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  1. After a long KSP hiatus, I've come back to test out 1.2 and see how it is. I'm pretty thrilled at how far it's come since I bought the game in late 2014. I've changed up my play-style and have definitely caught the spaceplane bug, which is something I could never figure out before so I just resorted to the brute-force vertical launches. Here's a few photos of my latest mission in action, a satellite destined for Mun exploration, inserted into orbit via my SLSP-1 (Single Launch Space Plane model 1). Fly safe!
  2. It was the only time I've ever done so intentionally. I had a friend who played KSP as well and wanted to show her the milestone I had just achieved, and it just so happens to be the oldest screenshot I could find.
  3. Excuse the awful quality, but back on 7May2015 I managed to compile a trash can of parts together with no regard to efficiency or aerodynamics and escape the Kerbin neighborhood. I was thrilled with myself and felt like a genius. Here's the vessel that took me there.
  4. Rocket League and Alien: Isolation are my go-to's right now. Alien: Isolation is gonna take me a while, since the atmosphere is so well designed and executed and the suspense is out of this world.
  5. You can also use CAPS LOCK + WASD for fine tuning control, which in your case sounds like it would help. Check your authority limiter on whatever control surface you have your pitch assigned to as well.
  6. Which mods? How many in total? Are they all compatible with the latest version of KSP? What's your PC setup? There's lots of reasons that can result in a crashed KSP instance. We need some more details.
  7. A little update; I've started a new career save after a failed mission that involved lots of modules docked and heading towards duna. Kerbal Corps of Engineers is a land and air based program that will focus on land trains, airplanes, and rovers performing missions all over Kerbin's various biomes.
  8. I run one instance at once. I like not making my presence known by the kraken, thanks.
  9. I mean yeah, but if the TWR is stupid low, all the fuel is gonna be spent doing a burn that accelerates at .05m/s, consuming more fuel than acceleration is output. If that makes sense.
  10. That just because you pack lots of gas, you'll still run out if your engines don't put out enough thrust to move very efficiently. i.e there's a point where you just start canceling out your dV with lack of TWR. My duna space station experienced this today. Lots of fuel but only 4 nukes. Oh well.
  11. Yep. It's released, right in the middle of my Duna space station mission. None of the mods work and my trajectories are all messed up. Reverting to last stable release.
  12. When it comes to forward visibility I personally think the Cupola reigns superior. Nothing but forward facing windows.
  13. Your ideas and ambitions are out of this world overland. You ever done any off-Kerbin land trains? These photos make me think of how cool a convoy road with supply stations and comm links on Eeloo would be. Very ambitious, but would be awesome nonetheless.
  14. I'm with you on that. Maybe an airborne cargo drop in segments would help to alleviate that, if that makes sense. Drop the segments of train from a large cargo plane, then piece them together while on the ground. 10 m/s all the way to the North Pole sounds excrutiatingly slow as far as I'm concerned.
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