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  1. As I said on my own page I will update the pod again and in my absence I have improved my modelling skills and experience just a little bit for texturing though so ver.1.9 soon!!! Sorry for the delay Gamax AND Co.
  2. I am back at moding game development is just too hard and some private family stuff got in the way so back to ksp stuff and moding.... 


  3. I am taking a break from the forums and playing hawken again.

    War is a machine :D

  4. Ok ii aaammmm ttthhheeedxvk yfdjishrafbaD Fn fj f zg F nafj af jra barj af j afj qf nVA AN AFN Q RAJAG AJQD! $ !*5!*4!75 /^ 25 *15 *1 *1 4; $ : :^ / /; ????????? Regards gamax19
  5. Gamax19

    35 Bust

    Can you win a challenge against the forum community? So the rules are simple you must say any number 1 to 9 and every two challenges the next person can say -2 instead if they want to You challenge by the same way you mention some one ie @Gamax19 and they have to say 1 to 9 and add it to the total and challenge some one else the loser must start again and challenge again with a number. So have fun So i challenge you with 0
  6. The new version 1.8.1 is not long now and the new probe looks funny I am not that good at texturing still though I have been trying out normal maps. I can't wait to update the mod all is looking good.
  7. Nah Its @Tinyeth (Taulord100) my brother.
  8. COOL WELL DONE!!! welcome to the modding community!
  9. @Benji13 use the ksp diffuse shader for the png as in the image (I thought that you were using a png)
  10. I am sooooo slow now let me think... thinking... thinking.... thinking..... @liquidhype
  11. ow now this may work delete the camera and the lamp. the tex must be set to this.
  12. Strang Did you use blender for your model and texture? I have been using paint.net as well to get better details on my texture do you use the most up to date part tools?
  13. Don't stop! This mod is good the mu files need there own part file In ksp,game data were the squad file is make a file call it whatever you want in that make some more files call them the same name as the parts you want to make in them a mu file called model and a cfg file and a texture the layout should look like this Ksp Game data Your file Part's files ie cool part,lol tank In cool Part's file Model.mu cool part.cfg cool part tex.dss In lol tanks file Model.mu lol.cfg lol texture.dss And that's the way to get that mod working you have
  14. Gama Pod M.K.3 VER.1.8 It's back and better then ever before the new death tra... gama pod. the new remodeled gama pod has shiny and sleek designs and is a 4 crew pod that can run as a probe core as well as a life boat it has 200 units of power/electric charge and 55 units of monopropellant and two flags it is reusable. < Ver.1.8> Fixed texture (the airlock). Fixed some tiny errors. Added a fun flag. you can download the Gama Pod M.K.3
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