft files with mods though, so you'd have to do it yourself, besides, I don't remember which mod it was.
  14. Thor Wotansen

    Post your LANDERS here!

    This is the lander I'm using in my current career game. Pictured is the historic first Mun landing.
  15. Thor Wotansen

    Military Aircraft

    You need to place the landing gear with the location of the center of mass in mind, not only where it is when you build the craft, but where it will be when the fuel drains. The mod RCS Build Aid has helped me greatly in the past, but it doesn't seem to be working currently. I usually place the landing gear just a bit behind the farthest aft the COM gets, and since I try to design so the COM doesn't move much, that means the force necessary to rotate on takeoff is fairly small. I've also found that canards help, as well as situating the landing gear so that the craft rests in a slightly nose up attitude. This means that you won't be fighting negative lift on your takeoff roll in order to rotate. Also, I tend to disable steering on all but the front wheels if I'm using small or medium landing gear. This just makes ground handling more intuitive, and allows fine adjustment at high ground speed. In general, build your plane so that it flies first, then put on the landing gear so that it handles reasonably on the ground. If you want something to to great on the ground build a rover. It's possible to have a plane that can land in crazy places, but not without understanding the balance of all the things and some good piloting.