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  1. I know you were asking about the Freedom Fuel pod, but this is a treasure or gold mine of info on Freedom thank you for finding this!
  2. Yes, I do that on all my installs. Copy the new Sunflare files onto your scatter and JNSQ ones and then there should be a JNSQ scatter Sunflare config that you need to set to either true or false it says in it what to do and it should work.
  3. Ya wish the same had happened also, I did use his Mars 1969 plan to get the dates roughly correct for Earth-Mars Transfer windows for the subtitles in it since I used JNSQ. Saturn was too short-lived of a vehicle in my opinion.
  4. Hope no one here minds me self promoting if so feel free to take down my post, but anyhow I performed a mission in JNSQ using for the most part Saturn and Apollo-related parts from Bluedog sort of inspired by the Voyage to Mars by Stephen Baxter, but not completely. Hope it is an enjoyable and entertaining video to watch!
  5. Looks really good looking foward to seeing the next crafts!
  6. The module manager watch dog is something from tweak scale and the B9config is something Tyler raiz made for me a long time ago.
  7. If I am not mistaken just open the gamedata from the zip file and copy the Benjee Orion RO file into your gamedata folder and you're done if I am not mistaken.
  8. To update used the Custom Barn kit mod and that did not fix the issue, here is a screenshot of my gamedata folder Incase I am missing something.
  9. I have a question, is there are plans on adding the Russian Science Power Platform Module for the Russian ISS side? Forgive me if this has already been asked before.
  10. Got it all downloaded and working, however, the new problem now is that while I have the textures and there are no buildings, however after reading some previous posts it seems as if adding Custom Barn Kit fixes the issue. Assuming that fixes the issue (at the time of writing this I am loading up the game) my other question is regarding the Old KSC and New KSC. I looked around in the files and was unable to find either an Old KSC or a new KSC for the retro and modern, is this feature removed or am I having a severe case of operator error? Thank you for the help also on the KSRSS Reborn branch I thought I was using it the entire time only to find out I was not. Also thank you for taking time out of your day to help me with these install issues I really do appreciate it a lot! Jim Kerman
  11. I believe so I went here to this link clicked the download icon and download it as a Zip file and pasted it into my install. https://gitlab.com/ksrss/KSRSS/-/tree/megapack
  12. Alright I gave it a shot and no fortune, It's just the satellite imagery of the runway no hitbox, I also checked Kerbal Konstruts and it does not appear to show the Shuttle runway as an option just the default KSC runway. I have put here a log and a screenshot in case that helps https://www.dropbox.com/s/xzxa218t1ewas1y/Player.zip?dl=0
  13. Good to know, I downloaded it from GitLab, and as far as I am aware the only KK instance mod I have is the STS Location mod. I am guessing I should try removing the STS location mod? Thanks! Jim Kerman
  14. Thank you for all the help and quick responses much appreciated! Jim Kerman
  15. Any update on the runway collider? I have also noticed that half the time I load up into KSP the ground texture is not there and it's just the buildings and pads, and the other half it all loads in fine. What am I doing wrong so I can prevent myself from having to keep loading up the game each time to fix it? Thanks
  16. Does anyone know of a guide or reference as to where each type of common birthing node goes on each module of the ISS? Sorry if this is a bit of an overly exact detail question but I want my ISS to be as close as possible to the real one! Thanks! Jim Kerman
  17. Alright, thank you! Is the pad itself the shuttle is on from Katniss mods or is it something else? I ask because it does not look like something from Modular launch Pads.
  18. Forgive me if this has been asked already but where did you get that Shuttle Pad from/Crawler?
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