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  1. Here's the crash log, found it.
  2. Spent 4 hours making a Polikarpov I-15. Didn't make a backup save for it. Ctrl+Z'd once. Game crashes, file corrupts, am able to load it onto the runway but not the hangar. About to go mad and smash my head into a wall and kill myself. If anyone can help, here's the support link:
  3. I'm on the verge of fury. My craft can't be opened in the hangar anymore. No crash log either. When I pressed Ctrl+Z, game froze for a couple of secs and crashed on me. I can spawn it on the Runway but not in the hangar. Used mods are Realism Overhaul, Real Fuels, FAR, AJE, Streyker's Aerospace, Procedural Wings and Parts, TweakScale. Here's the craft. Has this happened to anyone else?
  4. @Toonu Great work so far man, keep it up! @tetryds I'm working on a sound revamp since the old sounds are really gravelly, aren't accurate and just not up to the standards. Everything except for the M2 and VYa-23 are done, if Audition CC didn't screw me over for 2 hours I'd have completed 'em but still; I think everybody will like these a lot more.
  5. I'd like to get everybody's feedback on the new sounds (especially on the MG131 and the 30mil), I tried to mimic the sounds from flight sims since I can't directly copy and distribute them, so they aren't perfect.
  6. Ah, seems like they didn't show Vought on the opening but the MC did use an F-8 until he got shot down.
  7. Reminds me of Area 88, the main character's Vought versus a MiG-21. If this was playing in the background, it would've been a great tribute.
  8. I'm making the last changes, couldn't fix Breda Safat port version's bug, sorry but I'll leave that to you. I have added the creators on Steam and am still waiting for their response.
  9. I made a sound revamp on every weapon except the Berezin UB, I can either post a private download or share a public link here if it's OK @tetryds. Some sounds are a bit low, i.e. MK108 and MG151, couldn't fix it with Audacity. I hated the sound of Breda-Safat, so I found a way better one and then decided to change every weapon in the pack lol. The port version's ROF is too high, so the sound plays once and stops but the long barrel one is fine and sounds perfect.
  10. But it doesn't happen with any other craft, that is the issue and I'm using the updated fork of the mod.
  11. The mods installed are FAR, b9 Procedural Wings, Procedural Parts and BAD-T Props. As soon as I double click the craft, the game stops and becomes unresponsive. This doesn't happen with any other craft with the same mods. Really frustrating since this happened with one more aircraft as well.
  12. @Mycroft Yeah, I have that too; especially in AI battles.
  13. I wonder if the match was mine v ferram's. But yeah, the AI has the three aforementioned main combat issues; I don't know if they're related to the problem(s) you're having, but as always I'm looking forward to the rules you will be adding.
  14. Sooo, have you been able to record anything @tetryds? Since you're at uni, you must've been busy.