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  1. I'm wondering if anyone has any experience or ideas on how one would go about adding air/ether to the interplanetary zones of the Kerbol system? Would it be best handled by altering the "atmosphere" of Kerbol? I know this wont effect the celestial mechanics of the planets, I merely want to modify my game in order to try some spelljammer-type shenanigans. EDIT: I had a thought, about placing an empty pseudoplanet inside Kerbol using Kopernicus, and giving IT an atmosphere that extends out beyond the furthest planets. Anyone with experience in that mod know if that's a viable option?
  2. I'm trying to get my new Saitek/Logitech 3-throttle device to work properly, but when I'm trying to use it to control thrust or brake limits, I'm having an issue where the throttle will accurately display 0-25, jump to 50, then jump to 75 and proceed normally through to 100. I've tried poking around in the Logitech Driver software that comes with the Quadrant, and I've tried messing with the settings in KSP, all to no avail. I've also double checked in the USB Controller Configuration thing in Windows, and all throttles smoothly display 0-100. Has anyone encountered similar, or have any advice?
  3. I suppose that would make sense, I'll have to finagle with it a bit when I'm back at my workstation. In the meantime, any more insight from anyone is greatly encouraged.
  4. That would explain a lot of my confusion and frustration. As for the variables you mentioned, I can logically suss out what GetObtVelocity() would get me, but velocityD isn't as well described. Can you help pre-enlighten me as to what it is before I experiment with it?
  5. Turns out the solution was to actually run everything in FixedUpdate in stead of overriding onFixedUpdate, and to drop any reference to rigidbody, like so: p.AddForce(-gee * p.mass)
  6. So, I'm trying to develop a sci-fi inspired "Inertial Brake" mod, that will ideally find the current vessels prograde vector, and it's speed, and then "magically" apply a PID-controlled counterforce/resistance to the craft to slow it to a set speed. My issue is figuring out exactly which of the vaguely defined variables in the vessel API is what I'm looking for. So far the most likely candidates are srf_Velocity, srfRelRotation, and srfSpeed. If anyone has any insight/experience with these, or has an idea on how to find these variables, I'd greatly appreciate the guidance.
  7. I'm trying to canabalize flywlyx's GN Drive Mod to re-create an Anti-Grav mod I made a few years ago, but I think there's been a Unity update since then that's messed with what works. The issue I'm having it with it is related to this code: foreach (Part p in { if ((p.physicalSignificance == Part.PhysicalSignificance.FULL) && (p.rigidbody != null)) { p.rigidbody.AddForce(-gee * p.rigidbody.mass); } } It's telling me that there is no lowercase "rigidbody" in Parts, but trying uppercase Rigidbody, RigidBodyPart, or rb all don't have the desired effect. I even tried downloading the original GN drive mod to see if that's broken, but that works fine. Can anyone sleuth out what I'm doing wrong? I'm running Visual Studio 2017, Framework set to 3.5, and the class I'm building has inherited from PartModule.
  8. So if I'm trying to get the gravitational acceleration pulling me downwards, I'd need to get the vector3 of that and isolate the proper axis?
  9. I'm attempting to find a way to read the surface gravity of the body I'm orbiting. The API reference says that the GeeASL of Kerbin should be 9.81, but when I read it at the launchpad or in orbit around Kerbin, it reads as "1.00034160493135" Should I just multiply the result by ~9.8, or is there a more accurate method of getting the number I need?
  10. Good news: Managed to figure out how to into EVA Bad news: Turns out my sending range is the ~2km load range. So I guess now what I need is a way to load a target area, then send my kerbal there, ala Hyperedit?
  11. I'm making a transporter mod, and I've hit a hiccup in trying to spawn a vessel from nothingness. Now, I've looked a bit into how things like VesselMover and ExtraplanetaryLaunchpads do this, but both of those rely on building from a saved craft in the VAB/SPH. What I'm trying to do is spawn a single-part vessel (currently I'm trying to use the mk1LanderPod as a placeholder) at a given location, so that I can then EVA the kerbal and delete the vessel. The thing is, I've no real clue how to go about this, I'm guessing I need to make a ShipConstruct for my destination-ship, a ConfigNode to use as it's spawning-root, use ".add(Part p)" to add the lander pod to the empty construct, then send the craft to where I want it to be. Problem is, I've no clue how to point .addPart(Part p) towards a part that's not actively on my vessel already. Does anyone out there have the expertise to help me break the laws of conservation of mass and energy?
  12. I actually contacted AndyMt, and consulted with him about how his GravityTurn mod is able to access Mechjeb in order to circularize, and while I think that's managed to get me the mechjebcore I need, I cant seem to access it's variables. Neither GetField or GetValue seem to be working for me.
  13. I'm working on a transporter room mod, and while I can beam someone from the world into my modified Mk1 Lander Can testing pod, their portrait won't register until I switch off the vessel and back. I've tried setting the Kerbal in question's state to Alive, turning their SetVisibleInPortrait to true, using the SpawnPortrait, StartReset, Awake, and Update functions of KerbalPortraitGallery, all to no avail. I have a listener KSPField for whoever's occupying the pod, and it'll register the Kerbal as in the pod, so I know that the Kerbal has made it into the part.protoModuleCrew[0] slot, for what it's worth. I know that *something* must be happening when the vessel switches back and forth that causes the KerbalPortraitGallery to repopulate, but for the life of me I can't seem to figure out what it is, or how to activate/call it after a teleportation. Does anyone with a better knowledge of how the KerbalPortraitGallery operates, or what all occurs on switching to a vessel, be willing to explain to me where I need to do what and how to make this "do"?
  14. So, I'm trying to find out how I can have my mod check to see if a MechJeb box is installed on the vessel that my mod is running on, and then access it's MechJebCore so I can utilize the surface coordinates of the landing sub-module. The issue is that after two days of trying, first by just winging it, second by studying GravityTurn's MechJebWrapper, I've came up with nothing. Is there anyone on here who can give me a rundown on how to check and access one module from another, separate one? I've already tried making a few foreach loops to parse my parts for the module, but that doesn't seem to be returning anything.
  15. Hey ebrybody, I was wondering if anyone could help enlighten me as to how to go about being able to select/set a location on a body you're orbiting, akin to how MechJeb handles it's landing autopilot. I guess the crux of the issue I'm having is that I don't understand how to translate the cursors position on the screen into a position on a planet in the game? Maybe if I explain what I've got planned, it might spur someone to comment. My goal is to make a Star-Trek-esque Transporter system, for close-range inter-craft crew/resource transfers without docking, but also to be able to beam people down and up from a planets surface to a ship waiting overhead in orbit. I've got a few ideas on how to potentially handle a lot of the tricks involved in that, except for setting a target on the planets surface. I could, in theory, just make a part that's a "Transporter Beacon" or make a 1.25m "Transporter Pod" but I kind of like the idea and challenge of making it so that I can put Kerbals down anywhere and pick them up anywhere. I'm considering making two variants of the system, as well. One would work as long as the kerbal and the craft have line of sight and are within a certain distance, yet would be larger, heavier, and potentially take more time to transfer, while the other would be a smaller "directional" model that would use a system akin to ScanSat in order to project a cone down to it's orbiting body, and would only be able to beam up/down from within that cone. That could be useful to build a small "orbital collector" satellite that passes over automated mining platforms and beams up the ore so that a vessel can come by and pick it up without having to descend into orbit. But anyways, enough about what I plan to do with it, if anyone can point me in the right direction on how to get to the bottom of this, I'd be extremely grateful.