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  1. Hi i cant use KAS, i can grab the connector from the winch, but then i can't drop it and i can't connect to a joint socket or a hook cable... I have the version 1.7.1 and the last expansion. Did it brake anything related to KAS making it unable to be used?
  2. These part are really nice, it's kind of sad that this mod is apparently in limbo ATM... Lot of potential here, let's hope we'll see more in a near future
  3. I will say it again; I love the H part, they are amazing! It inspired me to do a whole line of spaceship to use as VTOL Drop Outpost, from H to K size Here they are ready to discover the whole solar system Here is the H Drop Ship, perfect to use as a scout or a small temporary outpost. Valentina love it! It also fly pretty well (but it won't win any race) Here is the J Drop Modular Ship, the service bay can be refitted for everything, here is a driller version And finally the backbone of every expedition, the colony ship K Drop Oupost
  4. It's not single part, it's a mk1 size cargo part from airplane plus and i put an small aerospike inside with tweakscale
  5. I love the H part, i made a small shuttle/cargo transport with it. I love the design, thank you K.Yeon for your work I still have to find where i should put a docking port, but now my kerbal can travel between, base in style
  6. I'm ready for 1.9.9! I'm gonna do a whole new career with that new OPT, i'll try to do a ship only using H part
  7. I really like it, thank you. If i may ask: could you do a black version ?
  8. No i do not, i can only see the part in career mode in the tech tree in the R&D building, no part show up at all, even the wheel
  9. Here http://imgur.com/a/ZuwJ5 I have the pics of both folder, thank you for the help ^^
  10. Hello I don't understand, no part show up in sandbox, and i don't understand what i should find in the .zip to make it work... I only find the part in the tech tree in the R&D building when i start a new game in career mode, how can i fix that?
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