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  1. The decision to add such a module was out of whimsy and purely aesthetic consideration, I assure you I was also the other day skimming the ETS thread and came upon this. Possible addition idea?
  2. Unbelievably cute @CobaltWolf On another note; bug or feature? The inline version on the other hand does not seem to thrust in any particular direction. My saves are on 1.2.2 but the same issue's there for the 1.3 version of bdb.
  3. We have a kind of reverse Gemini 8 situation going on with the github's gemini! Only one of the thruster on each rotation control block can fire, which means gimped controls unless using using the reentry RCS, à-la Neil Armstrong
  4. Just wondering if such a thing can be done. I got back to KSP after a fairly long break and my most involved (and heavily modded) save is on an old install. I have plans for a Laythe mission that will involve aerobreaking a Jool. That huge heatshield would be perfect, or at least preferable to a 3.75m ablative one. I tried copying the model + texture + cfg and editing the partdatabase.cfg but as I expected, it didn't work. Any Ideas? Thanks in advance!
  5. ...Yeah you're absolutely right. I was looking at the whole situation in term of volume and not mass. After more tinkering about I'm starting to see that NTR vessels can get... quite huge.
  6. Hey there peeps. I've been tinkering in the VAB on a LH2-fueled interplanetary transfer vehicle, and Cryogenic engines from Nertea's other pack always seem to outperform nuclear engines (be it from a D/v or TWR point of view), despite the nuke's higher ISP, which seems odd,. I haven't done any ''hand's on'' testing yet, I'm only looking at KER's reading. Am I doing something wrong here?
  7. You guys (@AlbertKermin, @CobaltWolf) take all the time that you need, I wouldn't want one of my favorite mod to be rushed! Plus, releasing an expanded SEP with the LEM makes for good synergy.
  8. Jury-rigging a a way to take pictures while AKI is working on a purpose-built apparatus for such things
  9. Looking great! Where did you get the idea for the UV telescope? And how about something like this for another atmospheric experiment? First, the instrument could look for C02, and then check if the 02 output of the conversion is satisfactory... or something. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mars_Oxygen_ISRU_Experiment