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  1. Is it intended that Kerbals can still run out of oxygen whilst on the surface of Kerbin?
  2. Is there a way to make the old textures show up as variants rather than separate parts?? @TriggeredSnake
  3. Understood, I can provide a log file soon. I was just trying to verify whether it was a known bug or not.
  4. @zer0Kerbal Bug: all three of the radial fuel tank crash the game when clicked.
  5. Same issue here with a full stock craft. Obligatory log.
  6. The stock ion engine is completely broken for me. I have electric charge AND xenon, but when I activate the engine, literally nothing happens. No electricity or xenon is consumed, kerbal engineer says I have 0 delta-V, and my orbit doesn't change whatsoever. The only way I even know the engine is activated is from the blue glow.
  7. Nah, I can remove SigmaBinary I guess. Let's see if that actually fixes anything.
  8. Sigma Binary and Kopernicus are both on the latest version available, and I don't know what SD is.
  9. Most of them through CKAN, but ResearchBodies was manual. Here is the dropbox of my Player.log, taken at the moment of the screen freeze-up. PS: Just added my latest quicksave as well
  10. Update, opening the observatory doesn't do anything bad if I open it immediately upon firing up the game. However, if I go to the tracking station or map view, and then the observatory, the game ends up in a bricked state of the KSC where I can look around but not click on anything. EDIT: Okay, I've done some scrolling back and seen people having the same issue. Thing is, the culprit in those situations always seems to be entering the SOI of an undiscovered body. I have not done anything of the sort. In fact, I have only visited Kerbin, the Mün, and Minmus, all three of which I have configured to start discovered.
  11. I had a very strange bug happen to me and I want to know if this has happened to anyone else. I'm on 1.12 BTW. Everything was working fine until suddenly, I noticed that all bodies were discovered and that entering the observatory bricks the game. I don't know when exactly this happened, but some things that I think might have been the culprit are: Accepting a contract pertaining to Gilly (a body I hadn't discovered yet) The "Search the Skies" contract Upgrading my tracking station to level 3, which may have revealed asteroids orbiting an undiscovered body? Uninstalling KabinKraziness (it's in the REPOSoftTech folder alongside ResearchBodies) Now, I do understand that logfiles are normally needed for support, but I just don't know what log to give you here.
  12. BTW, the mod works flawlessly on 1.12. I just want to be able to customize how fast kraziness builds up and how much electricity the climate control, massage chair, etc use up. It's a bit too hard to do longer missions (like even just a Mün flyby) in early career mode because the small batteries / solar panels are just not enough.
  13. What does each line of the config file affect? @JPLRepo
  14. Make sure that you are binding them on the right half of the screen (the part where it says "axes") and NOT to the the button/key mappings.
  15. I am working on a planet in Kopernicus and would like the key calculator. May I have a link?

  16. Nulled. You forgot the plus sign! -82 (-)
  17. Sirius628

    Multiply by 2

    2,147,483,648. Did it in my HEAD!
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