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  1. Wow, now that's a headscratcher. Can you please provide some screenshots of you craft at sonic speed with aero forces enabled in debug menu? That will help a lot. Also, what a great craft! I really appreciate that you guys find my creation enjoyable ^^
  2. Update! Fixed drag cubes on the cockpit - now it doesn't create absolutely insane amount of drag, current numbers are close to stock Shuttle cockpit.
  3. Update! Added working RCS thrusters on HVC cockpit - they are no more dummy! Also refubrished texture, added normal mapped grooves and some scratches - now looks even more awesome than before! Simply replace older folder with new one. IVA is still being in development.
  4. Update! Added Mk3 HVC cockpit Cockpit is WIP - currently it lacks IVA, RCS thrusters are dummy and there's no cabin illumination.
  5. Update! CAUTION. Versions are not compatible. If you don't want to lose your craft, detach old intake and save it, then delete the old mod folder and install newer version. Changed the brightness of texture of T-10 Intake to fit stock more Added TweakScale support
  6. Some good points you have. Yes, I will revisit the texture, that was some lazy work on that part of intake. TweakScale Support - oh, I never saw that coming. I will try to implement this.
  7. Currently I don't have any plans, but if I find some another general intake design that is hard to replicate with stock partset, I'll sure make it.
  8. Wyleg's Wonderful Workshop Parts for aircrafts. Mk3 HVC cockpit Heavy heat-shielded cockpit for reusable trans-atmospheric spaceships. Provides high visibility for its crew. Holds up to 4 kerbonauts. Now features working RCS! Cockpit is WIP - currently it lacks IVA and there's no cabin illumination. T-10 Air Intake This intake resembles the one used on Sukhoi Su-27 family of fighter jet aircrafts. It also should fit other replicas such as MiG-31 Foxhound and F-14 Tomcat with this distinctive shape with sharp edges and rectangle-ish frame. Intake is designed to fit stock 1.25m cylindrical jet fuel tanks. Changelog Imgur album: link Download: Spacedock W3 Fuselage Texture Custom texture for Procedural Parts designed for aircraft fuselages that fits nicely with stock parts and B9 Procedural Wings. Download: Spacedock
  9. Please return old phys load range feature or just make the PhysicsRangeExtender adjustable, it really messes things up.
  10. Here it is. Builds up to ~710 m/s at a distance of 60 km, cruise altitude can be safely set to 250-300 m. Can hit CVN-size target at 700 m/s from 300 m altitude. Since it starts to turn from cruise altitude to aim a target only at dist of 2.5 km, torque and steering were amped up significantly to make the hit possible, and also to compensate the absence of proper PID-controlling - without it low cruise altitudes are impossible because missile's autopilot would bury it. Drag was increased, and thrust of both cruise and boost stages was decreased to match launch and speed profiles. Also I will be very happy if you tell me how to give the booster stage that big flashy exhaust like Scud's.
  11. I personally think Oniks is kinda broken right now. It reaches 200 m/s right after launch and further accelerates to 1000m/s in no time - that's not how real Oniks performs, its max speed is only around 750 m/s. Also booster stage is way too powerful unlikrethe real one. I played with its cfg to make it behave more like real missile. If you're interested, I can send it to you.
  12. In case of GOCG75 Chain Gun Turre it seems like game doesn't understand the '75x714Ammo/Cannon Shell' thing. Had both on board of my tank and turret didn't fire. It only started to fire when i deleted 'cannon shell' part from ammo type in cfg.
  13. I WANT IT BAD Thanks for great mod! Also, huge thanks for that universal ammo box, my 2k22 turrets was giving me troubles without ammo. Talking about 2k22, will you probably refine the Tunguska turret from P.E.W. to add working missile launch tubes?
  14. Hello Jester, I got a question. Do you know how I can modify CFGs to make 'Part Clipping in Editors' and 'Non-Strict Part Attachment Checks' cheats be enabled automatically?