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  1. When is this getting updated to 1.4 anyway? No one seems to be answering this question.
  2. I just looked back at this and I am sorry for all of this.
  3. Sorry for not updating this mod anymore, I am busy working on irrelevant stuff at the minute and I don't have time to update it anymore. If you want to continue this mod, go right ahead, I can't wait for new KSP Community Creations!
  4. [Link removed] Modpacks will follow Creative Commons
  5. [Snipped by moderator] I was told that I could use mods in my mod pack until I got even 1% popular
  6. I will keep things legal 'til the end of my days. I will add it in now. Updated it.
  7. Right now it's not finished. If you want to see the development of the project, it is here: [Link removed by moderator]
  8. It was on my old curseforge account, I wasn't doing anything wrong.
  9. It was on Curseforge, he basically allowed my mod to be in my modpack until I got 100 downloads, then he threatened to sue me.
  10. The KIS/KAS mod developers were not angry at me, but there was another mod that did dodgy tactics to remove my modpack, even though he gave me permission to use the mod.
  11. I already talked to a moderator about that. It wasn't the planet mod though.
  12. I am upset because you say that it's been banned or removed because it's not my fault. You should seriously research more about what happened,
  13. Yes I am claiming it's my work! You say that it's stolen work because I am a modpack supporter? It wasn't banned, it wasn't removed, you are just making stuff up now.
  14. So what about the "rare" ones? Just because some modpacks don't do it right doesn't mean that every single modpack should be banned. No wonder news outlets point out that KSP developers are quitting their jobs. You know, 1 to 2 years ago there was no problem with modpacks and modders. What happened? When I joined I saw tons of modpack threads back then Oh my lord.. Just because I support modpacks you think I copy every mod in the entire world and use their files?? https://spacedock.info/mod/1215/More Habitable Planets Mod! You could look at the files there.
  15. ... I created the planet pack, it was my own mod... I used tutorials to make it. You are a moderator, shouldn't you research before saying random stuff?
  16. In my stockalike mod, Futuristic Engines, would the Antihydrogen Particle Acceleration Thrust Device be too far from stockalikeness or would it be alright?
  17. So, just because you have to work for it, it has to be banned? Also, I made a planetary pack not long ago, I would be happy if it went into a modpack. If modpacks are banned though, I will quit modding, along with thousands of others, maybe turn to some game like Space Engineers or Cities: Skylines, where there aren't censorship for modpack creators. Say goodbye to GPP and Kopernicus, B9 and BDArmory if modpacks are banned.
  18. What about the 45% of the community that wants modpacks?
  19. It would be like that. I will state the mixing-licenses in the modpack description.
  20. If modpacks get banned, what about the people who wanted modpacks to stay? They could just stop using mods and then what happens next? Scenarios: 1. KSP is doomed 2. Mods get unpopular and more pirated modpacks get released 3. More monopolies between modders and the players By banning modpacks, you are essentially making KSP's modding community worse.
  21. All I wanted is to help people. I don't understand why games like KSP should ban Modpacks. We are here to enjoy the games, not censor modpack creators just because some developer was crying about his mod getting famous from modpacks, not the mod itself. I am continuing development of the website, being banned or not.
  22. Hasn't been updated to 1.2.x for quite a while, well actually not at all. Anyone thinking about a revival?
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