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  1. How/where do I do that? EDIT: disregard - I found the useTemporalAntiAliasing setting in the config files & set them to False. How would this have gotten turned on? I don't recall clicking anything about scatterer configs
  2. I'm running into an extremely weird graphics glitch that just started. I thought it might be my video drivers but I've got the latest. Scatterer is on version 3:v0.0772, which I believe is the latest. I'm running an RTX-3080 w/ 12gb vid memory. I have restarted a few times, along with deleting/recreating my settings file. Does anyone have any ideas?
  3. The zip with these files is at https://drive.google.com/file/d/1zzxDLQNC-cwViPbW3_S15rzSBYAztGUr/view?usp=share_link
  4. I'll get that together next time I fire it up. One thing: I'm using Buffalo 2 on the install; could that be an issue?
  5. I'm running MOLE in Classic Stock Resources mode and am having an issue with the Fulcrum engine. It operates on "Keralox" or "Raptalox" instead of LFO. I found Raptalox in the tank configs but not Keralox. Am I missing something? Also, the tank with dual-engine mount points from MOLE cannot change its config from LFO to one of the other fuel types.
  6. I had an issue installing RR, Classic Stock Resources, Pathfinder, Extraplanetary Launchpads & B9 Part Switch together. With this combination, I got fatal errors from B9 because the resources RR_Metals and RR_MetallicOre did not exist. I checked the config files and found them in RR under the CRP folder. I *think* Pathfinder + Classic Stock changes the MetallicOre/Metals from EL...? I was able to delete these tank defs and launch the game.
  7. What I want to see are functional IVAs, like RPM/MAS. I want to control the craft from inside.
  8. *ding-ding-ding* I personally don't like multi-player games. Even the few times I've played MMOs, I usually did so solo. If MP is finally in KSP2, then ok. If not, I couldn't care less.
  9. I plan to approach it as a total n00b: start with the career mode (will it have one?), follow all the tutorials. Build, fly, fail, build again, fly, dream...
  10. Your diagram for the R&D center shows a science limit of 0 for level 5 - what is the actual value? Also, the wiki pages all look to show the Admin building chart, regardless of what building we are looking for.
  11. @Angel-125 - Is there any chance to get Universal Storage II configs for the Air or Hydrazine resources? I would think those would need to be defined in the resource config files themselves.
  12. Are there any plans to add support for the Wild Blue suite of mods?
  13. Huh - for some reason I thought Sandcastle was just about base-building. Good to know. Is there any way this could be made a config option to use KIS instead of stock?
  14. Ok, I admit I haven't followed SandCastle yet (will fix that!) but does this mean SC can replace OSE?
  15. @linuxgurugamer - thank you for taking this one over! However, I think it needs a balance pass. I am using it in a JNSQ game because MOLE uses it - got a mission to take an image of Granus. That single image and the mission reward netted over 600 Science... I assume the reward is based at least in part by distance from Kerbin?
  16. Yay, update! One thing, though - all of the icons for Strategia strategies are upside-down now...
  17. It's been my experience that you won't get the funds if you have any messages in the queue - if you clear the messages, then you will get funds for new biomes (but you will have lost any for new biomes you researched while you had messages).
  18. That looks like it was the problem - D: was exFAT and not NTFS. Put it on my E: drive which is NTFS and it worked. Thanks.
  19. Except that it was a direct copy - no changes from one location to the other. Install worked on C:, didn't work on D:. Only explanation I can find is inside that source file. If there is another explanation, I'm all ears.
  20. Ok - I've narrowed down the break condition that results in scrambled suits. Here are the steps: Fresh install of KSP 1.12.2 & add TextureReplacer (I have v4.5.1 installed via CKAN) Start a save; do not change the faces yet. Go into the Astro complex & change the suits away from default for all 4 Kerbals. Use a different suit model so the Kerbal looks different in the list. Create a test ship & put it on the launch pad. EVA (equip helmet if not equipped) & confirm the suit is what you selected. Recover ship. Go into Astro complex & note all 4 suits look like the default suit. Click on the hanger to bring up the suit menu & you will see it switch to what you had previously selected. Launch another test ship & EVA. Note again the suit looks normal. Go into VAB & select the Crew tab (add a pod if no ship is loaded). Note that 1 or more of the suits in the list of Kerbals AGAIN look like the default. Select a Kerbal showing a 'default' suit. Launch ship & EVA. Note that suit is corrupted. (pics below) If you instead select a Kerbal whose suit did not appear to revert back & EVA with them, their suit is normal. Bill, Bob & Jeb are the ones where I see it happening - I have not seen it happen with anyone else. I have also rolled back to TR v4.5 - same issue. Rolling back to 4.4 - TR doesn't load at all. Github issue has been opened: https://github.com/ducakar/TextureReplacer/issues/20
  21. I wasn't using suit personalization; I was choosing the stock suits. This last time, all suits disappeared & Jeb wouldn't show up at all. This happened right after I set his head texture.
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