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  1. Okay thank you, I started this JNSQ playthrough on KP-v108 I think. So I am up about 10 minor versions so I just had to ask to have an idea of where the limits are, you are releasing versions at the speed of light and thats amazing!
  2. Yeah JNSQ looking mighty green, if anyone wants the yard looking normal just use 117 for now. I got a question, does updating an ongoing save cause any issues reverting between Kopernicus releases, updating and such?
  3. In Scatterer, Disable the temporal anti aliasing.
  4. This works! You have just given me so much happiness in one forum post
  5. Experiencing this issue now and narrowed it down to OPM. Perhaps Kopernicus issues? This is about a 2 - 5 second freeze between scene transitions and renders the mod unusable for now at least for me, I switch between map view a lot and a 5 second freeze is just too much.
  6. I can confirm that removing Tweakable EverythingContinued resolved the docking port issue in my save too. Seems through CKAN it was listed as compatible with 1.2.1 but then suddenly became incompatible shortly after. perhaps the bug was spotted. Not tested with 1.2.2 but perhaps removing the "tweakable docking port" module for TEC might fix it.
  7. I personally stick to no more than 2 SRB's. Most of my rockets look really dull, with a fairing covering up the payload on almost all but the heaviest lifts. Within the fairing however is where I design some cool payloads. I really love designing unique probes. Every one is built from scratch and I use alot of various girder segments to give it some body. Then add the science pieces as convieniently as possible for minimal EVA right clicking when returning to kerbin SOI. Still pretty new to ksp so as the tech unlocks I might eventually move up to some more "kerbal" builds. The balance of having little spare dV and minimalizing payload per mission requirement is keeping me occupied for now.
  8. Gave the mod a try and really loved the day or two I got out of it. Just the various parts not resetting got to me, now I know I can manually edit the modules template but im lazy and want to play my game with the little time I do have. It seems like quite a process. I do of course stand corrected, might be pretty simple. I do however use the simulation as standalone now, because that is something I felt was lacking....punisment for testing in my permadeath game. And for this I thank you has improved my experience by 43%.
  9. Had a good hour playing to Vangelis - Cosmos. Had a special moment when the commentary of "mean distance to the sun" and "orbital eccentricity" came up. I predict it will be a recurring member of my playlist from now on. Usually it's just some Pink Floyd or various blues.
  10. I think its good theyre expanding to the tv stuff. Different market and all that. Personally I can't imagine it will be anything like the pc version, I frequently struggle as it is to place small items in confined spaces. Props to anyone with the patience and capability to do that with their thumb. Performance wise. If the physics are calculated to the same steps as pc. I wouldn't get my hopes up of building anything large. I have no clue what they run at OP mentioned "8 cores" think thats more a marketing gimmick. // actually just had a look....yeah 8 cores but at 1.75gHz. Thats not all that great.
  11. Very, but only recently. I blame Unity. Must be some new vertice limit improvement.
  12. At least they're still round right. A bit of On-topic characters to fill this white space....1.05 modded, having fun is a stupid statement. Its a game, I could be scooping up dog poo at this very moment so yes I'm having fun.
  13. In other words the "I'm not playing any of the buggy versions, so I'll spend my time complaining, looking for trouble on forums". No? Well I need that option.
  14. Welcome back, trust you are all refreshed and well rested. As you can see the community needs you, to fix things.
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