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  1. I just found this on CKAN. Looks great. Just a question though, if there is a version that doesn't require FAR, but yet CKAN requires FAR to be installed because the stock aero version requires the standard version of this mod which does require FAR, so does that mean I can take out FAR?
  2. I launched my first ScanSat satellite into polar orbit of Kerbin.
  3. Saw the review on Youtube, and I had to check and see if it would work in V 1.05. Glad to see it does. Downloading now from the github link that @Lack provided in previous post.
  4. I'm no modder, but why not just have your as a separate folder and is compatible with GN that way if us end users want to uninstall one or the other, we don't have to remove both then re download the one we wanted to keep.
  5. Great mod. I would love to see the Scansat parts in with this. Also, the magnetometer and Radio and Plasma Wave from Orbital Science Mod by @DMagic. His mods are really great those two parts would go great with yours.
  6. Awesome work. I was going to download now, but I will wait for the updated version.
  7. Thanks for the offer, but I am still working on unlocking the tech tree. Gives me something to look forward too and the challenge of building it myself.
  8. Going to have to try and build this. Love the design.
  9. I put a satellite into polar orbit and rescued a Kerbin from orbit.
  10. I have B9 Aerospace, KW Rocketry, Kerbal Attachment System (KAS), the Interstellar mod, MechJeb2 (although I hardly use it anymore) Out Planets Pack, Other Worlds Star Pack, SafeChute, Final Frontier (not sure why its named that as it gives badges and ranks to your Kerbals), Infernal Robtics and the necessary dependencies to support the mods. They were all installed using CKAN. I also followed this video on how to make KSP run more reliably.