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  1. Thor Wotansen

    STOL Emporium

    I've enjoyed playing around with STOL stuff too, here's a few of my craft that resulted. the Kub the Super Kub the Nomad
  2. Thor Wotansen

    Ozone oxidiser?

    So the king of heat resistant steel alloys, inconel might just do the trick. Can't wait to fly a F-104 in Jupiter's atmosphere.
  3. Thor Wotansen

    Reusability Challenge

    Disallowing mods that don't change the stock science, aero, physics, or mechanics and have no effect on the function of a craft, other than reducing trial and error, is silly and not enforceable. I'm afraid I will have to decline this challenge.
  4. Thor Wotansen

    How do you get a bunch of kerbals around?

    If you want, I could build a LKO optimized passenger SSTO spaceplane with crew capacity to whatever you need. I do have a Mk2 crew SSTO on KerbalX that seats 6 and is quite economical.
  5. Thor Wotansen

    Reusability Challenge

    When you say no mods, do you mean no part mods, or are you excluding every MOD, including visual and information mods? There are also a few mods that help keep track of which science experiments you've done where, which are very helpful.
  6. Thor Wotansen

    Biggest Plane with a Juno

    Oooh this looks fun.
  7. "Spaceship" for the bit that does spaceshipy things and "Launcher" for the bit that gets the spaceshipy bit off high G world's.
  8. The American space shuttle is a perfect example of what happens when committees and budgets design a spacecraft. The Russian space shuttle was designed to have similar capabilities to the US shuttle, and consequently lacked the peculiar requirements of its muse.
  9. Thor Wotansen

    Flying wing challenge!

    I love the YB-35 and the YB-49! So freaking majestic and good looking. The no vertical stabilizer requirement was mainly for stealth reasons with the B-2 and B-21, as the vertical surface is a great radar reflector, but the N9M and the YB-35/49 were both incredibly stealthy aircraft, for being magnesium alloy construction and having no radar absorbent paint/fancy electronics.
  10. Thor Wotansen

    SSTOs! Post your pictures here~

    As promised, here are the links to the Pup family of SSTOs. The Pup P The Pup C And The Pup XC
  11. Put your main gear right behind your COM at the farthest back it goes. Another thing that helps is to have th front gear a little longer, so that the plane has a slight nose up attitude at rest.
  12. Thor Wotansen

    SSTOs! Post your pictures here~

    This is a small Mk 2 SSTO family I've had kicking around for a while and I've never got around to posting them anywhere. They are affordable and easy to operate, perfect for crew rotations, resupply missions, or launching small satellites. Left to right, they are the Pup P, the Pup XC and the Pup C. The Pup P and Pup C are equipped with RCS and docking systems for getting freaky with stations, a feature which the Pup XC has eschewed for greater payload volume and mass. I will upload them all to KerbalX tomorrow and provide links.
  13. I have a family of Mk 2 SSTOs I haven't posted anywhere yet. The variants are the Pup C with a small Mk 2 cargo bay and an inline docking port, the Pup P with the cargo bay replaced with a passenger cabin, and the Pup XC with no docking port and the long cargo bay. I will post pics and links when I get home.
  14. That ungainly beast is an example of form following function. It was designed as a crop duster, and to get around the problem of corrosive (to aluminum) liquids leaking into the empenage they moved the empenage.
  15. If it's current, use the RCS Build Aid mod. It shows you the COM of your craft both fueled and unfueld at the same time. With most SSTOs the COM will change as you burn fuel.