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  1. Is it possible to set the key states, or fake key strokes without using platform-specific methods? Likewise for mouse input. I'm wondering because there do seem to be wrapper classes involving keybindings and mouse input.
  2. Same problem. EDIT: I fixed it by editing scatterer/config/planetsLIst.cfg by matching the scattererCelestialBodies items to the ones in RSSVE/RSSVE_Scatterer_Planetlist_Config.cfg emptying celestialLightSourcesData Then remove all directories under scatterer/config/Planets/ and copy paste the ones from RSSVE/Scatterer_Configs/. Boot it up, EVE clouds won't be visible in start menu but as you go in-game both scatterer and EVE clouds should work.
  3. @Three_Pounds how did you manage to lift off airplanes? The basic landing gear (LY-01, LY-10, LY-05) seems to either wobble or drift a lot to the point I lose control before I even take off from the runway. This with airplanes that otherwise work fine. Any suggestions?
  4. @Ziw I just forked your github repo because I wanted a docking washer that acted semi-freely (configurable rigidity through torque/damping so it doesn't spin as easily) + angle limits. This being the first KSP mod I ever compile, it surprisingly didn't take long to add in such part but sadly I was unable to get it working the way I intended. As I was reading through the code, it seems rotational limits/spring/damping isn't working right now. I could try fix it myself but I'm not so familiar with everything yet. Do you have any comment on this matter? Thank you!